Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 64)

Aarya comes down and gets so much happy seeing them happy.he sees Madhoo arguing over RK’s words and asks them the matter so which they are having a tussle. Madhoo tells about the whole incident and waits for Aarya’s reaction.he gets sad thinking about his his old Rajini died due to Raj but hides the emotions and says”Yaah,RK ,it us such a nice news to hear,I am delighted “.But still RK worries for some reason and keeps quiet without talking about anything.

Rohan gets up from bed and remembers seeing the calendar that almost a week is over and we are with papa. He sees Madhu very much busy in the kitchen ordering the servant about the food and leaving with her files.he runs towards her shouting mom,but she gets into a auto and leaves the house.Rohan comes back to Raj’s room and finds him not there.He asks the servant about Raj.the servant says”But beta,shaib left in the early morning to Delhi for shooting “Rohan gets worried that they are in two different places.He thinks to do something .

Gowtham sees the time and waits for someone in his house.Sona comes out dressed in her uniform and sees her father very much tensed about some matter.She goes near him to ask but stop the action and leaves yo have breakfast. Deepika wakes from bed and she couldn’t remember anything that happened last night.she sees her sleeping in some different place and check the room .Gowtham opens the door and sees Deepika crying without understanding anything.he calls out her name ,she turns shockingly and gets a glimpse of last night happenings,she rembets falling unconscious in Gowtham’s hand.

In the school,Rohan and Sona discuss about something and other .they finds their class mam Deepika absent due some reason and Sona tells about her father’s love for deepika and the way he denies it to her when she insisted as on seeing Deepika.Rohan thinks how to unite his parents .he gives her idea and says “let’s us go somewhere and they will try to find us and they obey to our words,I have seen it in a film.”they plan to hide somewhere .

Precap:Aarya cines to hospital to meet Rajini and sees Old rajini’s brother in her room.

Credit to: janani

  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Superb plan.. Rohan and sona acting is superb..

    1. The next episode will be small because I send it just for checking of my new browser,I will send a lengthy episode in the night.

    2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      It is OK… U post that is enough..

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