Luv Kush 29th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Shurpanakha escapes

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Luv Kush 29th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shurpanakha saying I have done everything. Kaki says the asur’s truth has come out, she is behind everything. The asur says we will kill Lav and Kush. She says I will kill all the people of Ayodhya, so that they fall weak and get sorrowful, I will take revenge on Ram’s Praja also, I will be targeting the Praja first, everything happened on my order, the bridge broke down because of me, don’t know how many people become my puppet, I will ruin everything in Ayodhya, whatever is happening here, Ram has started it years ago, Ram is the reason for all this. Lav says no, its wrong, he didn’t start it. Kush says you are the reason for everything that happened in Lanka, we know that you were attracted to Ram and tried to win him, when he refused, you tried to attack Sita because of your hatred and anger. Lav says if you didn’t think of getting a stranger like that. She recalls Ram’s words.

Lav says being a woman, you tried to create a hurdle in other woman’s life, if you didn’t do that, this would have not happened, you didn’t see any ethics and didn’t know the reason, so you lost your nose. Kush says you took this incident on your ego and raised this anger in your heart, you filled this in your brother’s mind, which became a reason for his end, you are the reason for Lanka’s destruction. She says great, you have put all the blame on me, this doesn’t change the reality. Lav says this will become the reason for your end. She says Ram had no reason to refuse to you and snatch my beauty, he had to get punished, Ram will surely get the defeat by my hands, if not by Raavan’s hands, Ram will lose. Lav laughs. Nagarseth and others hide and look on.

She says it seems like you have seen your death in front and lost your mind. Lav says every powerful person makes a mistake being over confident, you think this is your plan, its not your plan, even the battle ground isn’t yours, its a part of our plan, which we planned along with Ram. She asks what, you have done this with Ram. Shatrughan shoots an arrow and cages her. Bharat, Laxman, Hanuman and Ram also come there. They all shoot the arrows and cage her with their powers. Everyone chants Ram’s name.

Ram shoots an arrow to free Lav and Kush from her evil powers. He calls out his brothers. He says we have to secure Ayodhya Praja first, go and save them, I will see these devils. He shoots arrows and kills all the Asurs. Hanuman too fights the Asurs. Bharat asks Kaikeyi and everyone to come with them. The fight goes on. Lav and Kush also use their powers on Shurpanakha. She attacks Kaikeyi and Sumitra and bounds them. They shout to Ram for help. Lav and Kush turn to them and rush. They get their weapons in hand.

They go and help Kaikeyi and Sumitra. Shurpanakha gets free from the caging powers. She says Ram and Sita’s union won’t be possible. She turns into a crow and flies away. Kush asks Kaikeyi is she fine. She nods. Ram asks are you all fine. Sumitra says yes, Lav and Kush saved us. Everyone chants Lav and Kush’s name. Nagarseth, his son and Sahukar look on and run away. Ram says I m sorry, you all have gone through this pain, you all are safe now, I take responsibility of the women’s safety. Ram says the credit for this goes to Lav and Kush, the women are free from unethical rules. Everyone smiles.

Kaushalya says everything is getting fine, Shurpanakha had accepted that she did all this, why is Sita bearing the punishment, get Sita back. Nagarseth’s bahu brings Nagarseth and his son in the Sabha. The woman says we apologize to you and entire family, especially Lav and Kush, I got a chance to say the truth, but I didn’t, it was my life’s mistake, I have come here, I got the men who are responsible for women’s insult in Ayodhya, I hope truth wins this time. Nagarseth apologizes and says that Mayavi devil compelled me, I was in her control, she told me that if I don’t listen to her, then she will hurt me and my family, forgive me please. He says Lav and Kush, you know parents’ worry for the children, forgive me for my crime. Laxman says get back, stay away from them, the consequences won’t be good, you tried to kill them, you are begging to them now, you won’t get mercy. Lav and Kush stop Laxman from punishing Nagarseth. Kush says forgive Nagarseth, spare his life. He asks Ram to forgive Nagarseth.

Everyone punishes Nagarseth. He accepts his crimes. He says truth is there is no one pure like Sita in this world. Lav and Kush hug. The man says we don’t want Sita to return to Ayodhya, she has no place in Ayodhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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