Madhubala 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK coming to a man and putting gun in his mouth. He asks him to drink wine and says you killed my parents after 13 years, then you met us, and cheated us, but did not tell us, I will kill you today. RK says my dad was a innocent man, why did you kill him. The man says I was not their enemy, Bhanu was my enemy, he killed my men, he is the poison which Dau ji is drinking, Bhanu ruined me, and I wanted to kill him, he was coming in Mela, but your parents and Dau ji’s son came, I have sent my men and they mistakenly killed them instead of Bhanu, forgive me. RK says how could you kill him. RK beats the man and says I will not leave you. The man’s calls Munna and he runs pushing his mum.

RK takes care of the old lady and gives her water. Madhu starts making the mud stove. Everyone looks on. She tries to take water in the Channi. The water falls through it. Everyone smile. Dau ji asks her to apologize to him and he will end this punishment. He asks her to say that the city people lost and they villagers won. Madhu puts leaves on the Channi and takes water. Everyone looks on. Dau ji says Madhu is smart, lets see what she does. Madhu makes the mud stove. The time passes. Agni says 10mins are over, now only 50mins left.

Madhu washes her hands. She mixes the flour. She says everyone in the city follows time strictly. She says I make the flour ready in four mins. She puts the tawa and lights the stove.Madhu uses the oil bottle to make the rotis. Dau ji says she is very smart, does she eat badams daily. Agni sees Mdhu doing her work so soon and says 20mins left now. Madhu says can I get ghee and jaggery. Bai ji brings it and gives it to her. Madhu makes good round rotis. She applies ghee on them and serves it to Dau ji with jaggery.

She asks Dau ji to have it. Dau ji eats it and really likes it. He says great. Madhu smiles. Agni is shocked. Dau ji says RK has chosen you right. Dau ji says you won and I lost, tell me what you want. Madhu says not now, only your blessings. I will ask later. She tells Agni that 5mins are remaining, work is not hard and easy, I have lived all my life on trust. Its night, RK comes home. Dau ji asks him where did he go. RK says I had some important work. Dau ji asks what. RK thinks he has to catch Devi Seth till then he can’t tell him.

RK says I will tell you when the time comes. Bhanu says wife, maybe he went to buy cosmetics. RK talks to Madhu and asks did anyone ask. She says I said I don’t know. He asks did you miss me. Bai ji asks the servants to go out. Bai ji says bahu will bring water from the lake bearefooted. RK says it means after this puja, all rituals will end and I can start my married life with Madhu. Madhu is shocked. RK says Rani, did you hear what she said. Dau ji says lets go now. Bhabhi comes. Dau ji gets angry seeing her and stops her.

Dau ji scolds her. He takes her inside and locks her. He asks everyone not to give her food. Madhu thinks this happened because of her, Kanha give me strength so that I can help her. Madhu cries. Bau ji saysher fate is bad, her husband died in three months of her marriage, we are afraid of her, leave her, you come. Madhu is taken and Jai Ambe …………….plays…………….Madhu’s feet gets hurt. RK asks what happened. He sees her feet. She says no, I will remove it. RK says show me, everyone are seeing, give me your foot.

She gives her foot and he removes. Jiya mai naa jiya…………………plays……………. He says I have removed it. Bhanu says see how he is at her feet. Agni says we have to make her run soon, as RK will also go with her. She smiles. RK applies soil in her feet and says its lucky to be in her feet. Agni plans against them. RK smiles seeing Madhu. Bhanu and Agni smile too.

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Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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  1. pls update episode fast

  2. good episod….Hope madhu change dauji’s mind…..Hope she brings bhabi’s happiness back again….N hope raja leaves d evil works for madhu’s sake.

  3. Hey raja has good side also

  4. dumb a*sh*le serial

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