Maha Epi – Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Arijit meets his daughter Niti

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arijit talking to the investors. The man asks will Ishita threaten the minister as well if he doesn’t support the project. Arijit stops him and says you are a good actors, I m impressed. The man says I would have created a big scene if you didn’t stop me. Arijit says let Ishita get permissions, let her suffer and then you can withdraw your support. They see Karan and Yug. They act again. Arijit says guys, this is going to be difficult. Yug says this project matters a lot to dad, we can’t lose it. Raman says its all my mistake, what can I expect from others when I m worried about my face.

Mani says relax, Ishita has gave them a good reply. Raman says I can’t be part of this project. Ishita says this had to be known to them some day, your face had to be

change after surgery, the world has to accept this change, you have to face them. Raman says I don’t remember about this project, when I met Arijit, I don’t think I should come out in front of everyone. Arijit says yes, Raman shouldn’t come out, he forgot me as well, if investors react like this, how can we explain them. Raman says yes, I feel unwell, I want to go home. He goes. Mani says I will go and meet the minister. Ishita says I will drop Raman and come. He says no, be with Raman, I will go with Yug and Karan. Arijit says it means Mani will go to the minister.

Mr. Bhalla worries for Raman. Simmi says Raman will manage everything well, don’t worry. Raman comes home in anger. They ask what happened. Raman goes to his room. Ruhi says investors backed out, they aren’t able to accept Raman’s new face. Yug says they agreed when Ishita threatened of going to court. Karan says Arijit made them agree. Mr. Bhalla goes to talk to Raman. The man says Minister is busy, you can give me the invite. Mani says I will wait and meet him, I need to talk to him. Mr. Bhalla comes to Raman and Ishita. Raman blames himself. He says it would have been better that I died, I don’t remember the project, I ruined all your hardwork because of this face. He slaps himself. Mr. Bhalla slaps him and asks him to stop nonsense. He says my son can never be a coward like this, ask my heart what I m going through. He gets emotional. He says you got mad after Adi died, think of my feelings, we were shattered when we heard that you died in the plane crash, Ishita believed that you are alive, he didn’t let us do the final rites, we are alive for you. Raman apologizes and hugs him. They cry. Raman says I m making her problems big. Ishita says we will make every project successful, just stand by me. Ruhi says yes, don’t worry, we will complete this project.

Arijit comes there and says Raman got saved from a big accident, its a big good news for family and business. Mani says I was going to tell this to minister. Minister’s PA asks Mani why didn’t you tell me before. The investor comes and says Raman’s face has changed, Ishita can make anyone as Raman for her profits, everyone knows Raman has died in the plane crash. Arijit says don’t play with our emotions. PA says we have to meet Raman to confirm, get him here to meet the minister. Arijit says don’t worry, I know minister will understand. Mani leaves. Arijit thanks his friend for coming on his one phone call. He gets a call and says I m coming to give a good news. He comes to meet Niti Guha at the hospital. He shows her fav flowers and chocolates. He asks nurse why doesn’t she talk to me. Nurse says she will need time. Arijit cries. He wipes his tears and smiles again. He says Niti, my princess, our enemy Raman will be ruined, his fate was good that he got saved, he will get punished for his crimes, I will not leave him alive.

Raman, Ishita and everyone pray. Karan asks Raman to take prasad by right hand. Raman says I know Karan, I have much pain in my other hand. Ishita takes prasad on his behalf and feeds him. She asks why didn’t you tell me about pain in hand, we should show to doctor, it could be serious. Mr. Bhalla says it could be anything, just visit the doctor. He prays. Arijit asks Niti to call him dad once. He says if Raman didn’t collide with your mom’s car, she would have been alive, we would have stayed happy, I m taking revenge on Raman, I will not leave him, you are dead for the world, I know you got saved in the car crash, I promise I won’t leave Raman and Ishita. He gets a call and says I can’t talk right now. He plays tv for her and gets food to feed. He thinks my family was so good, everything got over because of Raman.

Ishita says Raman, your arm will be okay, don’t worry. Raman says I m worried for the meet with minister. Arijit’s friend calls him and asks him to come to celebrate Raman’s defeat. Niti sees a car crash scene on tv and gets aggressive. She throws things and cries. Arijit holds her. Nurse injects her. Niti falls asleep. Arijit thinks I promise, I will torture Raman and Ishita a lot. Ishita says we will face this challenge together. Aaliya says yes, you can manage it well, take care of your health.

Raman says we don’t know how will minister react. He goes for an x-ray test. They come home. Mani tells everything. He says minister will meet Raman tomorrow. Raman says I don’t remember anything. Arijit comes and apologizes. He asks Raman are you ready for the meeting. Raman says yes, there is nothing to worry. Arijit says I m relieved now, I have invested a lot in this project, I have come here to do something good. Raman says don’t worry, I will complete this project. Karan goes with Arijit. Arijit says take care of Raman.

He says why is Raman so confident, he doesn’t remember me, if he remembers everything, then I m gone, I have to spoil the meeting. Mani says lets start work, get the files and laptop. Simmi asks them to have food. Raman studies some files. Karan tries to check laptop. Everyone prepares for the meeting. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman not to worry hard. The investor says minister will cancel the project. Raman says Ishita no use to talk, our work will speak for us. Arijit stops the investor. PA says sorry, minister can’t meet you today, why didn’t Raman come. Raman says I m here, I m Raman Bhalla. PA asks what, how. Investor says how can we believe he is Raman. Mani says he had an accident, he is Raman. Ishita asks how does his face affect project, he is Raman, he has same abilities. PA says a face is proof of identity. She says we have many proofs from the doctor that he is Raman, we will explain the minister.

PA says what’s this, we got to know that Raman has temporary amnesia, you should have told this, you had hidden this, I told this to minister, he said Raman can’t do this project. Raman says you can’t do this. PA says you had hidden things and lost our confidence. Investor says we can take our money back. Ishita says minister has to give written statement, the reason for not doing the project with Bhalla. The man argues with her. Arijit acts to support Ishita. He says give me one more chance, I will talk to minister. Ishita says how did they get the reports. Raman says leave me alone for some time. She says I will be with Raman. Arijit says minister didn’t meet me. Raman comes back and says I will meet him, I will see if he will listen to me or not. He goes in and doesn’t see the minister. PA asks him to go home, Raman can’t do the project. Raman says fix my meeting with the minister, don’t use your power more than your authority. PA says I have to make you out, this project is not for you. Raman says I have temporary amnesia, we met before for this project, you said none can handle this project except Raman Bhalla, you remember, we met in Mumbai, you took us to traditional Maharashtain restaurant, you told minister about my awards and praised me. PA asks how do you know the details.

Raman says because I m Raman, I was there, do you have temporary amnesia, you can’t pass judgement on me, I have to deal with this face, it doesn’t mean that I can’t do my work with dignity, or I can’t complete my project, its unfair that you are giving the verdict, you can’t scrap this project. Ishita says Raman will get fine soon. Raman asks will you make me meet Minister, we may meet Minister Singh, whom we saved from a heart attack. PA says fine, I will talk to minister. Ishita thanks him. Arijit says congrats Raman, well done. He thinks how did Raman remember this. Raman and everyone come home. Raman says Ishita got my voice notes and I heard that to remind those things to PA, thanks for being my support. Karan thinks since when did Raman keep voice notes. He takes Raman’s laptop and goes to his room. He checks the laptop. He says there is no voice notes, how did this man tell that with confidence, Ishita is helping him, is he threatening him, he isn’t dad, who is he, I have to find out, he is Ruhi’s dad, I will find why is Ishita supporting fraud Raman.

Karan adds something in the water. He gives the glass to Raman. Ishita gets haldi milk. Karan says plan failed. Yug says what if Raman is real, you will hurt him and entire family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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