Luv Kush 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Luv and Kush pray to Shri Ram

Luv Kush 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Valmiki asking Luv and Kush to ask the men about Ram’s justice. Kush says I won’t talk to these criminals. Sita asks him not to get angry. The man says its fine, let them question us, we have witnessed Ram and his justice. Luv and Kush ask what did Ram do. FB shows… Ram apologizes to the men. The man asks him not to apologize. Ram says every living being deserves love and affection, I think no one has given you love and shown you the right path, I m responsible for your cruelty in heart, I couldn’t give you respect, I m also at fault, I should also get punished, I should also apologize with you. The man says no.

Ram says punishing you or giving you death sentence, your life will end, not crimes, light is required to end darkness, you are punished in such a way that you will protect the jungle now, you will become the animals’ protector now, you got hatred and spread that, I will give you love and belief, you will spread love and belief there. Everyone chants Ram’s name. FB ends. Sita smiles. Luv and Kush look on when everyone in ashram chant Ram’s name. The man says I heard justice kills the sinner, I have seen justice ending the sin. Sita says you have to just protect the jungle now. The men leave.

Valmiki says Shri Ram had sent the feast bhoj for Luv and Kush in ashram, its an insult to refuse King’s gift, come. Luv and Kush recall their decision. Sita looks at them. She asks them to go for bhoj. They refuse. She asks them what are they hiding from her. They doesn’t say. She asks again. Luv says Ram did justice with the men, but what you are thinking isn’t right, I can’t hide truth from you, we wrote Ram on the stone, the stone didn’t float, it sank. She asks why did you hide this. Kush says we didn’t want your belief to get hurt. She asks did you write the name with complete faith. Kush says yes, we wrote that with respect. She says there is much difference between respect and faith, I had told you to write the name with devotion, then stone will float, did you write with faith, I got the answer, if you wrote the name with belief, then stone would float. Kush says we are surprised seeing your belief, we will go for bhoj now. Luv says mum is too innocent. They go. Sita thinks when will the time come when your sons know the power of devotion.

During the cooking, the fire spreads. Dheera is with Luv and Kush. The people shout fire…. Kush says this sound is coming from kitchen area. They run and see the fire. They vacate the place and send all the people out. Valmiki and Sita look on. Valmiki says we have to leave this place, the fire is spreading by wind. Luv says don’t worry, none will get harmed. The people run across the wooden bridge. The bridge breaks down. Sita worries and helps the people by giving a tree branch. Kush says we got surrounded by the fire. Luv says we have to make a wooden boat and cross the river. Sita looks on. They make a wooden boat. They throw it in the river and see it going away. They think what to do, the fire is spreading a lot. They get an idea. Kush says there is one way. Luv says path of devotion. They get a big boulder and write Shri Ram on it after praying. Sita and Valmiki smile. Luv and Kush drop the big boulder in the river and pray to Ram. Ram stops and smiles. The boulder floats and comes up. Luv and Kush smile. Sita happily cries.

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