Maha Epi – Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kundan kidnapped by Omkar


Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Omkar hears. Kundan says Mayura, that Omkar is a fraud. He’s only after your beauty. He’s trying to trap you in a cage. Omkar is silent. Kundan says Mayura are you listening? He hangs up. Kundan says why didn’t she answer? The family comes downstairs. Ashu comes to Omkar and says as per Mayura’s happiness, everything will be done. Dadi says Megha and Mayura will get engaged today. Omkar says in heart I will stop whoever tries to stop me. Omkar says yes dadi. Omkar says let me go do pooja for this car. Piyush says I will prepare everything here. Don’t worry. Omkar texts Kundan Omkar is in front of me. Text me everything. Kundan replies, Omkar is a criminal. Don’t marry him. Omkar texts from Mayura’s phone I am coming to meet you jeju. Piyush replies meet me at Civil lines.

Mayura says I am sorry, your big day is being shared by me. Megha says I am happy. Just a little worried. We both found the best men. Mayura says yes you found Kundan who loves you the most. Megha hugs Mayura. They both wear tiara. They both dance together.

Ashu is worried. Surekha says don’t worry. Everything will be fine. He says I don’t know why my heart is so worried.

Kunda waits for Mayura. Omkar’s goon asks Kundan about an address. He says there. The man gives him an injection. Kundan faints. They kidnap Kundan.

Manjali asks Sanjay to take all the jewels for Mayura and says ask them to get her ready with the best. Shankar says they have two daughters. How would they do the same for the other one? Manjali says I am sending stuff for both of them. Don’t want another person to look like a beggar in my Omi’s engagement.

Scene 2
Kundan wakes up in a shed. Omkar comes there with his thugs. Kundan is scared. He’s tied. Kunda says you can’t move. You’re paralyzed for a moment. Kundan says why did you get me here? Omkar says Gupta and Sharma will pay for their sin. And that doctor will be treated. Kunda says I won’t let you ruin Mayura’s life. Omkar says toady Mayura and I are getting engaged. If anyone comes between us, I will end that person. God made her so beautiful so I can keep her safe. I won’t let your ruin my big day.

Ashu trips. Mayura holds him. she says we will always be there for each other. Piyush says she is best for my best brother. Omkar turns on a drill machine. Kundan says let me go, please. Piyush calls Omi and asks where are you? He says out for some work. Kunda hits the goons. Piyush says what is that noise? Omi says I will talk to you later. Kundan hits the goons and runs. Megha tries to call Kunda but his phone isn’t working.

Scene 3
Mayura asks Piyush would everything be fine? Would Manjali be okay with me after all I did? Piyush says everything will be set. Trust me. Kundan runs injured on the roads. He says why is the network not working. He tries calling but his phone doesn’t work. Omkar’s thugs run after him. Sanjay says bua ji sent all this jewels for Megha and Mayura. ashu says we can’t have all this for Megha at least. Megha says yes please take it back. Piyush says if you never differentiated between Megha and Mayura why would maa ji? She has considered both of them her daughters. Sanjay says in heart Piyush thinks so high and mighty of her. And he doesn’t know what’s in her heart.

Megha gets a call Kundan. She says where were you? I had to give you a news. Megha says I can’t hear you. He says please stop the engagement. Mayura.. He falls down. His phone falls as well. Megha says I can’t hear you. Kundan hides from the thugs. they find his phone and look for him. Megha calls him but his phone isn’t connecting. Megha says what was he saying? Everything is fine.

Omkar says 6:30 is the time. Where did this Kundan run? Kundan begs people for lift. Megha and Mayura get ready. Piyush says wow both brides are ready. He takes their photos. Megha hugs Mayura. Kundan asks people for phones. No one helps help. Surekha hugs both Mayura and Megha. Dadi hugs both of them.

Kundan find a bike and steals it. He rides it. The man runs after him but Kundan runs. Omkar is worried. Piyush says everyone is here. Where are you? You could tell me if there’s work. Omkar says only I could do this. I am coming. Piyush’s family is here as well.

Scene 4
kundan’s family comes. His mom says Kundan will come. He’s out for some work. Ashu says if you don’t mind, Mayura will also get engaged today. She says why would we mind? Manjali says why would you. Piyush says Omi will be here. Manjali says Omi is a big man. He has many work. Where is Kundan? He is a job man. Shankar gives blessings to Mayura. Manjali says let me take off evil eyes from her. She rubs her hand and says that’s how we remove the old family from your hands. So you can have a new house, a new family.

Kundan’s bike stops. He says I have to reach Mayura. Omkar calls his goons and says Kundan shouldn’t reach the house. Do anything but find him. Manjali says this engagement is so boring. Kundan says we will make is fun don’t worry. Piyush dances with Megha and Mayura. Omkar is on the roads. Kundan runs injured. He falls down but tries to walk. Omkar gets ready. He looks for Kunda on the way. Kundan reaches the house. He sees Omkar and Mayura’s name written outside. Kundan comes and falls on the door. Everyone is shocked to see him. Kundan tries to get up.

Kundan’s mom says who’s that dirty man? Who have you called in the engaged? Kundan tries to say something but he can’t. Some goons come in and get him. The man says we are from mental asylum. He came from there. He ran. Everyone feels awkward. Kundan puts a hand on his name on the board. Piyush says everything is fine. Mayura says everything doesn’t feel right. Piyush says relax. Everything is fine. Go touch up. Goons bring Kundan outside Omkar comes there. He gets out of his car. Omkar walks on Kundan’s blood and walks inside while goons take Kundan away.

Omkar comes inside. Everyone hugs him. Megha says congratulations. Surekha says sorry Kundan isn’t here yet. Omi says he must be busy. He will come. Megha is worried. She waits for Kunda. Megha sees the blood on his name. She cleans it. Megha says where is he? Please come. She’s worried.

Omkar says let me see Mayura. Piyush says there. Mayra comes there. Piyush coughs and says everyone is waiting. Omkar says in heart I had to come and I did. Kundan won’t come. I won’t let him.

Precap-Manjali says if Kundan isn’t coming get Mayura and Omi engaged. Surekha says you have no idea how big this day is for Megha. Megha can’t breathe. She is having an attack. Mayura says di.. Are you okay? What is happening?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What was so maha about this maha panicking.. she’ll get married no wonder means kundan will face problem or maybe death..nd then she’ll fight back

  2. what does ‘maha’ mean can someone kindly explain me pliz

    marriage with so much drama not even interesting

    1. Big… Something special i guess! I am not indian but maha means something like

    2. ok, thanks Tusi

  3. No RV, I’m not sure this engagement will pull through, bcs in the advert, Kundan was able to reach and stop Mayura. Even the ring fell down. Although they might still marry in the future. Pls pls writers don’t torture Mayura bcs of her beauty. Don’t allow her to marry this beast in human cloth. I hate him, I hate his mum. Piyush is being deceived into thinking that this animal is God. Shhhhsh. Mtsheeew

  4. Earlier the makers had portrayed Mayura as an opionated and independent girl who dreamt of becoming a doctor. What happened to her suddenly, that she’s ready to marry Omkar without even giving a second thought to her dreams? That to on the same day as her sister? What was the big hurry? She could have atleast asked for some time until marriage? This is what I don’t like about Indian serials where college girls are often married abruptly, without any consideration given for them to atleast complete their studies and start earning independently.

  5. you said a mouthful Nia, she fight all those men after her face even the principal in a quest to create her own identity without the beauty and become doctor to be independent but now she want to become a household wife, what a sudden turn of events!! taking away her sister’s happiness(though unknowingly) for hers not good for her in the future becoz megha will blame her

  6. Guys what I think is that Mayura will call off the marriage as she wouldn’t like to see Megha being unhappy (because if Kundan won’t be able to come on time for engagement)may be she can postpone the engagement.
    And unwillingly Omkar might release Kundan in order to make sure that engagement happens early

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