Loving again part 58 (twinj ff)



Three days had passed in waiting for the snowfall to stop but the weather has decided for them to enjoy the Dublin city through the windows of the house and occasional visits to the house next to them.

Twinkle enjoyed her time with Noah’s wife, Summer… a British research scholar Noah met when he had joined a research lab for a short period of time. It was beautiful to see them sometimes struggling with their Irish and British accent and then repeating their words for the other to understand.

They had gotten married this July only; a beautiful day wedding with white roses and every white fantasy… Twinkle had stared at their mesmerizing pictures Summer enthusiastically showed her on their second visit to their house last evening. Kavya had loved playing with the small toys that were bought for Noah and Summer’s unborn…they had been so excited about their baby and especially Noah, he had insisted they see the nursery and asked her so many questions about the initial days of Kavya.

Shades of peach and cream made the small room look like a fairyland in the snow but it was the setting of a bed on the elevated corner of the floor, that got Twinkle question the thoughts of the couple since she had met a bunch of buddies arriving here she didn’t know she would able sit on the floor no matter someone insisted there was no bug that would crawl to her from any direction.

With nothing to do they were mostly in their rooms where they watched a few movies and enjoyed their time together which they have not gotten after their marriage, then there was this white cat of Noah who liked to give Kavya a cuddle whenever she was at their place and Twinkle’s heart leaped every-time the fluffy baby walked towards Twinkle but she understood Kavya needed to get familiar with animals as a part of her upbringing… she didn’t want her fears to overpower her baby’s naive heart and anyway it was lovely to see the small animal look at her baby with her big greenish-yellow eyes and lay beside her on the couch.

Once, Kavya tried to take her in her small arms and ended up falling on the floor and after a gasp, all of them had burst into laughs when the little animal mewed at the baby.

“Should we get a little kitten for her when we are back home?” Kunj asked smiling at her mother’s response that Kavya was already a copy of her father, the love for cats was natural to Yash.

“oh please…have you gone mad…Nooo.” Twinkle looked up from the list of places that were nearby to visit. “You know how much scared I am around the white fluff, the thought that you guys are there keeps me sane otherwise I would run from the place whenever Titan is around.” she gave him an eye roll and looked down at her lap.

“of course I know, even Ma won’t approve but can’t you see our baby is so happy around Titan…look at her she is missing Titan already.” Kunj gestured towards the baby who was cuddling a soft toy and meanwhile patting the plump cheeks of the toy.

“how on earth she is missing Titan?” after a glance at the baby laying down on the bed with her toys, Twinkle narrowed her eyes on him.

“ she does the same things with Titan…”Kunj pointed out.

“Kunj, please… she does that with her soft toys all the time,” she stressed on the words.

“but she does the same with Titan, that means she wants him to be around.” Kunj tried to sound genuine despite knowing how he was failing in keeping up the laughter boiling inside.

“and even if she is missing Titan, who would look after one such Titan, Ma or You..cause I can’t even touch cats…” she raised her hands to dismiss this thought of his.

“Okay, you got a point.” seeing a point in her words he left the thought but his eyes stayed on Kavya’s actions.

“in spite of our efforts kids feel left out at times…” she muttered after a while keeping away the phone and walking to the baby and pulling away from the soft toy she took the baby in her arms.

“When should we leave for the castle…” asking him about the plans they had made in the morning she inhaled Kavya’s hairs as soon as the baby hugged her and cocooned herself in her neck.

“I think 5 would be okay…but it’s just 1 right now.” taking a glance at the right corner of his screen he eyed her.

“i know, actually Kavya and Mumma are going to paint some wild roses, that’s why.” she smiled at him grabbing the small bag filled with Kavya’s toys, crayons, and book.

“paint a rainbow for Dad as well…” he made a cute face before returning his gaze to the screen.


They walked around the castles, then the church, and finally concluded the day by walking to this place where drones have made the sky look colored with northern lights.

“But I thought we would be able to see Auroras.” Twinkle thumped on the bench and her grumped remark earned Kunj a smile.

“December is not for Auroras, but we can always come back for auroras…” he told her grabbing the hot beverage to soothe their throats after an evening with all kinds of chaos which had them screaming to each other if they wanted to say something to them in the last one hour or so.

“hmmm.” she pulled off one of the gloves and touched the warm cup.

“Are you already tired?” he asked her gesturing to pass the bag to him.

“sort of…the three days in the room got me feeling fatty and lazy.” she smiled on her sleepish response. “is there someplace we can still visit?”

“No, I thought to have dinner and then head home,” he said and placed the sipper in Kavya’s small hands which she started sipping in no time.

“you are spoiling her…” Twinkle commented trying to snatch the bottle lovingly which Kavya didn’t let her and they smiled.

“for the milk and chocolate?…do we have any other option…” he challenged Twinkle.

“that’s why people go on trips before kids…” Twinkle sighed.

“you said today but never ever say this again…” he shifted to her more and put his arm around her. “you two are my life and dare you to say anything about my baby girl.”

“can I say anything to the baby girl..?” she sighed again but with a smile this time and relaxed in his embrace.


“Is she alright?” he asked when she came out of the washroom with Kavya in her hands.

“i think it was not a good idea to take her … winters here are harsh,” Twinkle commented pulling the door behind her which she missed and Kunj came to her.

“lie her down on the bed, she has stopped crying so I think she is okay otherwise we’ll take her to the physician here,” he advised walking to the window to observe the night; though it was a windy night he could manage driving Noah’s SUV if the situation turned serious.

“Twinkle, are you crying?” he stared at her face when she turned to grab Kavya’s fresh socks from the nearby chair.

“How could I not understand her, she was so silent this evening… I could not see her discomfort Kunj.” pulling the socks up her small calves, Twinkle brushed away the tears.

“Hey, it’s not your fault…we are both learning…this is what parenting is, to learn about things we have not known prior,” he told her as he touched her shoulders and turned her to him.


“No stills and nothing…and have some rest, I am awake for a while .”

“i won’t get any sleep seeing she is not okay…

“she is doing fine…and look at her, she is already hugging her toy.” he assured her. “and by the way, kids get restless when their mother is not okay.”

“no, no it’s not like that… I’ll be with her for a while.”

“Okay, I get you Mommy…do whatever you want for a while, and then I have an idea.” he raised one of his brows as if he was thinking something.


“are you serious? You thought unicorns were real till you were in ninth grade?” she laughed at him.

Sitting on the rug and leaning on the wall with the support of cushions they were playing this 20 questions sort of thing for the last one hour and were still in mid-way laughing and sharing the memories related to every question.

“don’t judge a guy…” he winked at her. “and now my turn.”

“a moment you want to live again…” he asked her.

“There are so many of course but given a chance, I would love to live the day I saw you for the first time…” she said and her eyes were genuine when she stared at him.

“let’s not go there Twinkle…another one.” he tried to change the topic.

“No…I want to live that time again, not because of what happened to us but how beautiful it had been.” her words seemed lost. “sometimes I hated what happened to us, as an individual.”

“things are always preplanned…

“True… but you asked me about one such moment and I genuinely want to relive that one …for us,” she said and shifted closer to him.

“is it okay to…” he stopped mid-way and his gaze followed to her hands that were holding his.

“you won’t judge me if I did something…” she whispered and her eyes promised another mischief.

“do I have a choice…” he said as he stretched to take the laptop from the table.

he was pulling the laptop when she hugged him and as soon as her hands closed around his torso, he turned to her and that’s when she kissed him on his cheeks.

“Twinkle…” he was surprised at her action.

“don’t judge me…feeling emotional all of a sudden” she whispered keeping her head where his heart was, that was suddenly beating fast but of course she could not know due to the barrier of thermals.

“what do you think is she okay?” he asked and his way to change the topic amused her.

“I hope so…” she muttered. “which movie?” she asked him seeing the laptop in front of them.

“don’t forget this time you have to make a choice…” she heard him.


He took a quick glimpse of the bed and ensured their baby was fine and then putting an alarm after two hours closed the lid to watch the climax later.

With utter care, he made her sleep on the bed and then joined her. The moment he snuggled beside her she put her arm around him and closed the distances between them.

Smiling on the comfortable space they were creating for each other he leaned at her face and kissed her nose …

“Kunj, you need to shave…” she mumbled sleepily and his beats stopped for a moment thinking she was awake and would feel he was stealing a moment from her.


PRECAP – They had no idea a single mistake was going to cost this dearly, it had been three hours since doctors declared an emergency.

She didn’t want to believe life would be this cruel to her, her hopes were shattering, and all she could feel was a numbness she had felt a few times already and a deep sense of regret about everything that was happening…

how could she sleep last night knowing very well she was needed.


Hello everyone, I apologize for the delay but I hope you liked the chapter…I would wait for your feedback.

And please don’t hate me for the precap…sorry.

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