Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 9 (Lost in his eyes)

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I was shocked to see him in front of me. I don’t know who is he but he looks exactly like me. His eyes are hollow holes I am sure If I try to touch it I can put my pointing finger deep down. He had a wicked smile plastered on his face. He was wearing the same dress as me. I wasn’t able to speak if I open my mouth that gel like substance will get inside my mouth. I should definitely tell you about the place I am in now. I think I am right behind the lens of Purab’s eyes, To be exact inside vitreous humour of his eyes. I was fully covered by a gel like substance it tasted like sugar and salt mixed together. There were veins and veins and veins I can practically see them everywhere I felt so small inside his eyes. So I thought to myself, ‘ Who are you?’ That thing replied, ‘ I am you.’ It dint even move its lips, How can he or that thing speak without moving his lips? And how can he know that I wanted to ask him who he was? I tried to touch him I was shocked I was able to touch him. He is standing there in front of me in his solid form. He is definitely not my imagination. Could it be Abhi’s trick? But he is real damn real. Abhi laughed at my plight and said, “My dear friend don’t injure your brain thinking too much about him. He is your replica, I created him. Someone has to replace you in your absence right?” Even Abhi dint move his lips yet I could hear him. Is he mind speaking to me? How is this ever possible? I know he is dead but does people acquire power after he or she dies? I was completely lost in my thoughts when I felt something slippery moving on my legs and hands and the next moment I was fully covered by it. Only my senses were left open. I wanted to move, run away or wake up from this nightmare. And I thought what Tanu said about her nightmare. I wish, I really wish that this was just a nightmare. Abhi and my replica or clone or whatever it is were speaking something. I heard them laugh. Abhi came towards me with great difficulty and said, “ He doesn’t resemble you physically alone. He knows your deepest secret, desires, fears. And he told me about your fear, really ‘Dora phobia’ Ha ha ha ha ha… Really Nikhil? I am reminded of ‘Dora the explorer’” He started to sing that song Dora Dora. I was about to say something when he said, “ Just shut up and stay still if you move Purab will face difficulties because you are inside his eyes so just shut up ok?”

Both Abhi and my clone or evil clone disappeared from there. I dint dare to do anything not because Abhi would torture me but because of Aaliya. What will I tell her? She told me to take care of Purab and I let Abhi possess Purab she is going to bury me alive I am positive about that. That’s when I saw Bulbul through Purab’s eyes what is she doing here? I was able to hear their conversation clearly and now Purab was about to kiss her I can see the lights go out in his eyes as he slowly closes his eyes for a passionte kiss. They suddenly sprung open I was able to hear Aaliya now and Bulbul hid inside the room. Purab pleaded her to go and there she goes I moved a little feeling uncomfortable I felt Purab rubbing his eyes and cursing Abhi. That’s when I knew both Purab and Abhi are working together. I just wanted to sleep I felt so tiered and the same time I had a fear that if I close my eyes will I get the same type of dreams Tanu had? With every flutter of Purab’s eyes it was like switching off and on the switch of a light , Darkness and light came in alternate times. I was able to feel his difficulty may be because I was inside him. I just closed my eyes and prayed nothing bad happened.

After a while…

I opened my eyes to find it completely dark I thought Purab has closed his eyes. No I was wrong Abhi had blindfolded him knowing that I can see through his eyes. When he opened his he felt it bit difficult at first and I saw a familiar surroundings. Before I could say anything Abhi and my replica appeared before me and said (or thought whatever because they never moved their lips), ‘ It’s time to go.’ Abhi instructed my replica with his hands to go stand near the Iris and he or that thing obeyed it. The next second I saw him outside of Purab’s eyes. Abhi came near me and thought, ‘ Your turn Nikhil.’ I gasped because I had no idea of which one he is speaking about. Was it about the torture? Or about getting out of Purab’s eyes? I prayed let it be the later than the former. He freed me of those sticky things and pushed me towards Purab’s iris. I was out of his eye’s within no time, I tried to run away but was caught by my clone. I thought, ‘ You are my copy dude why can’t you help me?’ he smirked as if he heard what I said. Purab came towards us and slapped me hard and spoke, “ How dare you run away? Purab has suffered because of you. His eyes are hurting like hell.” I was bit terrified and moved away from him . I heard two voices at the same time , My clone dint even flinch. I would have watched 100’s and 1000’s of ghost movies but experiencing one in reality was a way different story. He tied me up in a chair and to be precise not any other chair but the same chair which we used to tie him up, yes I am inside our store room. My clone’s eyes were normal now but Purab’s eyes were dark as coal as I have seen it last time when it pulled me inside it. All I wanted at that point of time was to get out from it and now I all wanted is to get back inside it so that Abhi won’t harm fearing he would hurt Purab in that process. I heard some noise like howling and meowing at the same time. I turned my face towards that direction to see dogs and cats coming towards me with all those furs on them. Oh no no no no they are going to engulf me inside their furs. I am going to be entangled inside those furs for ever and ever. They are nearing me no no no…………………………… I realized that I screamed but no voice came out from my mouth. I tried to scream again but in vain. Purab /Abhi came towards me and said ( In Abhi’s voice), “ Have fun bro you can’t scream and spoil our entertainment now. That’s why I made you mute.” He walked around stopped at a certain place and dragged away a piece of carpet. He opened a hatch revealing a basement I hope. He dragged me along with the chair and pushed me down the stairs. By the time I reached the end of the stairs I was hurt badly I wasn’t able to move my limbs. I was bleeding profusely, he saw that and did something which stopped the bleeding and not the pain. We were followed by those fur filled animals or monsters should I say about them. He knows very well I am afraid of animal’s fur why can’t he just stop this? Oh my God they are coming nearer to me I can feel my heart beat increase rapidly I can hear it loud and clear as though I am holding it near my ears. I am not able to breathe properly I try to get in as much oxygen inside me as possible but I fail I miserably fail. I think I am going to pass out, I see Purab turns his face away with tears streaming down his cheeks. I don’t know whether it was Purab or Abhi who was feeling pity for me. I saw one of the cat touching me and that’s it I don’t remember anything else.
I woke up after sometime Ouch! My back, My neck, my limbs they hurt like hell. Where am I ? What am I doing here? Everything slowly came back to me. I looked around and found the basement clear of furs or those of whom it belonged. I was thinking where is Abhi now? I heard someone call my name and I knew who it was. Yes, Think about the devil he appears out of nowhere. He turned the lights on and was lit with minimal light. He told me to look at myself that’s when I found holes all over my body and they weren’t any normal holes they looked like mouth. Yes I mean it the same one which we use to eat, drink, smile, kiss. They were all over my body I don’t know what happened to me. He was carrying something in a bucket and poured out its content in front of me that’s when I realized I was on the floor not sitting on a chair anymore, I remembered that it broke during our trip to the basement. I can see something crawling towards me they were worms , they were moving at a faster rate when compared to normal ones. They started to crawl on me and my mouth or mouths started to devour them rapidly. Suddenly I felt those gaps closing off and worms struck out on my body like they were attached to me I vomited worms out from me until I felt my stomach would come out next. Now all those worms and mouths disappeared from my sight/ He got another bucket which was full of who knows what was being emptied onto a cot in the basement. He came towards me and carried me towards the cot. The sight held me in my place I wasn’t able to move myself, he stripped me down leaving me with only my shorts and threw me on top of the cot I screamed in pain with no sound coming out from me. That cot was…. Was…. Filled with sharp needles. It hurts, hurts a lot indeed I scream and scream while blood oozes out from my body I thought I will die of being impaled. But hell no he still wanted to play with me, he lifted me up, not with his hands this time I was floating in the air and blood was running back into my body filling holes made by those needles. I found that my bruises were healing instantly, He dropped me down with a thud. I felt like I was dropped from 30 feet tall building. I looked around to find soil all around me. I looked up and saw him using a shovel to move all those mud on me closing me underneath the depths of the basement. I had problem in breathing, He let out a straw inside the soil and told me to breathe using it until he is back. I heard Aaliya’s voice from a distance before he was burying me alive. I don’t know how Tanu is managing with my clone now. Is he torturing her? Or being tortured by her? That thought made me chuckle in spite of all those agony I was undergoing now. Time passed of which I have no account of I heard someone using the shovel to dig I was happy for a moment then thought it must definitely be Abhi. Yes it was him, he lifted me up without touching me. How does he do that? I badly want to know it. He cleaned me of all the mud that was covering me surprisingly my face was not at all covered with mud. Abhi who saw my confused face explained me, “ I don’t want to kill you so soon. Wait till you get to the next part of my torture. I will hurt you, make you bleed, heal you and then again the process will continue just like that. Now have this I don’t want you to die of hunger.” He placed a plate full of sandwiches. I gobbled them down my throat and felt satisfied. He came near me and said, “ Round two begins…” with an evil smile plastered on his face. I thought why can’t he just kill me? For god’s sake why can’t he just kill me?

To be continued….

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