Mahabharat 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 25th April 2014 Written Update

Today episode starts with arjun saying to rajkumar uttar that is he ready to become the driver of his rath. But uttar says are you really arjun in this roop. Arjun says that no power in any roop and blows his dhanush which makes noise of shank. When arjun comes in battle field he says before war i do namaskarto grandfather bhisma. But duryodhan says there is no need to battle because your aguatvas has become unsuccessful But arjun says see it has become sunset. Seeing that it is sunset duryodhan orders his soldiers to attack but arjun burns them and loses mamashri and duryodhan.

But in middle karn comes and says do you say you are powerful. And a battle starts between them but bhisma comes in middle and makes a wall which breaks the arrows of karn and arjun and says that i have vardan of icha mrityu if i have to die because of this battle. But arjun says that if he dies because of him it will be bad for him and earth also will become nark for him.

He says that bhisma should not stop him. And after this they stop their arrows and BHIMA BREAKS THE SHIELD.on either side draupadi remembers how duryodhan what have he done for her. Arjun comes says it is not time to cry who made you cry i will kill them and flow the rivers of blood. But draupadi says that i had the thirst of blood and arjun ays Krishna has shown us how to do knaya instead of revenge. And bheem says arjun is telling truth and dhritrashtra sons are going to die and yudhister says their punishment is to be given by worlds queen.

But duryodhan says pandav are going to 12 years vanvas and 1 year agyatvas because arjun showed himself before night. Bheem says that duryodhan may be planning something . And draupadi in the dress of queen says that it is true that aryaputra bheem is saying.

Pre-cap:- yudhister says that very early five rath will be standing in front of hastinapurs door and on the other side duryodhan says that if anyone thinks to cut my head i will flew their sleep.and karn says that first they have to fight with me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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