Madhubala 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 3rd December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu is in pain ..and walks down the stairs looking for RK! RK is driving on the road..! Madhu tells.. dunno where ur dad went..!

She turns n sees a painting of a baby by RK.. n is overwhelmed!

She comes in the room n keeps trying RKs cell but no response!

RK notices its Madhus call but ignores! Madhu gets thru to his voicemail ..which says.. din take ur call coz either dun like u or am busy! Madhu says.. cant live without u.. dun want anything without u..! Madhu suddenly collapses with the pain .. n screams

RK hears the voice message.. n feels guilty n rushes back..!! Pabho-Radha-Dips rush to Madhu..! RK ends up knocking someone on the road down..! Its a girl..! RK rushes her to hosp..!! Madhu is rushed to hosp by Radha..!

RK notices Bittu .. n finds out about Madhus condition..! She is in OT! All tell RK how Madhu was in pain! Doc comes n says.. lost the baby..!! RK asks how? Doc says maybe she was too stressed.. or din eat proper.. or worked hard..!Doc says.. Madhu can go in depression. .u all have to support Madhu!

RK comes to Madhu .. n she breaksdown n hugs him! She asks to get her baby back! Cry RK tells Madhu to control herself..! Bittu comes n says media is asking if RK was in accident? RK says yes..brought the victim to hosp! Bittu asks RK to go home with Madhu!

Part 2

Radha breakdown n wonders why Bappa did this to me?? Was so eager for this kid..!! Pabho says there is always a reason! Radha keeps crying!

Part 3

Pabho says we will get this gud news from Madhu soon but we gotta be careful! Pabho says todays girls take things lightly .. Madhu mite have been excited but..still..!

Pabho reminds how Madhu din listen to Radha n did what she felt like thereby putting the child in danger..!!

RK brings Madh to the room n a servant covers the cradle with white cloth n walks away..! Madhu is in tears..!

She breaksdown..!!

Precap —- RK helps Madhu sleep..! He turns to leave n Madhu asks if he is ok? He says ok! U rest! Madhu says wanna stay with u! RK says have work.. will finish n come! He leaves! Madhu is sad! Wonders why is RK running away from me ?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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