Mahabharat 16th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 16th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, yudishtirs abhishek ceremony takes place in hastinapur, dritrashtra thrones yudishtir as the king, dritrashtra says vidhur i always behaved rude with u n so i give u the opportunity to give yudishtir the crown, vidhur says thanku maharaj but this opportunity is all of krishna n so lets give him the opportunity, gandhari is informed about this, she goes to the ceremony n while krishna is abt to place the crown she stops him, gandhari says krishna dosent deserve this opportunity, dritrashtra says its great happiness for u that he is doing so, gandhari says whatever but krishna is the reason why my sons are dead , i know he has always fought for the good but he is the one who allowed this war, n u krishna look at me , i feel like a helpless mother n in this war the biggest adharma is done by u n so i curse u , dritrashtra tries to stop gabdhari but she dosent she says krishna like i had to see my family destroyed u will also see ur family destroy in front of u all the yadavs will go killing eachother for their blood n u will like a animal rome helpless in forests, n this curse of a mother will sure happen, krishna smiles , dritrashtra says gandhari wat have u done how could u curse him, arjun says mata instead u could have cursed us to hell , kunti says sister u have not done right, gandhari says im sorry vasudev but i have seen my 100 sons death, krishna says u have not done anything wrong mata n hugs gandhari , mata i know ur pain when on warfiled people used to die i have felt each ones pain, im ur enemy mata but im ur friend as well, im the one who gave ashvathama curse n im the one who will bear it im the one who yelled with duryodhans pain so im vasudev krishna accept ur curse mother, n i promise u mata when my familys destroyance will come close i will be the first one to attack with my sudarshan chakra, gandhari says no don’t do this i have cursed u in anger, krishna says no mata ur not wrong , curse are blessings are lifes part, kunti says krishna u know ur family is gonna be destroyed n u did nothing, krishna says aunty every one has to die someday, my dwarika people are still leaving in there old thoughts n so they have to go away n now is a new era there will be one king one justice n this new era will be called bharat rashtra.

Krishna says mahabharats war n this story symbolises adharmas destroy n dharma reborn , it tells togetherness is dhramas first step, n how does it think by urself n it will tell u how.humans heart is always filled with happiness love n money, n they thing it is peace but peace is in togetherness in ur family, in ur people, humans destroy their own ones for greatness but when they learn each creation is of gods there is change in humans they begin to learn the true meaning of dharma, till people keep this story of mahabharat there will be no such destroy again, i vasudev krishna bless u all thank u all to be with me in this journey. I pray that we all live with love and togetherness without adharma giving a chance.
Krishna crowns yudistir as the king, yudishtir n draupadi walk to the throne n are throned as the new eras king n queen.

End of the show!!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. I’m going to miss this so muchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  2. Even me too veera

    1. Miss it so so so much

  3. Going to miss a lot mahabarath thaks for thanya for updating the written episodes

  4. thaks for thanya for updating the written episodes

  5. Continue your watching mahabaratham in star vijay from mon -friday at7pm

  6. Yes tannya thank you so much!!!

  7. Gud bye mahabharath I will surely miss u Krishna and I will also miss all the pandu putrs and draupadi and subadrai and duryyodhan and saguni and every one else for ur great acting and for stopping the real mahabharath In front of our eyes thank you bye……

  8. today is my birthday and im feeling really sad that today is the last episode and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make ramayan with same cast and crew plzzzzz this is ur fans request from all over the world and im from london..

  9. I love the love. I’ll miss u all guys

  10. I miss this show a lot. I too hope that the same crew members do another mythological show.

  11. I thought the story will continue until Pandavas last journey to Mahameru, so sad that the great show ended here. Thank you for the written updates. This the one and only source for me to follow the story since I dont understand Hindi. Thank you so much !

  12. We are going to miss a lot mahabrath and all the characters especially pandavas ,krishna and karna duryodhan etc thanks thanya for your written updates i often used to watch mahabarath and to read the written updates as i dont know hindi this helped me a lot thanks

  13. it was a nice show !!! i wish all the actors a bright future !!

  14. thanks ….mahabharat ……<3<3 u a lot ……miss u a lot Krishna….pandavas

  15. Surely we all miss the great epic.. and I mainly miss Krishna and his preachings.. I am gonna miss you Krishna. . You are just awesome..

  16. Awesome show…but from today onwards we r going to miss it so much…. feeling very sad…. this journey of mahabharat was awesome. ..

  17. this serial was borign

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