Made for each other..(Part-1) #IMMJ2

“Bhai,please don’t do this.Please show mercy on me.I am your cute,little sister.Please.”
“Yes Vansh,give her one last chance.Forget what she did and leave her.After all she is our younger sister.”
“No Vansh,focus,don’t forget,relations should not come in between.Did she think about you before doing that yesterday.Go ahead,your big bro is with you.”
“Guys stop it and Shonu di, i am sorry.I always do what you say,but after what she did to me yesterday,I’m also not going to step back.Sorry.”
“Bhai,please don’t….”
But before she could complete,Vansh threw her playing piece by striking with his piece.(Yes,they were playing ludo).
“Bhai I hate you”..”I was so close.”Saying this she she started to leave for her room.
“Pranati,listen to”Before Ishani could speak,Pranati angrily left from there.
“Dhruv bhai,now you only go and make her mood better.When she is angry,no one can control her better than you.”
“Ya going and Vansh you come with me”.Saying this they left for Pranati’s room.

“Chunky,get up.”
“Bhai it’s Riddhima and just two more minutes,please.”(still in sleep)
“From past half an hour you are saying the same thing.Get up my sleeping beauty.”
“Bhai please go now and when you’ll come,I’ll surely wake up.Now please go naa”
“You’re getting late for your evening practise and it will be third time this week.”
“Fine,getting up.You never let me sleep peacefully.You are so bad”
“Ok,if you are done praising me,then go and freshen up and then go for your practise before your coach gives a call to mom.”
“Bhai,what is the day today?”(in a irritated tone)
“Umm,it’s sunday.But why?”
“Because I don’t have evening classes on sunday.And because you again forgot,you woke me up and spoiled my beautiful dream.I was going to….”
“You were going to”(cutting her in between)
“Ah,never mind”
“Chirag,if she has waken up,then you both come down and have your snacks.”
“Coming mom.”Saying this they went down to have their snacks.

So guys,this is it for today.Now let me introduce you all to the characters.
1)Dhruv Raisinghania-Eldest child of Abhay Raisinghania and Sumitra Raisinghania.At present,is 19 years old.
2)Ishani Raisinghania-Younger sister of Dhruv and elder sister of Vansh and Pranati.
At present,is 16 years old.
3)Vansh Raisinghania-Younger brother of Dhruv and Ishani,elder brother of Pranati.At present,is 13 years old.
4)Pranati Raisinghania-Youngest of all Raisinghania siblings.At present,is 8 years old.
5)Chirag Bansal-Elder brother of Riddhima.At present is 17 years old.
6)Riddhima Bansal-At present is 12 years old.Lives with her mother and brother.
7)Aakruti Bansal-Mother of Chirag and Riddhima.

Guys I know character’s intro had to be given at starting but I thought to give it at last.And please be ready because in the next episode we’ll be taking a leap of 10 years.

  1. Rianshfan

    Awesome dear …I suggest you that in end of dialogues you shall write who has spoken that …By d way gr8

    1. Thank you๐Ÿ˜Š..I will definitely take care of it..

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    Amazing! Post the next one so! Donโ€™t follow my example ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฃ!

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    Nice one dear

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  6. The names are Little bit of confusing but it’s nice and funny when her brother calls ridhu as sleeping beauty

    1. I’m sorry for that.But I hope as the story will proceed,you all will be used to it.And Thank you for your support๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. Little confusing but best of luck….want to see the 10 years leap

    1. I’ll try to make it more clear.Thank you๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. Great ff

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