Loving you was a mistake – Chapter 2: What’s wrong with me?

Chapter 2: What’s wrong with me?

The Oberoi Mansion

Dadi + Tej + Jhanvi+ Shakti and Pinky’s convo
“Mom, we need to do something in bringing RagSan and Shivika closer!” Shakti said and dadi replied back: “Woh Isqbaaz ke pote hai, woh khudh ishq karenge(both are the grandsons of a lover, they themself will start loving Ragini and Anika respectively).” “Mom, you are the best!” Pinky, Jhanvi and Tej said. “Tej how’s the business going?” “It’s going great mom!” “I hope that my past won’t affect our children, because I don’t trust Mrs. Suraya Kapoor!” Tej said and dadi answered back: “don’t take tension Tej, if she does anything, then we will be prepared against it!”
End of their convo

Omkara’s pov
I went out for a walk, thinking about mine and Svetlana’s relationship. “Is Svetlana the right girl for me or is there a better girl out there for me?” These questions were nagging him, the whole time, until he saw a kid walking on a street, where a lorry was coming straight at the direction of this child, so without caring for his own life, he went to save him and he succeeded in it but, then he had to save a girl at the same time from the lorry.
End of his pov

Ishkara’s scene + plus the child?
“Are you out of your mind?” “What the hell, I tried to help that child and you are screaming at me!” Ishana shouted at Omkara. “Stop it bhaiya and bhabhi(brother and sister-in-law!” The little child said, but Ishkara didn’t listen to him. They were quarreling for an Enternity, until the boy shouted: “di and jeeju(sis and brother-in-law) please stop your romance!” “We aren’t married and we will never romance eachother!” “I Ishana Bose will never fall for this long haired man!” “I Omkara Singh Oberoi will never fall for this girl!” “Is Rudra your brother!” Ishana asked, the boy went away, because he has had enough from them and Omkara answered back: “yes, why!” “Because my sister Saumya always fights with him!” “What you are Saumya sister!” A shocked Omkara asked and she proudly replied back: “yes!”
End of their convo

RagSan scene
“Good morning Sanskar!” “Good morning princess!” He lovingly said, while he hold her waist, he pulled her closer towards him, she fell on top of him, because she lost her balance and he was lost in her, she tried not to look at him, but she missrably failed, both were lost in eachother for more than an enternity,he kissed her cheek, until Ragini realised what they were doing. She stood up and went out of their room.
End of their scene

Ragini’s pov
“What’s happening to me?” “You love your husband, that’s happening to you!” My heart said and my brain said: “no, you’re not falling for him, because you have to concentrate on your mission!” “Mera dil aur mera dimag ki kadi bhan gayi hai(my heart and my mind has/have become kadi).” “Jab bhi main aankhe baanth karti hoon, kyun tere chera nazar aata hai, kya ho raha mere saath!” “Tera naam sunti hoon toh mera dil tumhare bare main sochta hai!” I said to myself. I went downstairs to the kitchen and started cooking vegetables curry and dosa for my family, because they love south indian food!
End of her pov

Sanskar’s pov
“I want to tell my sweet wife in a romantic way, how much I love her!” “But what should I do?” “Does Ragini love me?” “I don’t know, but I hope she does!” “I love you Ragini, more than my life!” “Loving you Ragini is like my whole world is upside down!” He shouted and it was heard by someone and that person was smirking.
End of his pov

Rudra’s pov
“How should I propose Romi?” “Rudy, you never wanted to get married, then why are you doing this?” “I think Romi isn’t made for you!” My heart said and my brain said: “Romi is perfect for you Rudy!” “What should I do now!” He said and then he started to cry like a cute lost puppy??. “Hahahha???!” Armaan laughed at his bro. “Why are you laughing at me!” “Because Saumya is right, you undoubtedly are a cry baby!” “What?” Rudra asked, Armaan ran out of the room and Rudra was running behind him. Armaan was faster than Rudra, Armaan saw someone, so he dodged her, but Rudra didn’t, he ran into her, both fell down onto the floor, he was on top of her and then she was on top of him. That person was Saumya. Both were lost in eachothers eyes, that they didn’t even notice that a dumbfounded Armaan was standing near them with an shocked expression, soon they both came back from their dreamworld. “Moti(fatty) Sumo get of me!” “Shut up Mr. Cry baby Singh Oberoi!” Then they started their regular fights like always!”
End of his pov

Meanwhile at the (fake) Kapoor mansion

Romi’s pov
“It’s time to free the Bose twins forever!” I thought to myself while I was smirking. “Romi mam, what are you doing here?” Guard 1 asked me and I replied back: “I’m here to give our prisoners food!” “Ok mam!” Guard 2 said, when the guards weren’t looking, I plunged a syringe onto one of them, then the next one too, both fell unconscious, then two other guards came and asked me: “mam, what happened and why are this two unconscious?” “Because they are traitors and the Bose twins saved me from them and as reward I’m letting them both go!” “Ok!” “Hahah, these blody idiots!” “Thank you! The both said and I said: “you guys should quickly go, before someone sees you!” “Ok!” “Bye!” “Bye and take care!” I said.
End of her pov

The twin’s convo
“My dear sis Sam, finally we are out of that hell hole of the Kapoors!” UG1 said. “Yes, you’re right Nidhu darling!” “You are an idiot Crazy!” “Oww, you hurt my feelings!” “Hahahah, your such a drama queen!” “No, you are!” They were walking, but they didn’t notice that two guys were standing in their way, so they straightly walked into them, causing the guys to nearly fall down.
End of their convo

NiMaal’s first meet
“What the hell, you ruined my clothes!” He shouted at her and she replied back with the same Tashan(attitude): “oy, Mr. I was starving to death since a few day, because someone kidnapped me and my twin sister and do you know, who they were the Kapoors!” What?” Amaal and Armaan shouted with utter shock.
End of their meet

Meanwhile ArSam’s first meet
“Hey beautiful, are you alright!” “I will be alright, when I will hit you with my shoes and please stop calling me beautiful!” “The most handsome guy called you beautiful and you are giving him attitude!” “Handsome and you, what a joke of the year!” “So many girls are dying to get my attention and you are the only who isn’t dying, because of it!” Then there was utter silence between them, until Sam’s twini said: “oy, Mr. I was starving to death since a few day, because someone kidnapped me and my twin sister and do you know, who they were the Kapoors!” What?” “Yes, they kidnapped us!” Sam agreed. Then the girls went home.
End of their first meet

Shivaay’s pov
“Hey Tia, what are you doing here in my office?” “I wanted to meet you Shivaay baby!” “Ok!” “So how about dinner tonight?” “No, I can’t sorry Tia!” “Why?” “Because I have an important meeting tomorrow and I have to finish the presentation for it!” “Bye Shivaay!” She angrilly said, before she went. “What should I do, leave my work for her?” “I can’t and she knows it very well!” I went home to concentrate on my work, I sat down to rest for a while, but a knock on my door disturbed me, I went to open it and said: “Tia please don’t disturb me roght now and please go away!” “What’s wrong with me?”
End of his pov

Author’s note
“For my dear readers, I don’t know how to say thank you to you guys, but today I will say you guys are mindblowing, fabulous, fantastic, awesome and you guys are my motivation!” “Until next time guys, stay blessed, be unique and never change yourself for someone, because you are beautiful the way you are!” “Of you guys haven’t read my stories, so here is the link to my profile!”

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“The Copyright of this story belongs to me and if you copy paste it, then I will personally kick you where it hurts the most?.”

End of Author’s note

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