Maan bhi jaao naa…(Gaurika OS by shreyanvi)

Hello frndz..hws u all??..This is shreyanvi(saku ishqie)…i hope u all remember me…as I told I will try to post OS..nd finally today I got time so I thought to write it…so here I m wd my very first OS…i hope u will like it nd will support me as u supported my ff….fingers crossed???
My English isn’t dat gud …so plzz forgive me for grammatical errors….
Story continues after mahasangam episodes…
All the characters r same as in story….so lets get into story ….happy reading.. .

Gauri packing her bags nd weeping her tears.. .
Gauri’s POV
Hey shankarji….yeh kaisi duvidha main daal diya apni iss chiraiyaa ko..?? ?..bas ab meri itni bhi pariksha mat lo…kuch samjh nahi aara kise chuney .. .ek taraf omkaraji h jo meri shakal tak dekhna nahi chahte .. .. .aur dusri taraf pura parivar h jo mujhe apne aanko se dur Nahi hone dena chahte…ab aap hi batao main kya karu??..kyun mujhe omkaraji aur unke parivar k khushi main se ek ko chunna h..kyun??…agar yeh hi aapki marzi h toh main omkaraji ki khushi Chunti hoon..
[Hey shankarji…y r u testing me again nd again???…i m not getting wht should I do .??…on one hand there is omkaraji…who don’t even want to see my face nd hates me to core….nd on other hand is whole family members who luv me to wants me to leave nd rest wants me to stay.. .why r u making me to choose between happiness of omkaraji nd their family..???..but I will choose omkaraji’s happiness nd will go frm his life forever…] While thinking tears where rolling through her eyes..she was completely shattered…her thought were breaked by sudden jerked…she looked nd it was omkara..

Om:-if u r done wd this drama of crying nd all..then u may leave (he shouted)
Gauri:-no omkaraji….i m not doing any drama.. infact I was leaving only…(cut by om)
Om:- oh please…u can’t fool me by ur fake innocence..i knw u very well…
Gauri:-no u not…tries to speak but
Om:-shut up..nd just get lost…
Gauri wd heavy heart nd lot of water in her eyes left room..looking at om…while om looked other side.. .

In hall..
All the members were present their…
Gauri came down wd her luggage…
Janvi:-Gauri.. no beta….plz don’t go..plzz
Gauri:-holding her hand…sorry maaji…i hv. to go…humara saath bas yahi tak tha…nd she hugged her..
Rudy:-bhabhi…plz don’t say such Things plz don’t go…
Gauri just smiled at him nd started leaving…suddenly she heard scream “MOM”…
Yes it was on nd rudra…nd janvi was on floor holding her chest.. .everyone rushed to her..
Om:-mom…mommmm…plz get up..nd hugged her…call doctor …
Shi;-don’t worry om…i informed doc..he on his way.. .take badi maa to her room..
Om lifted her to her room nd laid her on bed…gauri was rubbing her legs whereas anika nd rudra were rubbing either of her hands.. .om was caressing her hairs nd crying…
Om:-nothing will happen to u mom..nothing will happen..

Shivaye consoled him nd hugs him tightly..
AniRiRu where also crying badly….
Meanwhile doc came he asked everyone to stay outside…he checked her..
Doc:-who is gauri here??..
Gauri:-I m.. wht happened??
Doc:-patient is continuously murmuring ur name.. plz stay wd her…
Gauri:-ok.. rushed inside…

Shi:-doc…is everything all r8?? Wht happened to badi maa…
doc:- Mr. Shivaye..she had minor heart attack…
Om:- what???..everything is fine naa doc??.
Doc:-yaa she is out off danger now but u will hv to b carefull nd take care dat she shuld not take any stress.. nd let dat girl Gauri b wd her…
Om:-can we meet her??..
Doc:-of course u can…

Rudy:-takes doc bag …i will drop u sir..

OmShi goes inside…om looks towards Gauri nd thinks abt doctors words…
Shi:-I knw u don’t like her but..plz try nd understsnd situation..
Om:-don’t worry shivaye…i can give my life for my mom..then it’s not big deal handle such cheap girl..(lookin towards gauri)…for sake of my mom..i will bear her for few days more..untill mom gets perfectly fine…
Gauri looks on wd teary eyes hearing omkara’s statement…the word “CHEAP GIRL” where echoing in her ears…

After sometime janvi gains consciousness nd finds in nd Gauri sitting beside her holding either of her hands.. janvi:-om..gauri..
Janvi tries to sit but gaurika stops her..while holding janvi their hands touched both looked towards each other nd had emotional eyelock…saathiya plays in BG
Janvi’s scream brought them to senses…
Om:-wht what happened mom…r u ok??
Janvi:-has.. just lil pain..
Gauri:-maaji..u take rest..i will bring soup for u..
Omkara glared at her..nd was abt to shout..but suddenly remembered doctors words nd kept quiet..
Gauri leaves for kitchen..nd omkara to follows her..

In kitchen..
Om:-whts all this??..
Gauri:-wht I did now..??..
Om:-oh plz..stop this drama…i can take care of my need to do dis to gain sympathy..
Gauri: – enough….this is not right time to fight…now maaji’s health is more let me do my work.. nd u do urs(she shouted)
Om was shocked seeing her in dabang avtar..nd left place wdout messing wd her…

Days passed…gauri was taking care of janvi like anything…she use to stay wake whole night nd use to give her massage…janvi’s health was recovering…omkara was amused seeing this side of Gauri.. .but his misunderstandings was not allowing him to trust her…still he use to think she is doing all this just for his money…
Few more days passed..janvi recovered also told that she is perfectly fine now..
All members got happy…ng hugged janvi..while everyome was njoying wd janvi.. Gauri left dat place…om saw her leaving nd followed her…

OmRi’s room..
Gauri was packing her clothes in bags while taking clothes frm cupboard bundles of 2000 rupee notes came along wd her clothes….as soon as she noticed it she tried to keep it back…..but someone held her hand firmly…it was none other than om..
Om:-claps…oh so I was very r8…u where just behind my money….name ..fame nd Mrs oberoi title.
Gauri:-no..its isn’t like me..
Om:-trust u…my foot..i knw ur type of gals very well..
Gauri:- why do u my type of gals??? today u tell me wht I hv done..??(shouted angrily)

Om:-stop…pretending like abla naari… .I know wht kind of girl u r…
Gauri:-oh.. Really?? u think…..U knw everything abt me tell me..i also want to listen…
Om:-fine..u want to listen..they listen…
U r a cheap…selfcentred..greedy nd characterless girl…who can do anything for money…bcz of u janvi thakurain committed suicide….u agreed to marry a person who is elder than u just for sake of money…this wasn’t enough then u ran frm wedding…then came to OM as chulbul..nd played wd my emotions…u r cha racterless girl u r not less than swethlana.. ..

Soon as he completed his talk one tight slap hitted his cheek…it was Gauri.. ..
Gauri:- ENOUGH (shouted till top of her voice) enough is enough…not a word more abt my character…wht do u think of urself??…r u antaryaami??? knw things by ur own….??…u meet me in Bariley right from their u made opinion abt me nd frm dat time u r just relating everything according to ur point of view regarding my image…..hv u ever tried to ask me y I agreed to marry him ??? u hvnt…did u bother y I ran frm their???no..not at all??…ever u thought after so many insults also y I care for u??no u didn’t.. ….u think u knw everything naa…today I will break it this overconfidence….
Om shocked by sudden change in her attitude..wht do u mean??

Gauri:-yes..u think u knw truth naa…i will tell u truth today …..
She told him hw kaali threatened her to kill her mother..nd she agreed…hw she meet swethlana..y she became chulbul…y she again agreed to marry kaali..everything…..wht do u think..y I beared all ur insults nd harsh words.. cz I was intrested interested in ur money..??.huh not at all Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi..i beared all it pain cz I was interested in u…cz I LOVE U .she holds him tightly….
Om just looked towards her…with his eyes filled wd guilt..

Gauri:- I beared everything…u called me money oriented..i kept quiet..u called cheap girl i still heard everything…u constantly pointed my character…but enough is enough MR.OBEROI…today u crossed limits by comparing me wd swethlana….today my patience.
My hope love for u nd the respect which was for u in my eyes dat too is lost…..everything is lost…u always asked me to leave this house naa….but today I m leaving this house…nd I promise..u will not hv to see my face again in ur life.. ..yeh GAURI KUMARI SHARMA ka vaada h…..

(She took all her stuff nd started soon as she turned she was shocked as all other members were witnessing their fight..which came their hearing om shouting on gauri)
She looked towards everyone nd left from their.. .everyone wanted to stop her..but none of the member had courage after learning omkara’s accusation on her character….

On the other hand…omkara was standing numb..he was broken frm inside…
Janvi:-I just can’t believe this om…hw can u keep such negative opinion abt any girl??…u r not my om..u r someone else..
Nd she left…others also followed her…

Shi:-om…(no response ) (no response) (this time lil louder…
Om got to his senses he breaks down nd started cursing himself…

Shivaye hugs him nd was abt to say something..but anika signs him.not now nd asks him to come along.. .let him be alone for sometime…shivaye reluctantly agrees…
Om’s POV
I m sorry gauri…i m really very sorry…..u r right it’s all my mistake.. ..i shuld hv tried to find out other side story….i m sorry.. .I hv hurted dat person..who loved me wdout any expectation….
He remembers….hw he pushed out of his room…hw many times he called her “TUMHARI JAISI LADKI”..hw he asked her to get out….Gauri’s words Ewhere revolving in his ears…specially I LOVE U….

Kho gaya….ghum ho gaya..
Waqt se churaya tha jo.
Apna banaya tha
Jooo tera..Woo mera..
saath nibhaya tha jo..
Apna banaya tha…
Chadriya jini re jini..
Chadriya jini re jini…
Ankhe bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni..
Yaadein jeeni re jini re jini..
Chadriya jini re jini
Chadriya jini re jini re jini
Ankhe bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jeeni re jini..

Gauri is on bus stop….
Gauri’s POV
Omkara ji..i m sorry.. .I didn’t wanted to slap u nd tell those hard words..but I didn’t left any choice in front of me…i m sorry.. .I m sorry.. .
She also remembers their kitchen romace.. (fake hi sahi pr romance toh tha naa??) room moments…freezer incident.. .their marriage..
Aisa bhi kya milna
Saath hoke tanha
Aisi kyun saza humne h paayi
Saajhna ve…
Phirse mujhe h jina…tujh or h karna.. aisi kyun saza humne h paani ranjhnaave…….r
Phirse dil be di h yeh duhaai…
Screen shifts to omkara’s room…
He remebets Gauri promising him dat she will not show her face to him..
Gair sa hua khudse main..
Naa koi mera..
Dard se karle chal yaari.

Dil yeh keh raha..
Khuloon jo baahe..
Toh ghum yeh simat rahe h..
Aankho k aage..
Yeh lamhe kyun dikh rahe h..
Jaane kaise koi sehta judaayiaa..
Chadriya jini re jini re jini
Chadriya jini re jini re jini..
Aanke bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni..
Yaadein jeeni re jini re jini re jini…
(Judaai frm badlapur plays in BG)…

Shivika enters om’s room..
Shiv:-om..r u ok??..
Om:-ok..ok kaise hoga Main??..
Shiv:-om did u remember .. when I forcefully married anika.. .day time it was u..who digged truth..u went against me for anikas self respect…then..y didn’t u tried to understand gauris pov???

Om:-I don’t knw shivaye…i don’t knw…when I meet her circumstances where such dat I couldn’t believe her…nd when she told chulbul hi woh h…dat time I was broken..i felt like cheated…nd then held her responsible for everything…..i don’t knw y I was so much angry on her…even when riddhima cheated nd we did break up I wasn’t dat hurt nd affected by her absense in my life…but now when Gauri isn’t here..i m feeling like I m incomplete..dont knw y??
Ani:-cz u luv her..look om..we get angry only on those people whom we love the most…till today u weren’t able to feel such cz u hv made wall around urself…nd I couldn’t see happiness was waiting for u…but when she left..u r realising it..
Om:- Really??..bhabhi..i m in love..i m in love bhabhi..

(He rolls her )..
Shivija:-ok ok.. .but go stop her otherwise…u will keep roaming like dil jala romeo..
Om:-lil vanished frm his face…hw will I face her..she didn’t even want to see my face..dont u remember her wadaa.. still didn’t understand her.. she truly loves u …go get my devrani back…gooo..
Om:-lil confident…as I say so…
Gauri sits in barely bus. Nd leaves…
Gauri:- y my heart is beating if omkaraji is coming to me….ohhho stop thinking any that person..everything ended Gauri.. he never loved u..nd I don’t love him anymore…
Her thoughts were break when bus suddenly stopped wd jerk..
Driver:- r u mad…marne ka bahot shok h kya tujhe??…
Passenger’s arre man is standing in front of bus taking knife in his hand…
Gauri:-what?? ? he mad…..

Everyone rush outside to see him…gauri too rush outside..nd was shocked..yaa guys u r right it’s our romeo omkara…
1st passenger:- what happened.??..y r u committing suicide..??
Om:-wht to say bhaisab…meri biwi mujhe chodkar jaa rahi h..(he was doing overacting)..
Gauri turned her face other side..
2nd passenger:- ok…bit y r u committing suicide in front of our bus…
Om:-cz I want my wife to see me dying in front of her eyes..
1st p:- dat means she is in our bus..??.
All started to search bechara ki biwi…(while om was smirking)
2p:-wht is her name??

Now all crowd started shouting Gauri’s name…
Gauri goes inside nd sit their…while drama continues outside…
Om:-see..she is sitting inside..
People come nd drags her outside…
Om:- I m sorry gauri…i knw I m biggest fool in this world…u were correct I m NANDI only…even worst than dat…plz forgive me…i promise I will not do this mistake ever…plz come as me..
Gauri:-by wht right shuld I come back…i m cheap..etc etc..wont u hv any problem??
Om:- I m sorry ..i knw u luv me..
Gauri:-ahemmm I use to luv u mr.omkara..not any more..

Om:-hw could u say so??..i knw u still luv me..come as me or else..
Gauri:-or else wht..??
Om:-or else ….i will cut my vein..
Gauri:-ok..go ahead..nd leaves from their..
People shouts..noooooo..wht he did..
Gauri shocked..nd turns back nd sees om really cutted his vein nd was lying down..blood was flowing out..
Gauri rush to him…take his head in his lap…plzz someone call doctor..
Om:-no..noone will call doc..unless she agrees to come back wd me..nd says dat she loves me..nd forgive me nothing is gonna happen like dat..
Om continues his drama..look at this pathar dil aurat..she isn’t ready yet..say fast I m dying..
Gauri covers his lips nodding not to say such..
Gauri:-ok..i forgive u…i will come along wd u.. nd
Om:-nd…(provoking her)

Gauri:-nd I LOVE U..fine wd someone call doctor..
Om:- jumps nd starts dancing..nd say perfectly fine.. nd I LOVE U TOO..(actually it wasn’t blood…but was red colour???)
Meanwhile Gauri nd all where giving him deadly glare..soon he realised dat his drama is revealed…
Gauri came..he covered his cheek..remebering last slap..gauri came nd hugged him tightly….
Gauri:- I m sorry….jor se lagi….

Om:-hmm….but it was necessary to bring me on.right path…but I can compensate by giving kiss to me .
Gauri:-blushed…nd kissed him on his cheek…
Dri:-mam r u coming..
Om:-no..she is not coming.. u go..

Dri:-khamkha time waste kiya..
Gaurika look at Driver nd passengers nd burst into laughter…
Om:-Gauri plz mujhe maar kar do.. tab k liye bhi..aur abhi k liye bhi…i m sorry…u were right..i made opinion nd continued tackling u in same way…i hv locked my self nd wasn’t ready to let anyone come inside..i know i made u wait so much..but will u forgibe me..
Gauri:-it’s ok om….but promise me…hereafter u will never point any girls character nd will not do..same mistake again…promise..
Om:-nandi promise..
(Both of them laugh)..
Om:-so Mrs.GAURI KUMARI SHARMA…will u marry this lambe baalwala nandii..
Gauri:-nodding happily…tears where rolling through her cheeks.. .
He hugged her..she also hugged him back.. .
Saathiya plays in BG

Om lifted her nd put her into car..nd left for oberoi mansion…..
Happily ever after.. .the end…

I hope u will like it..plz share ur views….
P.s:- sorry I made Gauri to slap on.. many of u will think its opp gauri’s oscreen character..but truly I thought it’s high time that she should take stand for her self respect..nd also in many os nd ..she forgived him easily do I thought to do some action here…..nd also I thought ki gauri must show her dabbang avtaar to omiee also….dont take me wrng…nd if I agree then plz tell me…thanks for reading..
Lots of luv..
Saku ?

  1. Alekhika20

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    1. Shreyanvi

      I agree dear….even I m omkara’s fan…but nowadays it’s getting too much…he isn’t ready to listen her….but today’s precap gave me some hopes dat our soft Singh Oberoi.. Will b back soon…
      Nd thanks for reading nd sharing it views dii

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    Ek thapad ki zaroorath hai omkara ko.i hope show main bhi gauri apni respect ke liye om ki saath aise behave kare.mera bhi Mann kar Tha hai usko thapd marne ka.aakhir hamari pyaari gauri ko Jo rulatha Hai wo.(sorry OMKARA FANS)???

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    Woah shreyu…..
    Not bad Han..
    Best part and best line was this..

    Shiv:-om did u remember .. when I forcefully married anika.. .day time it was u..who digged truth..u went against me for anikas self respect…then..y didn’t u tried to understand gauris pov???

    Like this was what was going in my head and u portrayed it….everything was to the point….
    Short simple cute…
    And sahi hai boss KJ KE SHADES…..melodramatic…..dramaoverloaded…..pheww….
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      Omg….m u dreaming…????..someone plz pinch me??…dekho you.. kisne comment kiya…..shri Shri Shri Shri busy mata kuhu Sherri devi ne????…..
      Thanks for compliment….nd I m do happy ki sapne yeh padha???..keep supporting..nd yaa I will try to write another os soon…

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