loving you was red part 10

Hello guys, I’m back & really sorry for being extremely late but what I can do ,first I was busy then the whole chaps got deleted twice, I’m extremely everyone, here enjoy this chap & the cover pic is of swayam our lover boy & this one is a big part For you all…..

I loved you parth, I loved you with all my heart but what you did, you just broke it in pieces & threw me away like yesterday’s trash

P: I know surbhi I know I did wrong not wrong I committed a sin but I’m sorry I’m really sorry, I’m not asking you to love me, I’m just asking you to give me a chance to rectify my mistakes one last chance

S : it’s not possible parth, I’ve moved on now, I will never forget what you did parth, I’ll never & I’m getting married now parth, it will be better if you move on too

P : no, surbhi u r mine, only mine I’ll not let that kanishk snatch you away from me I’ll not

Surbhi : you yourself pushed me away parth, no body snatched me away & I’m not a thing that you’re claiming me as yours, I’m a human & will make my own decision

Saying so surbhi turned fastly on her heels to leave & a pain filed expression was shown on parth’s face……

And then a voice yelled cut it…

Nandani: well done guys, awesome portray of emotions

Anika : thanks yrr nandu, where is swayam & taani ??

Manik : yrr, seedha seedha bol na tujhe tere

Before he could continue both anika & nandini glared at him, Manik looked at their glares & gulped down & said nothing continue girls

Nandu : voh ansh ko ajeeb feel ho rha tha toh voh usse ghar le gye (ansh was feeling odd so they took him with them to the house )

Anika : ansh, theek toh hai na,nandu mujhe kyu nhi bataya

Nandu: yrr Anika relax, ansh theek hai, tujhe pta hai na swayam usko lekr over protective hai,agar usse choti si chot bhi lagey toh voh ghar sir pr utha leta hai

Anika : voh toh hai, the over protective dad

Nandu : true yr, but sid is also same as swayam, when is sid coming btw

Anika : don’t know yrr, btw I’ll go & check on them

Nandu : ok, btw me Manik & others are going for sightseeing

Anika : ok byee guys

Manan : byee, babes

Anika pov

I left the studio, to find some fans waiting for me there, I clicked some selfies with them & signed some autographs, then went on my way, I got in my car, in the car I can’t help but think about how drastically my life had changed, I was a happy go lucky girl first, the princess of the house, who knew nothing about pain & got whatever she wanted, the girl who didn’t even knew about the prices of her dresses, it was always I like this so I’ll take it, everything was taken care of, then the betrayals by the loved ones that broke me in such a way that I can never reform again, how many times I wanted to kill my self even though killing my self was also not a solution, my life was not my anymore I was a soulless body but then you came in my world like a shooting star, lighting up my dark world, giving me reason to smile & laugh & live, giving me back whatever was dear to me, I can’t never thank you enough for what you’ve done for me, for us swayam, you had become my shield, shielding from everything evil & Ansh’s protector, thank you for making me a part of your world, this world is not perfect but it’s beautiful & real, not based on fake games like someone’s, I know you will never hurt me or break my trust & still you want me not to fully trust you swayam, how is that possible after whatever you all did for me, how can I not trust each & everyone of you with my life, I know you want me to build the walls around my heart stronger than this but they are strong, not my mistake if you guys make your place in my life before I could build those walls, I can’t never forget how many taunts you yourself neared on our engagement day because of me, yet you didn’t complained ones, how many times you asked me if I really wanted to do this if anyone was pressurising me & then how you promised me that we will always be best friends no matter what, even if our engagement is due to the situation, you because of your father’s health & I because of ansh, but still I can’t never forget how welly you handled everything & how perfectly you’re being a perfect dad to him, something his real dad can never be……..


It was 2 months since Anika was living with the gang & she was doing great as an actress & dancer, she had joined the team on many tours & stage performances & she has a great fan following now too, everything was going perfectly in her life. But today she was really upset as Ansh was crying continuously from the mrng & not listening to her at all, watching her baby like this her heart was clenching painfully but she was also helpless as he was not listening to her at all when swayam entered the scene.

Swayam: Anika, what happened to ansh ??

Anika: don’t know Swayam, he is crying continuously from the mrng

Swayam: relax, yrr let me talk to him

Swayam left before Anika could reply anything & sat beside ansh

Swayam: hey, whts up buddy, why my champ is upset

Ansh stopped crying momentarily & looked at swayam with his tear filled cat eyes

Ansh : ansh bad….. very bad….no one lub(luv) ansh

Swayam: no , ansh is very good, ansh is my buddy & champ isn’t it , and me, taani, Diya, harry & your mumma loves ansh a lot

Ansh : noo , ansh bad ,dad don’t lub ansh, that’s why ansh no daddy, everyone has daddy but ansh don’t, ansh bad

Swayam: no champ, daddy loves ansh a lot but daddy busy now, So he can’t come to meet Ansh

Ansh : really???

Swayam: yes, but you know what till daddy comes back you can call me your dad,ok champ

Ansh : really, ansh will call yum (swayam) daddy, ansh loves yum

Swayam: I love you too buddy , but promise you will call your real dad, dad also

Ansh:  p….romise… daddy

For The rest of the day ansh hadn’t left swayam alone for a single minute, he was babbling with swayam about everything he knows & when the rest of gang came home Ansh’s happiness knew no bound, so after lots of playing , chatting & eating with their little buddy they could get him to sleep & the others also left for bed early due to tiredness but only aniyam were awake as swayam noticed Anika ignoring him from mrng

Swayam : Anika I’m sorry, if you didn’t like me asking ansh to call me dad, I can’t see him this upset

Anika : I’m not angry over that swayam, we are engaging he would have called you dad one day or other but why you have to tell him you’re not his real father, I don’t want him to know about shivaye, I don’t want shivaye anyway near my son, I don’t want him in our life again

Swayam : but that’s would be wrong Anika, shivaye is Ansh’s father & he has the right to know, I know what he did was wrong but we can’t keep ansh in darkness forever one day he would know that & hate us for lying to him & I don’t want to take anyone’s place in his heart but make my own,so it’s better ansh know he has a dad even if we don’t tell him who is it

Anika : you are his world swayam, he worships you, you’re his ideal & why you always have to this logical, sometimes I hate you for that & I’m not saying anything doesn’t mean I’m happy with this situation

Swayam : yeah, yeah I know lady now can I go n sleep, you know I just love my sleep

Anika : kumbhkaran

Swayam: I heard it

Anika : was meant to heard

End of Fb

Anika reached the sekhawat cottage & couldn’t help but think that shivaye had once told her that he also has a house in shimla but Anika subsided the thought & reminded herself that she would not think about that guy & entered the house

Martha (servant) : hello, mam welcome back, do you need something??

Anika : no, thanks Martha I’m Fine but can you tell me where is swayam?

Martha : they are in the garden mam

Anika : ok, thank you

Anika went towards garden direction & couldn’t help but smile when she could hear faint music coming from that direction, she entered the garden & saw taayam & ansh sitting under a tree with their pet Bruno ( German Shepherd) with taani humming the song aashiyan with swayam & making a thermocoal house like kids, so much of being grown up , Anika went towards them & was spotted by Bruno first who happily barked watching her & went towards her moving his tail, Anika laughed at him & caresses his fur lovingly & sat beside taani & find swayam & ansh grinning at her like mad person

Ansh : mumma, see me, dad & buii making my house , it’s beauty full isn’t it

Anika : very baby

Swayam: yeah, after all we made it right champ

Tanika : oh, pls

Swayam: hupp, jealous people

Tanika : shut up

Ansh: daddy right, lous people

Anika : dad’s chamcha

Tani : how was the shoot Anika

Anika : good yrr, the rest went sightseeing

Ansh : harry uncle forgot to take me, nooooo daddy I wanted to go with uncle

Swayam: we will go latter buddy & Will not tell them alright

Ansh : yesssss

Swayam phone rang disturbing the peaceful environment, after the call

Swayam: Anika, they want us at the studio to discuss the rehearsal schedule & the performance dates & places,what we are performing & all

Anika: but I just came from there

Swayam: I know but we have to go now yrr

Anika : ok, fine

But both of them looked at ansh

Taani: don’t worry people, I’m staying here only, go & come back soon okk

Swayam : hmm, byee champ

Anika : byee, ansh

Ansh hopped down on taani’s lap & waved back at Aniyam.

Saumya’s pov

We reached shimla early mrng today & as soon as we landed, shivaye bhaiya wanted to go & meet Anika, but we some how convinced him  to wait & now when rey & Sharon were called to look after their schedule, we couldn’t help but went to studio with them, I could see shivaye bhai, om bhai & Rudy being restless beside me, but I couldn’t do anything to calm them down, when we reached the studio i couldn’t help but take its serene beauty, we were just roaming around when I felt the others abruptly stop in the tracks, I was confused & look ahead to see swayam & Anika coming out of the building laughing loudly about something, I have never seen Anika laughing this happily & she was looking at swayam as if to teasing him about something while swayam was trying his best not to throw the papers on her, I turned back & could see shivaye bhaiya’s eyes glassy but again his expressions changed his face was becoming red & literally smoke was coming out of his ears, I look ahead to see Anika holding swayam’s hand & smiling softly, then her gaze turned to us & she literally freezes at her place. Ok,maybe this was a bad idea, I can sense fight.

End of pov

Swayam pov

We just got out of the head office & Anika was laughing her head off, well the assistant there was flirting with me & she couldn’t help but laugh at my discomfort, god how great friends I have & if she even once mentioned about this incident in front of harry or Manik I’m doomed, god pls save me

Swayam: yrr, bs ho gya , koi tere finance pr line maar rha tha aur tujhe fark hi nhi Prta

Anika : well mujhe yeh pta hai na ki mere future finance ko mere siwaye koi nhi jhel skta

Swayam: haha, very funny, accha yrr humare char performance hai, ek ansh ko dedicate krey, on the aashiyan song

Anika : you’re the choreographer aren’t you

Swayam: yeah, that I’m

We smiled at each other, when I suddenly felt Anika going stiff & holding my hands like her life depended on me , her nails digging in my skin hurting me I followed her line of sight to see saumya with few boys & girl standing there & I immediately knew her past was back, I wrapped my other hand around her waist & pulled her close & whispered

Swayam: calm down Anika, you’re brave & strong, don’t let him affect you, show him what you’re without him, show him he doesn’t matter to him & you’ve moved on

Anika : no, he is dangerous swayam, he will take ansh away, he will hurt you,no I’ve to leave, I can’t let him destroy you

Swayam: he couldn’t do anything to me Anika, I’m swayam sekhawat, I’m a beast Anika, I’m ruthless & you’re forgetting Manik the monster & your sid bhai, we won’t let him destroy anything, trust me Anika , you’re not going anywhere , you belong here with us.

Anika : hmmn

Aniyam went forward, swayam stopped in front of saumya

Swayam : hello, sumo when did you came ??

Sumo : today in mrng bhai

Swayam : great how was your vacation??

Sumo : good, hii Anika

Anika just smiled & nodded at saumya.

Swayam : your friends??

Saumya : more like family

Obros: hello

Swayam : hi, swayam sekhawat

Shivaye : shivaye Singh oberoi

Rudra: rudra oberoi

Om : omkara Singh oberoi

Swayam : hmm

Shivaye : anu

Anika : it’s Anika Mr oberoi

Shivaye: anu, pls talk to me for sometime, ive to tell you something very important

Anika : I don’t talk to strangers, mr oberoi & my time is not free, you’re here as saumya’s guest, stay, enjoy & leave don’t interfere to swayam isn’t it Manik there, I’ll be with him, ok

Swayam nodded & Anika tried to leave from there when shivaye held her hand & she went totally Rigid , she had started sweating, when swayam  interfered, he pulled Anika out of shivaye’s hold & Anika was still rigid, watching them Manik had reached there, swayam motioned Manik to take Anika away, he will explain everything latter, Anika silently followed Manik out, now she was shivering a little too.

Swayam : that was not good Mr oberoi, I thought the oberoi’s knew manner

Shivaye: don’t sekhawat, don’t interfere in this, this is my personal matter, stay away from this & Anika

Swayam: you stay away from her , Mr oberoi, didn’t you see she don’t want you here so be gone, don’t destroy what I have gained with so much hard work

Shivaye : don’t make it personal sekhawat, you had already caused me enough damage & don’t make it personal now, you don’t want an oberoi as your enemy, you don’t know what we can do

Swayam:(with a sadistic smirk) I know very welly what you oberoi’s can do, but you don’t know me shivaye, stay away I’m not what you want as enemy, I’m not alone & lonely like you, start valuing relations before they all leave you oberoi’s, that was a free advice from my side, now can you leave my way I’m getting late & yeah enjoy your stay here to saumya: meet you at the party sumo.

Precap: he is here bhai, he will snatch ansh also away from me like he snatched shivika bhai, pls come here bhai, plss I can’t handle it again bhai, I’ll die

Swayam: Sid, she is having panic attacks again , she has again started flinching at everyone’s touch, the situation is not at all good, we have to do something….

Shivaye: pls talk to me once Anika, pls let me clear all the misunderstandings b/w us, I love you Anika & I’ll get you back & talk to you today, no matter what that sekhawat does.

Nikhil : I like you Anika, I really do, I’m sorry for what I did in college, look at you now girl , you’re a diva, wow

The love games had begin, so who do you think is behind it all, keep guessing fellas.

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