Mahabharat 14th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 14th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with , bhishma plays the shank which creates cyclones on war field , the cyclone disperses the army of pandavas , Krishna tells army this chakravyu of bhishma has capacity of destroying the whole of pandavas army. Ashvathama warns panchali sons that he will kill them, yudishtir orders bheem to protect panchali sons n arjun to lead the army. Bhishma says this is right time we have found yudishtir alone attack him. Guru dron n panchal king come face to face , panchal says dron u wre present during by daughters insult n so i shall not forgive u n panchal king attacks guru dron , guru dron says u have helped me come out of my guilt panchal raj.
Yudishtir is separated from his brothers due to attacks from kauravas , bhishma says this is right time to attack yudishtir n orders his army to attack yudishtir. Ashvathamas attcks panchal sons when bheem comes n protects them, ashvathama n bheem start attacking each other , arjun saves panchal raj from guru drons attacks. Arjun says guru dron wont u fight with ur student n give him a chance ,guru dron says there are no chances given in war wat do u want arjun says i need ur blessings , guru dron smiles n gives arjun blessings. Bhishma says go duryodhan attack yudishtir u have to fight yudishtir bcoz only a king can fight with king, yudishtir agrees n proceeds to attack yudishtir , dushasan says today itself we will imprison yudihtir n end the war , mamashri says no we will not imprison yudishtir but kill him. Bhishma attcks yudishtir n he falls on ground , yudishtir getup n gets ready to attack, abhimanyu sees this n send message to arjun n bheem, arjun aks Krishna to take him to yudishtir , abhimanyu with his weapon creates a wall before yudishtir but bhishma destroys it .

Yudishtir n duryodhan attck eachother.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. This update dated 14th june is very good. It gives Bhisma’s ability to conquer.

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