Lucky number three (prologue) ragna

A young girl is seen running in her wedding attire. she looks back to see them gaining on her ” their she is get her” they screamed making kalpana pick up her speed. why did i chose to wear heels again, its not helping me at all, she thought before taking it of and throwing it at them.

“please miss stop before your father cut our head off” they screamed desperately, kalpana ignored them and continue running, while running she realize how heavy her skirt was so she cut it of and made it shorter, making some of the guys blush seeing her legs. when she reached a dead end she realize the only place to hide would be up on the tree, so being the tomboy she is, she climb the trees and sat on the branch. ” I hope they don’t find me up here. i would hate to go back to baba ”

suddenly her phone rang, ” hello” she says

” kalpana where are you, the boat is here waiting for you.” he says

” don’t you think i know that pakiya, dad sent his whole military buffoons to find me. its going to be hard to leave” she says

“see this is all your fault kalpana, if baba finds out i was behind this, he will give me 100 lashes” he says, kalpana roll her eyes ” he wont know, unless you sweat under pressure ” she said before telling him she has to go, after hearing them shout. oh god, if i get out of here in piece, i promise not to cheat on my fast.

The guys stop by her tree yelling and talking into the device. they search for kalpana but they couldn’t find her, so they assume she most have found a different route. soon they all ran back to where they came from leaving a happy kalpana up on the tree. thank god, she thought, before jumping down the tree, and getting a sprain on her ankle. ” i will remember not to do that again” she said, she took her dupatt of and wrap her head, than she cut more pieces of her outfit and throw away the jewelries.

she walk until she saw the river, where pakiya friend was waiting. running she made it safe on the bridge and got on the boat. while riding she couldn’t help but look back to her village smiling, ” GOOD BYE YOU AWFUL PLACE, I HOPE TO NEVER COME HERE AGAIN” she shout before turning back around and relax.

from afar, she could see her dad buffoons , trying to swim to get to her. some even shouting her name to come back. sorry baba, but i cant let you control my future. i want to see the world instead of settling down being an obedient wife.

In the present

“so that was my story, of how i became the best maid in the service” she said while talking on the phone. the person sigh ” that’s good and all, but i only call to ask about my maid, she hasn’t been showing up lately and if she doesn’t show up by tomorrow. tell her shes fired” the man said before clicking the call

“jeesh, some people are very rude” she said before getting up to stretch. just than a young women walk in with coffee ” what did i say about answering my calls kalpana” she said

” i’m sorry mam, but the phone kept going ring ring, i just had to answer” she said, the women sighs ” last time i got a complaint about you taking up their time, and i’m not trying to hear that this time kalpi.”

” i know, it wont happen again”

“good, so are you ready for your next assignment” she said

“yes, who is the lucky person”

” his name is mr.singhania , he likes things organize and hates nosy maids” she said emphasizing the nosy part.

“ok, that wont be to hard. after all he as the greatest maid in Bhopal”, when she said this her boss laugh ” who is the greatest maid…you?” she said before laughing again

“laugh all you want, but i do my job well. this person will be begging me to stay in two weeks” she said earning more laugh from her boss ” kalpana, you ruin anything you touch, i don’t see how that makes you the greatest maid, especially considered this is your 30th client. lets hope this family will keep you for a long time” she said

kalpana slam her hand on the desk, ” laugh now, but you will see. they will be begging me to stay” she said unaware of the hot coffee dripping on her boss leg “OUCH!” she said jumping and hitting her hand on the desk. laughing nervously she quickly apologize and left the room, making her boss take her frustration out on the next caller.

To be continued…

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