Has she made for me? swasan os sequel part 4

Has She Made For Me?

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Happy Vishuba Sankranti to all my lovely readers. So now without wasting time lets start next part


After returned back to hospital Sanskar entered in his room where he got emptiness without his jaan. Took a sigh and moved towards his wardrobe and search his favourite blue t-shirt which had given by Swara. When he was searching his t-shirt he found a diary which has kept at a corner where no one can’t see it easily because above it some files and some jewellery boxes have kept on it. Sanskar take out the diary and saw the front page where one couple has sitted on the ground while hugging each other where girl’s head has rested on boy’s shoulder and boy’s chin is resting on her head and both is looking towards the blue sky . To see the picture a smile spread on his face may be he is thinking of himself and Swara at this place . When he turned the next page there someone has written in a beautiful handwriting “swasan’s love story” inside a heart . Sanskar didn’t understand , what is the meaning of “swasan”. But he has known the owner of this handwriting. Its his jaan ‘s handwriting. But till now he doesn’t know that his jaan maintain a dairy on his absence. He kept it on bed and went to washroom to change his clothes. After freshen up he come outside to wear his favourite blue t-shirt and combing his hairs in front of mirror when he saw the diary through the mirror. He sat on bed and grabbed it from bed and started to read it.

Sanskar monologue: Till now I don’t know how much secrets you have hidden from me. But don’t worry Mrs Maheswari, I am also your husband Mr Sanskar Maheswari who is a step before from you and started to read it.

( so now through diary , I will give you Swara’s pov why she thought that, Sanskar has cheated her )

First page

Hi diary, you know na you are my best friend because you keep my all secrets inside you. After so many years again I am starting to write . I know you are angry on me because 7years I don’t write anything but I have also some personal issues for that I had stoped writing. But now I have so many things which I want to share with you. Now I am not more Swara Gododia. Now I am Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheswari. So today I am writing on my love story. You know na Sanskar. Sorry, how will you know? Till now I don’t say about him. He is my baby, my love and my husband . The biggest business tycoon in India Mr Sanskar Maheswari. But you know, he is so different from others. He is not like others who has not time for his family. He loves me very much and I also love me. Everytime he calls me jaan and I love this word more when it comes from his mouth.

You must be wonder , why I have written” swasan’s love story” instead of ” swara and Sanskar’s love story” ( sanskar nodded his head vigorously) because its swasan where “swa” stands for swara and “san” stands for Sanskar. Now you got it.( sanskar chuckled to read it)

Now I am starting our love story how I got him in to my life. He is the best thing which has happened till now in my life.

Sanskar turned next page

Before 2 years when I got to know that I love him I proposed him and he accepted me with my all flaws. But he is so perfect or I can say he is a dream man of all girls. But I don’t want anyone get a life partner like him because he is only mine and I am only her. I know I will be sounded possessive but what will i do? I love him so much. He is the one who has returned back me from the darkness. Who has given me that love for which I was craving my whole life. For him only I and Simi got our dad’s love .For him only i got a full family where A.P ma gave me mom ‘s love and care for which i was longing from last 5years. I got Adarsh bhai who fulfilled my brother ‘s demand and parineeta bhabhi she is like my own elder sister who loves me very much. And Ankita , she is my crime partner. We have done so many crimes whatever, till now anyone don’t know about it specially Sanskar. In our first night I knowingly slept to Ankita with us to tease Sanskar. But for my surprise he didn’t say anything. He always surprise me of his calm nature, gentleness and mostly his love. I don’t know how does he control his feelings and desires where everytime I see it clearly from his eyes. I spoiled our first night for which every one see some dreams but how is he so calm?If any other man stay at his place then he must be angry on me but he always support me . Now for this I am guilty . But thanks to god after some time Pari bhabhi came and took Ankita with her to her room. But again he surprised me on his work. He gently kissed on my forehead and said to sleep. But he doesn’t know I want him tonight. I want he makes me love like I am only belongs to him . So I hugged him and demanded to make me love tonight and to be feel a complete woman. Without any argument he fulfilled my demand like always he fulfils it. Today I am only belonging to him in every sense.

Next page

Next day of our marriage we went to our honeymoon and maa demanded for her grandchildren for which I turned in to red like a tomato . But i felt he is not happy at this idea for which now i am upset. Then we reached our destination on Goa. When we entered our hotel room he held my hand. Somehow he has known that I am upset on his morning behaviour . He sat me on his lap when he sat on the couch. What did he say me again I feel blessed to having him in my life. He told me he wants I fulfil my dream first and then we think about our baby. Which man think like that. Every day my feelings are growing for this man. I just hugged him to know about my feelings because I also want this. So after a big discussion I convinced him . So after that our honeymoon is a blissful moment for both of us. I think you must be understand, what I am trying to say? ( a smile spread on sanskar face while reading about the honeymoon because now he is also remembering those days. )

Next page

Oh !! Sorry till now I don’t say about our propose day na. How can I forget about our propose day . When he proposed me and I said “yes” to be became his life partner for life long. This is a big day for both of us. Now also I have remembered after one half an year relationship when we both decided to fasten it in a pious relationship. For which first he came to my home with his family to take permission from my dad. Dad accepted it whole heartedly why not he also likes him or I can say crime partner of him to realise my love towards him. After that he took permission from my dad to take me on a date for which everyone tease me specially Simi. In this 5 years I never see a naughty Simi but when Sanskar came in to my life I met a different Simi , who is enjoying her life fully . Sanskar is her crime partner . I don’t know how will I thank him to come in my life. But I can’t thank him because for his great rule. Everytime he says” in friendship no sorry no thank you . And we are firsts friends then anything else. So that without any hesitation we can share anything between us. ”

Next page

Then he took me some place or I can say a private place where no one present . When I saw the view I awestruck by its beauty. ( friends think swasan propose day . You imagine now swasan has stood in same place with same costume. I am really bad to express this type of arrangements. ) When he sat on his knee and spread his one hand towards me . Oh god this is a dream for me . But now this dream is fulfil by my prince.

Sanskar: I know princess, you love me like I love you. But till now I have not propose you in a proper way. So my princess I don’t know any cheesy lines so directly I am coming to the point. Today I took permission from your father to hold your hand on rest of my life. But now I want to your permission. Will you allow me to hold your hand? Will you give me the permission to accompany with me my rest of life? If yes then accept my proposal and accept me with my all flaws. ( now Swara is having happy tears on her eyes immediately she kept her hand on sanskar ‘s hand and helped him to stand. ) So i am taking it as yes. So princess I am having something for you. Can you guess? ( swara nodded her head as a no) ok don’t stress your little brain( where Swara made an angry face) ok I am sorry. Now closed your eyes( Swara raised her eyes to ask him , why? Where Sanskar closed her both eyes on his palm and gave his surprise to her. )

Swara immediately opened her eyes but she amazed to see a envelope on her hand because she thought like others Sanskar will also present her some ring or other accessories. But he has given her a envelope.

To see her expression Sanskar said: Jaan don’t use your brain. Just open it.

Swara opened the envelope when she saw it tears are flowing from her eyes. Everytime this man amazed her by his actions. Now he has fulfilled her dream to be open a music academy on her Sumi maa’s name. And this is the academy’s papers. She just hugged him to show her feelings where Sanskar was patting her hairs gently.

That day I can’t forget in my life . He is the one who always fulfil my all wish. For him my wish is more prior than anything.

Next page

( so now flash back start on Swara ‘s pov)

Before one week we completed our 6 month anniversary. Now we both are a happy couple.We are happy to having each other. But from last some days I don’t know why? but I am feeling very weak. I don’t say anything about it to Sanskar . In these days he is really busy on his work. So I don’t want to give more stress. But today from morning I am feeling dizzy and vomiting 5 times. So now I am worried. When Sanskar will come I will tell him. I don’t want to keep any secrets beside him.

So I am trying to call him from afternoon but his cellphone is out of network. Now its at 8 pm. He always reaches at home at this time. But today his phone is out of range and till now he has not come. Now I am worried for him. So I called Roma to ask her about Sanskar. But she told me he has been left before 10minutes from office. I took a breath and waited for him. Because from office to home it take hardly 30 to 40 minutes. So he will reach at home at any time.

After 4hours

Till now he doesn’t come. Roma told me he left at 8 pm from his office but he doesn’t reach till now. And his phone, why he is not picking my calls. Now I am hell worried about him. I prepared myself if this time he won’t pick up my call then I will inform it to family. But thank god he picked up my call and immediately I burst out my anger on him. But after one minute I realised other side Sanskar is not saying anything. So in a fear voice I said: Hello

Other side I heard a girl voice who was moaning continuously.

Other side:( in a husky voice a girl was saying) Ya just like that. Humm go harder baby. I want you please stop teasing me.

I irritated to listen her talk . I know the owner of the voice. Its Kavita , Sanskar’s best friend cum PA in his office . I don’t like her. Because everytime she drools over on my Sanskar. But I also don’t want to break their relations . So I keep quite. But still I don’t know how Sanskar ‘s phone reached near her. When I went to end the call I listened a name from her mouth.

Kavita: Sa…n..ska….r. Just love me like that baby. I love you.

Swara: I know she is knowingly do this drama for which our relation will break. But she doesn’t know I believe my Sanskar more than anything. When again I went to end it this time I listened a man voice. ( now Sanskar couldn’t read clearly because some words have missed by her tear drops which has fallen when she written it. ) Ya a man voice which voice is very close to my heart.

Sanskar: Sweet heart today i can’t stop myself. Today I want you. I want to fulfil my desires which feelings I am carrying from the very first day when you joined in my office . So don’t stop me to give you pleasure.

Swara: My Sanskar has cheated me. Immediately i cut the phone and thrown it at a corner. I sat on bed quietly but i was hearing her moaning sound till now. So i kept my hands on my ears. Now i can’t face or stay with a cheater. So this night only I came back to Gododia house.

( so now flash back is end to take at Swara’s pov. And all of you know what happened afterwards on their lifes)


Sanskar turned next page but it was blank.Sanskar is having tears on his eyes. He was not understanding how her jaan could think like that. How could she imagine, he can keep relationship with other girls without her.

Sanskar ‘s monologue: I don’t believe my jaan don’t trust me. How could she believe that I has became intimate with Kavita? And where did kavita come in between us? I remember this night I was hell tired for my continuous workloads. So kavita gave me a tablet to less my stress. But after took it I feely dizzy and slept there. Next day when I opened my eyes I was present in my office. But when I returned back to home I didn’t find her in my room. She left me. And after one week she send me divorce paper. If she was thinking, I am cheating her then she must be waited for me and talk with me. But no she left me. And Roma , why did she tell her lie? I will be mad if I won’t solve it.

Immediately he grabbed his phone from table and called Roma

Sanskar: Roma you have remembered , in Mehta project when for a night I slept in my office.

Roma: Yes sir I have remembered . Because next day after my reach you went to home.

Sanskar: Good . Then you must be remembered this night Swara called you to ask about me

Roma: Yes sir , mam called me. And I …

Sanskar:( cut her in middle) and you told her I left from office before 10 minutes . ( angrily) right

Oma: Yes sir. But kavita mam told me to say like this . I have no fault sir.

Sanskar: Kavita told you !!

Roma: Yes sir. She told me you are very tired so she has given a stress free medicine for which now you are sleeping. And after sometime you will wake up and go to your home. So i won’t disturb you. If anyone ask about you then I will tell you have leaved office from before 10 minutes. So when Swara mam called me I just told same thing which told me Kavita mam

Sanskar:( shouted on her) how did you tell her lie? You don’t know she is my wife She has the rights to know a single detail about me. You are fired from your job. Don’t show me your face again. ( when going to cut the call)

Roma: ( in a crying voice) I am sorry sir. But the fault is not only mine. I wasn’t wanting to tell lie to Swara mam but for kavita mam I just told it. But I promise you sir I never repeat this type of mistake. Please give me one last chance

Sanskar:( in a stern voice) ok. For the last time I am giving you a chance but if again I listen anything like this then this would be your last day in Maheswari office . Got it.

Roma: Thank you, sir. I never repeat my mistake.

Sanskar cut the call and thrown the mobile on bed. After sometime he again pick up the diary and turned the pages but he didn’t get anything further. When he is going to close it he saw something has written on the last side of the diary.

Last page

Now I am staying in MM from last 6 months. Now our relation is like before. Now I don’t want to remember my past which Is giving pain to our both families. And also I know that Sanskar is innocent. You must be wondered, how did i get to know about it. Then it is not me it is Sahil who searched the matter and find out the truth. Sahil is my best friend from my childhood. He has stood every time beside me. After I stayed here he searched this incident from his sources. And he got to know that day Sanskar slept on his office by taking sleeping pill. I never know about it if Sahil doesn’t tell me the truth. Now I am ashamed not to trust my Sanskar. But I was also helpless on the hand of situation. I don’t know when Sanskar will know about it how will he react it? But I don’t want to hide it more. So after delivery I will tell him everything and to beg him for a sorry. I know after listen it he must be angry on me . But I know he will forgive me. Because I am her jaan . So how can he angry on me for a long time? So my dear diary give me best wishes for which I can impress him .❤❤❤❤❤

And the diary was became end.

Sanskar kept it on bed and closed his eyes for a minute where he was recollecting the matter . Till now he couldn’t understand how this day Swara heard his voice from mobile when he was sleeping and Kavita where did she come between us? Everytime unknowingly why Kavita is coming between us? I will clear all the mess and only one person can give my all answers. He stood up from bed and grabbed his car keys from side table and moved towards kavita’s home where our chipkali was celebrating her win to unknown the fact today all her dreams will be broken by Sanskar

When sanskar reached on her entrance kavita was dancing madly where she hold a wine glass on her hand and was telling her misdeeds proudly. How did she separate our love birds swasan?

Kavita: Today I am very much happy. Oh god! Finally I thrown out Swara from my life. ( stupid girl don’t know that our Swara and her baby are now fit and fine, bechari!! )Now I don’t believe, Sanskar is only mine . How much did I wait for this day? Finally it came. But I am feeling sorry for you Swara. I am praying to god to give piece to your soul. But you also didn’t have any option near me. How many times I tried to throw out you from Sanskar ‘s life but you stupid girl everytime came back to his life. That night also I made a perfect plan to separate both of you. That night I knowingly gave to Sanskar that sleeping pills for which Sanskar will spend his whole night in office. And then I told to Roma to inform everyone that Sanskar leaved office. If in future anyone get the truth then Roma will come in suspect not me. And the voice it is mine which changed to Sanskar voice by software based voice changers. First I recorded my voice , then transferred it to Sanskar ‘s voice by computer. ( laughing loudly) and you thought that your Sanskar has cheated you. Everything was going well but that stupid judge shattered my plan. But never mind now with your death I will be completed my dream. So from today Sanskar is mine, only mine.( again laughing like a mad without knowing the fact this time also her dreams are going to be shattered again)

Other side in hospital after 4 hours

Swara gained back her sense . Her whole family surrounded beside her bed. But now her eyes are searching only one person. But he isn’t present here which sad her more.

A.P was watching her every expression. She knows that now she wants to Sanskar ‘s presence more than from others. She moved towards her bed and said: Swara beta now how are you feeling?

Swara: Fine maa. But maa my baby ( when touched her belly)

A.P: ( with a smile said ) she is fine. Now you don’t take any stress and take rest. ( whole time she was caressing her hairs lovingly). And Sanskar will come to see you after sometime and kissed her forehead and everyone leaved the room

Swara’s monologue: Today I want him at beside me. But when I opened my eyes he wasn’t present beside me. May be he attend his meeting for which he spent his whole one month. He also same like dad who has no time for me.( she loves him, trust him also but her insecurities are never leave her. But she doesn’t know our hero , how much worried to see her in that condition )

In Sanskar side

To listen Kavita ‘s crime he clenched his fist tightly. When he entered inside the home to confront Kavita at this time his phone vibrate due to silent. When he saw call rid he came outside and picked the phone

Sanskar: Hello

A.P: Where are you Sanskar?

Sanskar: I have on the way

A.P: Come immediately to hospital. Swara gained her sense. And now she needs you .

Sanskar: I am coming.

Without a single thought he moved to hospital. When he entered in Swara’s chamber, he saw Swara has slept again with the effect of medicines. He went towards her within a second he hugged her tightly and crying silently to think her situation where she has suffered for him only. When Swara feel some wetness on her neck she opened her eyes but her surprise Sanskar was crying to hugging her . She never see him like this. ( now their position is where Sanskar has hugged her and his head lied on her left neck above her heart). When Sanskar feel some movement from Swara he parted from hugs and looked at her .

Sanskar: ( While crying) how could you think that I can love someone else without you. How could you think that I cheated you( now Swara understood Sanskar has known everything about this night. A guilt took on her heart )

Swara:( in a guilt voice) I am so……

Sanskar: ( cut her in middle) not today. You don’t say anything today. Just listen me. This is my love for which you don’t believe me. I know the situation was showing like this for which you compulsory to feel like that. But this is your trust on me.( swara closed her eyes but Sanskar said in a demanding voice) don’t close your eyes. Look at me( Swara followed his order and opened her eyes to see him) when both eyes met their eyes were showing something else which only understand by them( and obviously by me ?) where one side Swara ‘s eyes were showing guilt another side Sanskar ‘s eyes were showing his pain.

Sanskar: For once you didn’t think we can solve this matter by talk. But no you leave me. You know how much I was worried about you. When I known you have stayed in your home. How many times I was tried to contact with you but you never reply me. And after that you sent divorce papers. How could you Swara? How could you? ( now his voice chocked by continuous crying) you very well know that I can’t live without you . But you leaved me and hugged her again. Don’t want to lose her again from his life where Swara was crying because for her only now his condition is like this) you never ever understand my feelings Swara. Everytime you have hurt me by your act. This time I won’t forgive you so easily. You will get punishment for which you never repeat these things again .

Swara: I am ready Sanskar for your punishment.

Sanskar: ( parted from hug and said) your punishment is , don’t leave me again. Please stay with me in my whole life, please old with me ( sanskar joined his forehead on her forehead) but don’t leave me. I can’t live without you. I will di..

Swara kissed him in middle his words. She doesn’t want to listen this rubbish things . So she just kissed her to smooth his pain where Sanskar surprised by her act but he didn’t respond her kiss. After some minutes when he became calm he kissed her back with equal fashion. After sometime they broke their kiss.

Swara: ( in choking voice) I am sorry. But don’t say like this. I can’t live without you. I promise I never ever leave you again. For the last time forgive your jaan( where she was holding her ears)

Sanskar:( freed her hands) I can’t never angry on you. You both are my life ( he kissed her forehead and belly) don’t leave me again and hugged her tightly. I love you jaan

Swara: I love you mo…ahhhhh( screamed to hold her belly)

Sanskar immediately stood up and said worriedly: What happen jaan? You are having pain in your belly. Wait a minute i am calling docor.

When Sanskar moved to leave Swara hold his hand and placed it on her belly. First Sanskar didn’t understand anything but after sometime his face glowing like a bulb. First time his baby has responded his touch . First time she has kicked inside from the belly. First time they both feel her presence. As a parents its a blissful moment for them. Now both are happy. Sanskar bend down his face near her belly and again kissed it.

Sanskar: I love you my little princess. Papa love you both. Please come quickly, papa has waited for you and again kissed it.

where Swara was just watching his love for his baby . When Sanskar moved towards her face and going to kiss her lips a nurse entered in the chamber. So their blissful moment broke by nurse.( everyone is villain of our swasan romance )

Nurse: Mr Maheswari, doctor is calling you.

Sanskar: You tell him, I am coming

Then nurse leaved from the room where Swara is now worry. Why doctor called Sanskar. To see her think something deeply, he shakes her

Sanskar: Don’t worry. Nothing happen with you and my little princess. So now you take rest . I am coming.( swara just nodded her head where Sanskar kissed her forehead and belly before leave the room)

Doctor ‘s chamber

Sanskar said when entering the room: You called me doctor

Doctor: Yes Mr Maheswari. First take a sit

Sanskar 🙁 while sitting on chair said) everything is fine na doctor

Doctor: Yes Mr Maheswari everything is fine now but

Sanskar: But! What doctor?

Doctor: I don’t want to give you any false hope. For this accident Mrs Maheswari has lost so much blood. So now she is very weak. Now a single stress is danger for her and her baby. It will create complicate on her pregnancy

Sanskar: So! Now what should I do?

Doctor: Nothing just keep away her from stress. Give your time, love and care till her pregnancy. Then everything will be fine

Sanskar: Thanks doctor, you don’t worry. I will take care of my Swara

Then both shake their hands and Sanskar leaved the room.

Outside doctor ‘s chamber Sanskar bring out his phone from his pant pocket and called someone

Sanskar: Hello

Other side(o.s): Hello

Sanskar: I know we don’t like each other. But it is the matter of Swara’s safety . So for this only I want to trust you. So will you help me ?

o.s: Ok

Sanskar: So the plan is **************** ( mute, which I will disclose later) ok thanks . And cut the call.

Sanskar ‘s monologue: Kavita, I don’t spare you. You will get punishment for every single tears which has flowed from my jaan’s eyes. Now be ready to meet real Mr Sanskar Maheswari who doesn’t forgive his enemy so easily( gave a smirk)


Precap: May be last part

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