Madhubala 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 10th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK scratches off a few more names as Madhu prays to Bappa ..! Ouch

Right then Bittu comes to say Director said yes.. but his cell rings and he says cant do it! Ouch RK sulks…and tears the list and walks off. Madhu asks where to? RK says settle scores

Amar tells Sanya.. masterstroke ..for sure…to break RKs hope and heart..! Angry Sanya says for old good times.. wont risk future good times..!! Kuku says todays gen is smart and RK says selfish too! Angry He claps and sits next to Amar..!

Sanya asks RK to calm down and understand! RK says no one Aaj hi samjhe chehre shatranj ke iss khel me.. bahut khudgarz hai ye mohre..! RK tells Sanya she can do better.. from these two gadhes..! RK says.. to beat him..three people had to get together! Tongue RK says must have worked hard to stoop so low..or in born talent? Amar says talk respectfully u banned from Association will get u banned from studio n RK says ban my breaths too..! Tongue

RK says if he remembers the crowds cheers a few days back? RK says came to meet someone else..but she has sold herself..! RK says. today or tomorrow u will get a shocker and it will be too late.. then come to me! RK sings.. Koi jab tumhara hriday tod de.. tab tum mere paas ana.. mera dar khula hai. .tumhara mazak udane ke liye! LOL

Amar says. .what does he have left with him? Except his ego?? Amar says we write stories of actors success.. .we take risk of ur face. .n ur body..but u have less memory.. ! Angry Amar says we ph can make stars ..n break them too..! Tongue

Amar says.. Tare Zameen Par… and RK says even sun is a star.. but no one has been able to destroy it.. nor capture it! Tongue Amar says dunno what will be his situation when his move is not made n RK says film will be made for sure..! Kuku says . .RK has earned a lot.. his fortune n name. .n our enemity and that will destroy him ..!

Amar asks what will RK do breathing last of his superstardom? Kuku says kill mosquitoes..! Amar says when a new star comes n RKs money is over.. may be hang himself like his dad..! RK attacks Amar..n punches him..! Amar says look around and see what u are before others .. they dun love u.. they are scared of they are scared of wild wounded animals …! Angry Amar says we mite have stood against u.. but u have made rest stand against u.. ! Amar says u cant run from ur destruction …

RK leaves from there..! Madhu n Bittu are worried for him! RK comes and Madhu tries to talk to him but RK asks her to leave him alone..! Ouch Bittu tells Madhu that since PH has banned RK no one can work with RK ..its like the association has banned him ..! RK looks at his awards and his pics and sulks..! Madhu resolves to do something!

Part 2

Madhu asks Radha whose letter she is reading and Radha says.. Shradha didi.. she stays in a math serving people..! Radha says. .when RKs launch film was cancelled .. Shradha asked us to support RK..! Radha says.. 5 years Shradha prayed to God for RK and boycotted public life..! Confused

Radha says she is coming to see RK-Madhu . .RKs success … and their life..! She says Shradha is like friend of RK …! Madhu wants to tell RK but Radha says its a surprise!

Part 3

Radha talks to Madhu about Shradha liking old things ..and how old is precious and Madhu gets an idea..!

She talks to Bittu about one film wonders ..and their directors/ writers and decides to contact them…! Clap

Precap — Madhu-Bittu arrive at some writer/directors place and are stopped in the track by his pet dogs..! They see the writer/director !

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. this is absolutely annoying pls cvs why do u alwayz start a track which rambles a lot and boring prior to this u put up sultans track that was another non sense and nw there is a limit cvs we the fans of rishabala want only their scenes their love scenes without any spoilers dont like to c rk and madhu depressed if u dont get any track ask us but dnt put these stupid tracks we r ready to watch 1000 episodes even if its only rishabala love track u can bring some happy news to the viewers like madhu is pregnant and rishabala outing,dating etc…these kind of scenes will surely satisfy rishabalaovers and the trp will surely increase orelse its really verry sad and hard for all the rishbala lovers to c them worried

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