Lucky number three (intro) ragna

Hey everyone, here another story I wrote for ragna, hope you all like it.


meet kalpana a run away bride, who meets a famous boxer name raghav. she never thought her life would become so complicated especially disguising herself as a maid name kalpi, now she is coped in raghav family drama. now she has to deal with a lonely seven year old, a workaholic dad, and his mother. can life get any easier for this runaway bride, we will have to see in the short story.

Summary: in the five year leap kalpi will uncover new secrets and expose the ones who did her wrong in her past life, all while trying to get back her love without him thinking she is crazy.

priya singhania: kalpi number 1; she’s kind and love fashion. Mother of Aadita and raghav ex wife, she died in an accident caused by gaur I and her two friends.

kalpana A.k.a kalpi number (2) ; ran away from home and came to the city to be a maid. She worked for raghav until she had an accident and died. She is another recarnation of priya. Surfing her death her soul got shattered and became one with priya.

meet kalpana priya batra; kalpi number three, she was born as a batra. She’s kind and, courageous and speaks soft. she can cook up crazy disguises and ideas as long as it benefits her. shes honest and gives good advice even though sometimes it seems crazy. And did I mention she can cook up good meal.

Aadita daughter of priya died five years ago

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