Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 60)

Aarya thinks about his moments with Rajini,he smiles and in the next moment begins to get angry.Rajini sits without having food to eat and waits for Aarya’s phone. Madhoo enters aarya’s room and sees him very much upset.she pats his shoulder ,Aarya shows her his phone and begins to say something when the phone bell rings again.Madhoo asks him to attend the call.he denies to do so.Madhoo forcefully attends the cal.
Madhoo :Hello,Rajini
Neighbour :Mam,she is unconscious we taking her to hospital.
Aarya and Madhoo gets shocked.
Neighbour :We don’t know about her fully,we saw your number on the last calls ,could you please come?
Aarya:No we are busy.
Madhoo (stares):sure Sir,which hospital?
Rohan thinks about some plan to unite Madhu and Raj so that they don’t have any fight among them self.He gets confused to see Madhu angry with Raj because she is the person who forced Rohan to come and stay in Raj’s house.He sits in the bed and switches on the TV and finds some scene in a movie.he gets idea and smiles victoriously.Rohan comes out of his room ,sees Raj sitting in the lawn reading some papers and Madhu talking with Gowtham regarding some business deal.Rohan moves outside his room with some idea in his mind.
Gowtham gets surprised to know about the Raj and Madhu being together .he greets Madhu for it and cuts the call after their elaborate conversation about
Business dealings.He sees his wife’s photo hanging in the wall ,he takes out a magazine from the table and opens a page .Sona comes running and shouting “No,no”.Gowtham sees the servant following her with food plates in his hand.he asks tge matter to servant,the servant says”sabji,she is not ready to eat food so only “. Gotham takes the plate and begins to make Sona eat to the food.He gets a call from someone and goes to talk leaving Sona in the sofa. She takes out the same magazine which her dad kept , finds A photo of a model and turns shockingly to find her mother’s photo hanging on wall.
Madhu comes in with her phone and sees Rohan missing from his room ,she searches for him all over the house but finds him no where.Raj comes inside seeing her very much tired and confused.Raj asks her the matter why she was worried.She tells about Rohan and continues searching.both of them collides while searching.Raj’s shirt gets tangled with Madhu’s hair.(Allah wariyan plays) .Rohan sees them from garden and smiles.Both of them share a eyelock.

Precap:Raj and Madhu goes to shopping mall .

Credit to: janani

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