Madhubala 30th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 30th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 30th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu rushes to find Aryan fallen on the floor with lighting stand on his leg He has scratches on his leg..!

Producers assistant fumes seeing the damaged lighting and chides Madhu for bringing a kid n that too handicapped!

Madhu asks him how dare he talk like this Sultan enters n breaks few more lighting stands! All are stunned!

The producers assistant asks Sultan how dare he do it n Sultan slaps him Dips watches shocked..!

He says.. ‘Ek baar kahunga..dhyan se sunn warna ye teri zindagi ki akhri baar laparvahi se suni baat hogi’ (I will just say once.. listen carefully otherwise this will be the last thing you will listen to in your life) He hands the guy upside down! Sultan warns the guy to dare call his Aryan handicapped or he will hand him n walks out..!

Everyone starts blaming Madhu .. Bittu ji tries to defend..! Madhu tries to reason .. ! Producer says its Madhus mistake n she will have to compensate..! Bittu intervenes but all walk off!

Dips wonders who is this NEW HERO?

Sultan bandages Aryan n asks him.. how he dare leave? Aryan looks down n Sultan says.. Nazar neeche Kamzor karte hain..! (Weak people look down) He asks Aryan to promise him … never to leave ..and Madhu butts in and assures..! She apologises for the whole fracas..!

Sultan gives her money n says.. its compensation for the loss on the set..! Madhu takes..! Aryan says sorry to Madhu!

She asks Aryan to eat ..!

RK is shown painting n its Madhus potrait (with weird teeth) He promises not to think of Madhu n throws it..! BG – Bebasi ka beyan hai..

RK is about to drink n Madhu takes his drinks bottle n he asks her not to look at him… but finally breaks the bottle! He asks her WHO is this SULTAN? How did she move on n forget him so easily?! He asks if she loves Sultan.. n if so.. he doesnt care..!

RK holds Madhus face n asks.. if Sultan touched her? He declares.. TUM SIRF MERI HO!! (You’re just mine!)

Part 2

RK says..he ditched her..fooled her.. hurt her.. but she cant.. after all Madhu doesnt have a K .. K for Kamena..

Madhu turns n RK pulls her close n they slow dance on Aag hai.. Aag hai..! They do the RK banner pose..!

Part 3

RK asks Madhu not to look at him as it hurts

RK fumes n says. .no one can look at Madhu as HER FACE is his..

He turns . .Madhu is gone..! She says.. m here.. as u culdnt leave me n RK says. u r not here!

Precap — Madhu is in the chawl bringing tea ..when a police jeep arrives..! Sultan Aryan n Kaka are returning from mandir..n they stop in the way seeing cops! Madhu is shocked too..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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