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Madhubala 24th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK scolding Madhu. He asks her not to interfere in his work, he will kill that man and this is his duty. He says this is my faith, death for death. He beats the man. He asks his goons to take the man to the Ghaat and shoot him, then throw his dead body in the lake. She is shocked and says what are you doing, call the police and then……… RK says stop………. The goons take that man. Madhu cries and leaves. Dau ji and Bhanu looks on. Agni and Bai ji come there. Dau ji is impressed by RK and hugs him happily. He says you have proved you are my blood, I got peace.

Dau ji tells Bhanu that he did not do this in 13 years and RK did it soon after he came. He says RK has killed my enemy and is equal to you now, I feel you are equal now in my sight, lets see how goes ahead from here and who becomes the heir of my empire. Dau ji hugs RK again. Agni and Bhanu get jealous. Madhu cries in her room. She thinks of RK slapping her.

RK comes to her and sees her crying. RK says you do the mistake and then cry. He says see you are staring me, this happened because of you, I m not a goon, but I m mad. He says I love you and can’t see tears in your eyes. He says even then you came in between after I explained you, so I slapped you in anger. He says I m feeling bad now, I feel to kill myself. He says I did not slap any woman today, and today I have slapped the woman for whom I can cut my hand. He brings a rod and asks Madhu to beat him with this.

He beats his head. She stops him and says you are really wild. She says that man is innocent and you are killing him. He says he is not a human, he is worse than an animal. My parents did not harm him, and he has killed them without any reason, you saw him begging and he became human, come with me to see his truth. RK brings him to show Dau ji’s son’s pic. He says he did not lift a rod, leave the gun, but that man saw him alone and shot him, he killed my parents also, I was 12 years old and did not understand anything, he killed my parents and my Veer, this Bhabhi is living as a widow since 13 years.

He says everyone call her unlucky since 13 years, I have given her some happiness killing him. He sees Veer’s pic and lights the diya. He says I had taken an oath that till I kill their murderer, I will not light the diya near his pic. He asks Bhabhi not to cry, as it’s a happy and celebration day, he has killed the man who has made her wear this white saree. Bhabhi cries. RK says tell me am I right. Bhabhi says why should I celebrate, if you kill that man, can I get rid of this white She says will Veer come back, will my punishment end. She says you have ruined an innocent woman’s life, is this justice, you made his wife a widow.

Madhu cries. Bhabhi says go and celebrate, play dhol as you have pushed an innocent woman in hell to die every moment. She leaves. RK says see, she is also angry on me. He says what I did was right. Madhu says if you can’t live here, go to some place where humans stay like humans. RK says there is no place where I don’t get a gun, I m like this, and will always be like this. She says you are an animal and will always be. She leaves.

RK says animal? I m better than such humans. Bhanu talks to Agni. Agni fills his ears against RK. He laughs and says I can see what you can’t see, Dau ji has hugged him today, but tomorrow he will mourn for his death. Agni is shocked and asks will you kill him. Bhanu says yes, is there any other way. Agni says yes, we can make Madhu missing and RK will find her everywhere. Bhanu says I was wrong, you are not like Tara. He says Lord make this happen what Agni is saying. Bhanu smiles.

Bhanu gives Madhu’s pic and gun to a goon dressed like pandit. Bhabhi comes to Madhu with clothes and jewellery. She says we believe to preach kaal Bhairov and he will make our wish true, so whatever your wish is, ask Kaal Bhairov ji. She says I could not go, if I would have gone, maybe. She touches the colored clothes and cries. RK comes there and smiles. Bhabhi leaves. RK says I m sure you will become like me being with me. He says give me the gun which I gave you. She gives him.

She says I heard Kaal Bhairov fulfills every wish, I will wish my freedom. He says I will also ask him, I m your suhaag, I will wish you don’t go anywhere, and always be with me. She turns. He holds her hand and draws her closer. He says you won’t get freedom in every birth. Hum hai tere deewane……………….plays…………. She pushes him. He says see me with love sometimes. He looks at her and draws her closer again. He makes her wear a Kamarbandh. Madhu looks at him.

Madhu talks to the pandit and says this way is closed. He says no, go ahead. He stops her and aims a gun at her smiling. Madhu gets scared.

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