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Anika’s life has got a medium change in these two weeks…She is befriended now with the Pyjama gang “Somu, Rudra, Gauri, Om”…But still she is about to accept the reality that she is a human…Anika only thinks that shivaay is an evil and she always tries to ignore her…Whereas shivaay tries also his best to ignore her but situation makes them forcefully get close to each other…


Everyone is eating food in canteen and chilling with their phones…whereas girl squad is busy in gossiping about daily lifestyle, fashion and tv serials…

“I wish i could be the next supermodel…my figure is perfect just i need to concentrate more on my” Gauri stops saying and looks at herself clearly and then says “Ohh no…i am perfect aint i” ?

Soumya & Anika “??…Ofcourse you are magical”

Soumya “Hey i have a grt idea lets go for a movie”..?

Anika “And what is movie ??” ?

Soumya “What a joke anika…are you kidding me” ?

Anika in her mind “i wish i could…i need to find in eternica about movie…what the hell is movie now” ?

She tenses and secretly checks on her phone…Her phone is very different from our planet phones…Her phone is touch screen but with 6 inch display where info is shown in air…like a hologram…

Anika reads “Movie is for human entertainment which we magus people called DOSARA” !! ?

Anika cheers “Yah we can definitely go for a dosara”

Soumya “Dosa” ??

Anika “I…i mean movie…we can definitely go for a movie”…

Gauri “I love watching adult films…hot scenes…i am soo exciteddd !!” ?

Soumya “Ewww ! I love watching Biographical movies (Atmakatha), Emotional and sad movies” ??

Gauri “Such a boring btch you are” ??

Soumya “Anika what about you”…

Anika “Huh”

Soumya “Romantic movies or…”

Anika “Roman…Romantic movies…i love romantic movies” ??

Soumya “Really did you saw kal ho naa ho…it was an emotional movie right” ?

Anika “Kal ho naa ho…i saw it many times…it released just two days ago right” ?

Soumya “Anika ?…Its many years old movie” ?

Anika “But I saw it in poster”…?

Gauri laughs “Really anika…I think you saw KAALAKAANDI” !! ????

Anika “Maybe” ?


Rudra is showing om the images of very hot girls…They both are really “men will be men type” ?

Rudra “Look at this one…she didnt wear a lingerie also”…?

Om “Mm really sxy” ??

Rudra “And this one…Ohhh she didnt wore bra also” ?

“Really show me then” ? A voice comes from back…Rudra gives the phone to the person and it turns out to be their PRINCIPAL !!! ???

“This is what you come for in college…let me tell you elixor college is not for pervert and doggy students like you” He rants at them in a high pitch of voice !! ???

Anika, Gauri & Soumya laughs vigorously at them…???

“Sorrrryy sir…sorry sir…pls pls forgive us” OmRu goes on apologising ???

“Disgusting creatures” principal shouts…

“Sir i have a complain…once there i saw in his phone rudra making out with a naked girl video…he was staring at the girl by opening his mouth in O shape” soumya complains ??

“Really Rudraaaaa Singh Oberoi” Principal screams…???

“Soumyaaaaa !!!” Rudra screams in his mind…???

Soumya smirks…?



Rudra is standing…Jhanvi & Tej are sitting on the chairs and getting washed by principal’s lecture…

“We are extremely sorry for this…it will never happen again” Jhanvi apologises…?

Whereas, Tej has slept after hearing the boring lecture !! ??

“Mr Oberoiii how can you sleep” principal asks…?

“Tejjjjjj” Jhanvi shouts…??

He wakes up immediately and screams “Yaaahh”…?

Rudra smiles covering his mouth…?

“Listen to the principal…What he is saying” jhanvi says…

“Congratulations Mr Sharma” Tej congratulates him by handshaking !!…

Jhanvi “??”

Rudra “Dad why are you congratulating him” ?

Principal goes on ranting “Mr Oberoi how can you do this…and why are you congratulating me…Congratulations is given when !” ????

Tej sleeps again ! ?


AniRiMya laughs seeing the condition !! ???

Suddenly shivaay arrives, Gauri & Somu flees keeping anika alone…Anika still laughs…?

“You are very happy afterall my bro is getting punished right” shivaay taunts her…?

“Its all bcoz of you…your bro had turned just like you” anika miffs…

“Yah…Whhhhatt ?!…Are you trying to say that i am” Shivaay shocks…??

“You are an evil human being…evil evil evil” She goes on shouting at him !!…

Just then, Shivaay tightly holds her hand and brings her close to him…

Shivaay “Now see what i do with you” ?

He stucks her towards the wall whereas she was trying to push him…

“Arey Chhoro mujhe…Shivaay dont touch my hand” She shows him big eyes…

“Cattty you” shivaay was about to come close to her but anika gets scared and immediately points her finger towards shivaay to do magic at him…A white flare comes out of her nails and turns shivaay into a RABBIT !!! ?????

Shivaay has fully transformed into a RABBIT !! ??

Anika Shocks “Ohh Nooo…Kanji Aankho wala khargosh” !!! ????

Shivaay the rabbit ? flees from there…

“Arey rukh kaha bhaag raha hain” She screams and follows him…??




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