Luv Kush 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Ram shares Sita’s birth tale

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Luv Kush 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram praising his wife Sita. He says Ram and Ramayana are incomplete with Sita, she is the big support for Ram. Luv, Kush and everyone pray. Ram reads Ramayana and tells about Sita. He says whenever pure people like Sita like born, their necessity is born first, such was an incident in Mithila. King Janak and his wife Sunaina were childhood, they loved their Praja a lot and forgot their sorrow, Mithila was very prosperous, drought had struck Mithila. FB shows Janak crying for his Praja’s sorrow, when my father Dasharath got to know about Mithila’s state, he had sent help for Mithila. Child Ram also gives his jewellery along with the items.

Dasharath says Ram knows his duty, give Ram’s necklace to Janak, it will bring good fate for him. Ram says Janak faced troubles

from neighboring King, he looted the necessary things on the way. The King says proceed to Mithila, we have to help Janak in this trouble. Janak faces tough time to handle this Praja fighting for food. The King Sudhanva comes and says I m your neighbor and I m here to help. He gets the needful things. Janak smiles. He thanks Sudhanva for the help in tough times. He says I assure you we will also help you in future. Sudhanva says you have a chance to repay my favor right now, I have protected Mithila, won’t it be right that I get Mithila in my hands. Janak gets angry. Sudhanva says its an alliance, you give Mithila to us. Janak shouts stop, return these thngs, I don’t want this help.

Janak says Mithila is my motherland, I won’t sell it, I don’t want you help. Sudhanva says you are making a big mistake. Janak argues with him. Sudhanva warns him and leaves. Ram says Janak has kept a big yagya for Mithila’s Praja. Kush says its a big coincidence. Ram says Sita and my fate were written, Janak didn’t lose the hope, Yagya has gone for many days. Sunaina says there are no grains to feed Praja. Janak stumbles. He says Indradev didn’t get pleased, what shall I do now. Pandit says you have to become a farmer now, you have to awaken the motherland, you need physical strength for it, it will be good if you eat some food. Sunaina gives him food. Janak takes the food for his Praja. He sees them fallen ill and feeds them. Sudhanva says Mithila’s land has become infertile, its fun to bend the enemy when his belief and hope end, I will not spare Janak. Janak pulls the plough. Sunaina sees his feet bleeding. He falls down. Sunaina comes to him and holds the plough. He says no. She says I want to support you, I m your wife. They together plough the field. The man says Sudhanva is coming here with his army. Janak doesn’t stop. Sudhanva gets his army there. He asks Janak to accept defeat else he will die. Janak doesn’t listen. Janak and Sunaina fall down. The people leave. The lady asks her son to come, else they will lose lives. The boy says Janak didn’t leave us, I won’t leave him, Janak will stand up. Janak gets up. He pulls the plough again. He hears some sound and stops. The plough pulls a hidden box. It starts raining. The people stop and see. Janak and Sunaina get the glowing box out. Sudhanva looks on. Janak and Sunaina open the box. They see a baby girl inside. Pandit says this is Dharti mata’s gift for you, you got a daughter, accept her. Janak takes the girl out of the box

Sita asks Luv and Kush to think of their dad. They say we have seen Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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