Madhubala 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 24th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Episode starts with Rk madhu in bath tub. Madhu tells Rk to leave. RK gets up and Madhu calls him and takes off the rose petals from his hairs And tells RK to on the music. RK leaves

RK ons the music. Its Payaliya And Drashti is taking a bath. Madhu comes out of the bath tub. She writes RK loves madhu on the mirror and starts dancing. RK is getting a very naughty feeling and smiles. Madhu still dancing with the curtains. HOT wet RK watches her dance and is getting a naughty feeling again. Madhu feels , but RK hides. Madhu comes out of the room in the gown. Servant comes with a note by RK. And its written that now you are fresh and I have taken your cloaths out too She opens the gift. and reads a note and says that If I wished then I would have kept you in the bathroom as the gown

suits you alot. Madhu blushes as she thinks that RK saw everything

RK in Kitchen cooking and tells bittu ji to suggest a gift. He tells that announce in the TV that what gift should I buy for Madhu. he informs that I will invite any 4lucky persons to my wedding. Bittu ji repeats and leaves. Radha ji says whats happening. Bittu ji informs that RK is cooking for Madhu. Radhaji all suprised

At beakfest table. Madhu about to eat. RK stops her and tells her to eat what I had cooked. He serves the food. Madhu smiles and says thank you. Dips shocked.

Radha ji teases that can I have a bite. Madhu says that you cant eat as its for me and RK told this. Madhu eats. Dips fumes and leaves. RK says thank god unwanted people are gone. RK ask madhu to tell him how was it. Madhu says the food is amazing and no one can make such food. RK takes a bite and throws it out. RK says you lied to me. Madhu says that I told you what I felt. RK says that please dont eat how can you eat this. Madhu says that coz you made it Eyelock. RK madhu holds hands. Bittu ji and radha ji leaves

At chawl Trishna tells Pado that how can you do such thing how can you tell Sultan to kidnap Madhu. Pado says that I had no other option and I cant trust RK as he will surely be not quite after the revenge. Trishna says that madhu is not a child, she can handle her decisions by herself. Pado says I know how to fight for my Childrens

At RK mansion, Bittu ji busy will the preparation. Dips comes. Bittu ji say that you can help me as its your devar’s wedding. Dips ignores and Bittu ji talks on phone and tells hat we would be needing a fire brigade to as there are chances for fire too Sikki comes and says that I should also do something for my wife as RK is doing so much. Dips fumes.

Radha jo calls Madhu and gives her the dress for function. She tells that I called your mother but she is not replying

Part 2

Radha says that I can understand that you need your mother at this moment. Madhu says that its a matter of few days. She will be happy seeing me happy. Radha says that I will be there for you at the wedding. Both hug She tells her to get ready. RK comes and says that you will not wear this. Radha says that she will wear this as its a function of mehndi. Radha leaves. Madhu says I will wear it as Mom will not like it if I wont wear this. Rk says no. Madhu says I like you more when you are all khaffa khaffa with me RK says Rutha hua Kadu Madhu says that I was joking. RK says that you like me like this so I am here. Madhu says I was just joking.

Part 3

Madhu says that Ok I will tell mom that I will wear the dress you made me wear. RK says that I dont want your ehsaan. He tells you have to do the same which you made me do. He tells that you also have to confess in front of the whole world that you love me. Madhu says that I have done this so many times RK says that I dont want to listen to anything now. He leaves. Madhu says ok…Zidd tumhari tareeka mera

Episode ENDS

Precap: RK Madhu comes down the stairs and press is there. The reporter ask RK that till what extend you love your wife. RK says that I love her so much that I can give me life for her. Madhu smiles Sultan watching this on Laptop and fumes(I never saw him so angry, daal mein pakka kuch kaala hai) Rk then says that I love her so much that if anyone tries to separate us I can take his life too Sultan Fumes more

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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