Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 59)

Raj reaches his home and surprises to see the beautiful decoration in the door.he calls his servant name and sits in the hall.Someone gives him water to drink.Raj thanks the person and sips the water.he finds hot coffee instead of water.he sees Madhu standing there with coffee tray in her hand.Raj almost shouts’Madhu ‘in his surprise.Madhu stands silent without showing any of the emotions in her face.Raj mind is now filled with almost thousands and thousands of questions but the million dollar question that is in his mind is about the reason why Madhu changed her ideology and accepted his mistake.he asks her the same as his question but she stays silent without
talking anything .
SKB asks RK not to behave so rude to Madhoo because she is not the person to be questioned or blamed for anything in the life of Madhu.Deepika sees RK still not convinced and sits beside him with the coffee made by Madhoo in her hand.she purposefully gives the coffee in RK’s hand and smiles .she says”Why are you blaming her,Chachu.she is really very good .you may think that she is not doing us a role of mom properly but she have did it right in my case. In all those years I never missed my mom”.RK pats her head ,he says to himself “Yes,Madhoo cannot be blamed but how could she hide it from me”.he closes his eyes and begins to think .SKB signs Deepika to come and they walks leaving RK to think for sometimes.
Rajini feels restless thinking about the hurting words of Aarya.she remembers their happy moments together and sits near the window .she constantly sees her phone waiting for any reply or call from Aarya.she sees her phone and finds almost 100 dialled call to his number and many messages. She. Thinks about how Madhoo and RK gave her courage to tell the truth to Aarya . Aarya wakes up from the bed and sees the messages and calls from Rajini.he thinks to call her and stops the idea and switches off the phone angrily remembering how Sultan died of bhojan’s hand.Madhoo knocks at the door and waits for Aarya to open it .
Raj continuously says thanks to Madhu for coming to the home with Rohan.she stands stone faced without smiling,crying,or any emotions.Raj hold her hand .She removes hers from his hands and says in afirm voice”I am not rrafu to accept your relation in this life,it is just for Rohan because he likes you and loves you so much ,and I am not ready to see your acting “.Raj stands shockingly. Madhu walks in with the coffee cup.Rohan hears their conversation,he says”I will do anything and unite my parents” and smiles.

Precap:Rishbala sees Madhu with Raj in shopping mall

Credit to: janani

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    Finally updated… So rohan job.. Superb rohan.. Now he will unite madhu and raja

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