Madhubala 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 18th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Radha is getting the dining table set.. when Sikky comes to her n says..he has a plan for business .. of Match Making n says will ask RK to participate..!

Sikky asks..where is MY BHAI? Dips comes n teases saying Rishbala got married just a day wont come early Dips shut up n says.. feel embarassed n RK says.. its breaking news..that Dips feels embarassed..!

Madhu is serving RK… n he grabs her hand..! He asks to pass Parathas n Madhu asks to leave her hand.. but he refuses n says.. Maa sab samajhti hai..!

He tells Maa.. what type of Bahu is this.. n Radha gives Paratha to Madhu n she gives to him! RK asks how will she eat n Madhu eats with left hand n says..Patidev.. m lefty..!

Radha says..have announcement .. n RK says.. not Sikky is to be launched.. or Dips is preggers..! All are shocked..!

Radha says..she wants to go to Delhi for 3-4 months.. Madhu is shocked! RK refuses..!

Sultan is walking with Meera.. n Kaka-Aryan out of the hosp premises..! Aryan asks why she is coming with them? Kaka explains.. Meera is his granny! Aryan asks Kaka why Meera is looking at things with big big eyes.. as if watching 3D movie for first time!

Meera watches a mother walking on street..with a baby … n smiles n Aryan asks why smiling . .n Kaka offers him water..! Sultan touches Meera but she jerks off..!Aryan observes her crying..!

Radha says ..that .. their old house is in tatters.. n RK asks so why does she wanna go there as if she is an antique watch? Also Bittu suggested that RKs next movie is to be shot there..! RK says. not going.. at any cost.. !

RK fumes n says.. ph will pay.. for the hotel so dun worry! Madhu says.. its matter of few months.. n RK says..he knows she wont return. .if she goes there! RK walks off..!

Sultan brings Meera to his home.. n she is scared…of him… n tries to run off.. but Sultan tries to calm her..! She ends up dropping the toy n Sultan picks it up but Meera fumes! Aryan keeps asking questions so Sultan sends him inside..!

Meera hears the word GHAR n is anxious.. Sultan takes her inside..! Aryan watches a nurse tending to Meera.. helping her dress n change..! Aryan asks Sultan who is SHE?? n Why is she here? Sultan explains to him that Meera is his mom.. ! Aryan says dun like her.. n Sultan chides him n asks him to give her time!

Nurse asks Meera to remove her bangle but she refuses!

Part 2

Madhu follows RK to the room .. n asks him to listen to Radha..! RK asks why Radha wants to go there?

RK says..he is not a burden that Radha feels relieved.. after handing him over to Madhu! He says.. neither Madhu nor Radha is going anywhere from him..!

He says..he is building his family n Radha wants to go ! Madhu asks him to calm down!

Radha tells him …she is not getting relieved from him .. nor leaving him..! RK say sorry..! He says..he wants to start something n doesnt want her to leave..! Radha agrees! Madhu says.. she has spoilt her son… ! Radha says..such a sedha bachcha.. n Madhu says. .like jalebi..!

Part 3

Sultan is listening to news… when Meera comes.. ! He helps her sit but she jerks from him..!

Sultan asks Aryan to show the marbles he plays with to Meera. he is scared.. of her.. n Meera backs from him..! He finally shows her the marbles… she takes.. n is watching.. when she hears news of Sitara studio re opening..

Precap — Dips tells Rishbala.. things will feel sweet as its new but soon they will feel they have gulped a bitter pill Neem .. n keep fighting n separate! Madhu holds RKs arm n duo say in CHORUS … NEVER..!!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. tommarow episode is little immotional .

  2. is becoming day by day boring

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