Madhubala 2nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 2nd March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 2nd March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu asks RK ..what are u.. what do u want? RK says..she ought to know

Madhu hits RKs hand n spins bottle n it stops midway n points at RK n he says..its cheating Madhu says.. shush. .my turn.. n many lies has he told her?? RK says.. ONE! RK..that he does not have a heart!

Madhu helps RK put his hand on his heart. n RK says..he has a heart..RK-pulls Madhu close n makes her hear the heartbeats.. n says..see its heart. not kidney ..! Madhu asks RK why he lied then? She rues about him ruining it all .. their love.. everything! Madhu says ..she had promised to come to him.. she did come.. n they promised be old n stay together till last breath! RK says.. ok.. n asks her to come back fight with him n love him! RK says.. PLEASE.. come back..! Madhu refuses!

RK says..if he says sorry.. pulls ears..then also she wont return? Madhu gets up..n talks how Trish asked her same question n she had said.. no ..wont return to RK!

Madhu to trust him? He broke her trust! She says..she wont return to him ever. Madhu cries… n RK cries. admits his mistake…! He asks what to do? Madhu HOLD HER … TIGHT WALA HUG .. n promise only listen to his heart..! RK promises! BG- Beintehan!

RK stretches his arms.. n Madhu rushes n Rishbala HUG! They keep holding each others face. .n hugging!

RK carries Madhu to his room n puts on the bed.. n Madhu asks to put her down as she can fall n RK says.. he wont let her fall! Madhu asks they are home? RK says yes..! Duo lie on the bed.. side by side..! Madhu asks where is the pillow wall n RK says.. GONE!

RK switches off light then says sorry.. n about putting a light on n Madhu says..she aint scared..! They doze off..!

Next day morning… Madhu wakes up with a headache! She is shocked to find RK holding her hand recollects the past night!

She gets up .. cries seeing herself in RKs room n rushes out!

Part 2

Madhu walks tentatively on the stairs.. n then rushes out.. remembering RK carrying her in his arms! Radha sees her leaving!

At the chawl.. Paddo tries to contact Madhu n sees she has returned..!

Part 3

Paddo chides Madhu for not receiving her calls Trish grill her too but Madhu is quiet n says Bittu informed that Madhu was working night shift!

Paddo asks Madhu where her dupatta is?

Precap –Radha serves RK tea n says..drinks which knock ppl off their consciousness has brought RK back to consciousness! Radha tells RK that..last night.. he had said that he will take care of himself and his wife..! Radha tells RK that the one he considers hate in his heart is actually love ..the love that RK has for Madhu the extent of Insanity..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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