Madhubala 2nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 2nd November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 2nd November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Bittu comes and says .. Pabho..! Madhu and Radha ask the matter? A pandit tells Pabho that if they walk on a bed of burning coal with water pot on head.. Godess will fulfill all her wishes..! Dips is shocked..Pabho agrees to do it.. for RK..!

Madhu rushes to stop her..! Pabho says.. can do anything to save RK.. n asks her not to interrupt! Madhu says this can be a risk to her life..! Pabho says nothing is more important than RK to me! Pabho steps on the bed of burning coal..!

She is unable to do it and the pot breaks.. ! Pandit says..this is a bad omen! Pabho blames Madhu ..and says.. wherever she goes..things are messed up..! Pabho says.. the one who crosses the bed of burning coal and puts sindoor on their head..their wish is fulfilled.. but she came and all is messed up..! She cribs for RKs safety..! Madhu swears to do the task..for her ..for RKs sake..! Pandit says..she can do it. .but with clear heart..! Dips asks Madhu not to do all this in overconfidence.. if Pabho culdn do it.. how can u? Anyways.. my wishes with u..!

Madhu prays to Godess Kali to support her.. to help her finish the task. .n to protect RK ..! Madhu is walking on the coal and Bittu is shocked. .n Madhu says doing this for RK..! RK is being operated! Bittu tries to stop her .. n Madhu says.. my name is Madhubala Rishabh Kundra.. n without Rishabh Kundra my life is incomplete n to save him ..can do anything! Madhu is in pain she walks.. Dips says she wont be able to do it and Pabho says for RKs sake..she has to do it..!

Madhu completes the walk …and pours the water on the shivling and puts sindoor on herself..! She prays for RKs safety..! RK who was sinking.. starts to stablise ..! Doc informs all that operation was successful..! Bittu gets the news and shares with Madhu and all..! They are delighted ..! Pabho Madhu saved RK .. .. ! Pandit says.. Madhu kalyug ki savitri hai ..jisne apne pati ko bacha liya..!

Part 2

Channels report that RK is getting better..! Amar fumes! Sikky is drinking in the car with Kuku ..! Sikky says..thank God RK is recovered ..we both are safe! Kuku says no.. RK will dig out the truth..! Sikky asks Kuku to help..! Kuku says.. Kaleja laga phatne to khairat lagi batne..! Kuku says.. go to Amar uncle and find a way out! Sikky says..we both are involved so.. help!

Kuku talks of thinking.. n Sikky says hurry up before RK ends us both!

Part 3

RK thinks he is seeing Madhu n says.. u got so caught up in stabbing ..that u stabbed me for real? He asks if she did it to take revenge? Nurse says.. r u OK? Its me..! RK calls out for Madhu..! Nurse gets everyone inside..! RK asks for Madhu! Mehul says.. someone lodged FIR against Madhu and she is at the police station!

Precap — Madhu asks cop if RK is here? She stays mum ..! Madhu asks to be let off..! She runs towards the inspectors office…thinking she will find RK..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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