Maahiya – Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi (Part 3)

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Recap: The boys intro with a football game, argument about height, Suraj
tricks everyone and went to eat and nerd vivaan.

It is raining and the girls r at their house.

Imli: Nooooooo!

The girls rush over to imli who was by the window

Swara: What happened Imlu?

Imli: Sanu Di. Look na. It’s raining. How am I gonna get to dance class

Chakor got really excited at hearing that its raining

Ragini: Don’t worry Imlu. Just phone up Aradhya (Imli and Chakor’s best
friend) and tell her to tell the dance instructor that you’ll be late.

Swara: Doll’s right. U do just that and I’ll arrange for a taxi for u.

Chakor olv : what! Its raining! Great!

Chakor runs towards the door to open it

Naina: o madam! Where u going?

Chakor: Chiku! U know na. I love love love rain! So I’m going outside.

Naina: So that u get a fever

Meghna: no need Gudiya. Just stay here.

Chakor: but Di?

Tanuja: No Gudiya. N-O spells NO. Which means?

Chakor: No…….Di.Can’t I just touch the rain droplets from the window?

Thapki: OK baby! Go ahead. But no going outside. Is that clear?

Chakor nodded and went over to the window. As she felt droplets on her
hand, she had the most biggest and sweetest smile on her face.

Chakor olv: Wished I was outside. It would be great……….. No……. No
Chakor. …..Don’t even think about it….Di said No….u heard
her…But….I’m sure…there must be someone out there who loves playing
in the rain just like me.

The scene shifts to the Rajvanshi house dinner table

Suraj: Mummy! The football game was great.

Teju: was it. Even in the rain?

Suraj: of course not cuz of the rain. I only played in this horrible
weather cuz Bhai insisted

Suraj starts eating and the rest of the boys come

Kunal: So thats why u left us?

Lakshya: What did u think, u r the only person who is hungry?

Rishi: Suraj! R u listening?

Karan: Bhai!

Suraj finishes eating

Suraj: Sorry guys but did u say anything?

The boys looked confused

Suraj pulled out his earphones from his ears

Suraj: a dhamaka song was playing on the radio. Just had to listen to it.

The boys got even more angry as they had wasted their time shouting at him
for nothing. They pulled out a chair and sat down to start eating.

It is evening and the Scene shifts to the girls village. A lady comes in
with an umbrella. She is wearing a simple plain sari .the girls turn around
and run up to her.

Naina: Mumma!

The lady is Sharda from swaabhimaan. (She is very important to the girls so
her entry was a bit like Thiers)

Imli: Massi! Ur back. We missed u so much.

Shards gives Imli her fav strawberry ice cream.

Imli: Thanku Massi. U remembered.

Naina: Not fair Mumma. U got didi her fav ice cream but where’s mine?

Sharda: o come on Chiku. Don’t be J!

Sharda gives Naina a choc ice cream

Naina: Thankyou Mumma!

Sharda laughs and then becomes sad. The two little girls don’t notice but
the rest do.

Tanuja: What happened Massi?

Thapki: Is there anything we need to know?

Precap: Massi says what’s worrying her.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. chakor loves rain. The boys part was hilarious . Suraj escaped from scolding.What is bothering shardha

  2. Nice, Chakor was itching to go out in the rain. It was funny how the boys wasted their time yelling at Suraj when he had his earphones on. Can’t wait to find what’s worrying Sharda.

  3. #nairanlover:-)

    Sunny last time I was abit confused but now I will say I loved it.As I was able to understand each and everyword.And also what you are trying to convey.Post asap.Loads of love.Sorry for a quite underestimating or bad type of comment last time.If it hurted you or not but also I am sorry.So sorry again.Post ASAP.

  4. keep it up it’s gud ?

  5. No confusion jst enjoyment nd relaxation.toooooo good sanu my ping pong keep itup n pleeees post soon ok.

  6. Resh

    Sunny.. This was another fantastic episode that all of us enjoyed!.. I had been waiting for this part! Post the next one soon! I want to know what Shardha has to say… What is worrying her?? I’m waiting for the next one. Loads of love to you

  7. Jiya09

    Nice episode! Waiting to know what is worrying sharda!?! Update soon!

  8. Another fantastic one. Loved it. Post soon..

  9. Nice update nd its so interesting to know why massi is worried
    All brothers scold suraj nd suraj is wearing ear funny nd chakor likes to play in rain just like u so much sanu.your beloved doll

  10. Thnx everyone. I’m glad u liked it. About Sharda- u will find out in the next part. Plz continue to shower ur love on me like this. Love u all. ??

  11. ShanayaKhan

    Nice one. Update soon.

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