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Hi everyone now story time,
All are having their breakfast. Abhi called pragya to come with him as he need his file and some other things and he need to go for office as there is a meeting. Pragya say you go and get ready as your dresses is pressed and kept beside the table near the bed and I will come with in minutes. Abhi went to get ready after serving food for all pragya took one empty plate and take food for one person and went to their room. Abhi says how long you will take to come before he finishes is sentences she place one spoon of food in his mouth.

ABHI: What are you doing?
PRAGYA: I am feeding you food.
ABHI: Is this important now I said that I need to attend meeting so I must go for office but you are feeding me food.
PRAGYA: I know that and I also know that after getting ready you will skip your breakfast. So I don’t want you to skip your breakfast as it is not good. Now can’t say anything and finishes his breakfast.
ABHI: Give me my wallet, kerchief and important thing is take the file which I asked you keep in self before party.
Pragya gives him what he asked and come down to have her breakfast. After few minutes abhi came down and ask everyone to start packing their stuffs and take everything and don’t forget anything.
ABHI: Dadi call Mohan mama ask him to do every arrangements and say him we will there by tomorrow evening or day after tomorrow. Saying this he waved bye and kissed prabhit and left. Pragya thinks he forgets me no need to kiss as everyone are her but he can say bye na, thinking this she got up took the plates and went towards kitchen on her way suddenly abhi comes there drags her one side and kiss her cheeks and says bye and went all this happens as a fast storm and she could not recognises what happen and stand there as a statue.

Abhi finishes all his works and came back to home and he know that pragya will be in kitchen this time and went directly there but he didn’t find there.
ABHI: Bulbul where is your di?
BULBUL: May be in room from morning after you want she want to room but till now she didn’t come back and I to didn’t disturb her thinking she might be in some work.
ABHI: Ok, he leaves and goes to room there he found the room was closed and he opened it as it was not locked inside and gets in. he saw both of them are sleeping and without disturbing them he went to change his cloths. He went near the wardrobe and opens it he sees that pragya was arranging it and packing the dresses and it is fully messed from that he took a t-shirt and a shorts and went for changing. After changing he calls raj, akash, purab and vinai to his music room.

RAJ: Tell me abhi is anything important.
ABHI: No bhai I called you all for talking simply only. Do you remember our days in that village?
RAJ: Yes abhi but are you still worried of that accident.
ABHI: Remains silent for some time and says it has happened and it can’t be changed now and apart from that they are many good memories we have in it so we can take that alone and left remaining.
AKASH, PURAB: Bhai we still remember the festival days and fun of those days.
VINAI: Sorry guys I am not getting what you all are talking about.
RAJ: While returning from there only an accident took place and missed our grand pa and abhi’s parents in that accident only.
ABHI: It’s ok and that’s apart we are leaving by tomorrow morning and bus will be here by around 11:00 am.
VINAI: Before that can you guys say something about your village as I was eager to know about it.
ABHI: After my parent’s marriage only dadi and grand pa come out of that place and shift themselves to the city after that yearly once or twice we will visit there as there will be festival which will take place for a week at time all the family members will be together.

Screen freeze there…. Guys I know that today’s episode is not nice but there is no other way to go I want all your permission to start with is because the village which I am mention here my own village and the festival the yearly once visit and being with all family members and the enjoyment is totally my experience which I am facing from my childhood and yes my grandparents shifted to city with my parents after their marriage but the characters and that accident is imaginary this is the really experience not experience but the real life of mine is coming and I will also mention where there is a imagination of mine and I am from Tamilnadu. My native is in Vellore district a village named Velangadu. And guys let me know what you are think and your permission also for continuing this part if you are not ok with it I will change the track please leave your comment and let me know until that


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