Loving again – part 17(twinj ff)

Loving again – part 17

“let’s tell your uncle to get up and meet you.” , “he should meet our Kavya the soonest, isn’t it Kavya?… he was able to hear all those things someone told to someone.

All the current events have tired him very well and though he had slept a good sleep, he was confused about where he was and how he was hearing the known voices.

And then a soft fist took the support of his back and tried climbing through it followed by some incoherent sounds and he felt a need to keep the arm away and suddenly he got to know who it was and to play with her he shifted on his back slowly…

“uncle is awake dear !” he could hear the soft whisper of his mother.

“what is the time Bebe?”… Hey, who come to meet me?” he extended his hand to the girl who was now sticking to his mother’s side.

“its 10 Son, so I thought I needed to wake you up, you are already leaving in the evening so… he could see his mother’s discomfort.

“its okay Bebe, you did the right thing…Hey, come to me my Princess.” and with a few seconds of staring at him like recognizing him, she crawled to him.

“Arey waah, she remembers his uncle…” the old lady’s happiness was visible.

“thanks to all your video calls bebe,” he whispered lowly and smiled at the little girl.

She immediately stood on her knees and extended her little fingers on his face to caress his two-day-old beard.

“how come this sudden plan Kunj? Is everything alright at work?” every mother on planet earth was supposed to think all sort of things if something unusual happened in their kids’ life.

“i came to meet Neha, Bebe,” he said nonchalantly engrossed in the little acts of the baby.

Uma’s insides flipped hearing this, she knew her son. After a long time, she saw that little Kunj who was unable to sleep at nights if he said something to someone or had a fight back then.

“ohkay… Uma cleared her throat after a while.

“You two stay together I would go and bring your tea son,” Uma told him unable to say anything afterward.

“ give me a moment bebe, I’ll be back.” and making a funny face to the girl he went to his bag and searched for his toothbrush.

The girl smiled looking at her grandmother as if she understood he was someone with whom she could play.

“i came to meet Neha.” she was unable to understand why she felt awfully insane hearing he came to meet Neha and without giving the tea she had been holding in her hands she turned swiftly to leave the doorway.




“Neha… you should get your eyebrows done.” Dr. Payal started in soft voice taking the chair.

“Yeah,I was thinking to get it done, after this session I’ll go.” Neha smiled on her Doctor’s tactics to start a talk even when it was their third meet.

“My kid got injured today due to the slippery stairs…little babies don’t hear your words unless they experience themselves.” without giving her knowing smile a reason to stop her talks she told her.

“i used to love rains but now I don’t because in every rain I have one of my kids injuring them with something or another thing.” Dr. Shared her little interests.

“life is all about changes if you don’t change it won’t wait for you,” Neha spoke finally.

“everyone should get married, should have kids and should fight with neighbors once in a while otherwise you don’t live but just walk through the life.” Dr. Stated her thoughts but this time Neha remained silent.

“he came to apologize me and I had a good time yesterday.” focusing her attention on the little pot of cactus which had got a few red flowers recently Neha said.

“and… Dr was finally successful in opening her up and so Clicking the RECORD icon on her phone she kept it aside.

“i don’t know why but I was so happy, I just wanted to collect the moments. I thought I just wanted to be with him for the last time, we went to one of the best places, my wish of having a date with him got fulfilled but I was…

And she stopped abruptly, her breaths were rapid in no time, it seemed her whole self was choking on something and she was unable to breathe.

“Hey, hey… Neha, it is okay. You are doing a great job.” Dr was beside her in a moment and started caressing her arms to calm her down.

“water… she asked turning normal.

“Yeah, here you go.” extending the glass to her Dr observed the girl.

“I know her pain is unmatchable but what about my heart..what should I do so it forgets all these years of loving him unconditionally.

“have you read the quote –if it goes by your wishes then it is great else it is wonderful because then it is happening according to the will of almighty and he will always want the best for you.

Every night I read this screenshot I have saved in my phone to make my heart understand but then I fail miserably.

“you are not failing, you were doing fine before he came to meet you..don’t you think?” Dr reminded her politely.

“yeah, perhaps seeing him back triggered it, but doctor what should I do?” she asked helplessly.

“why don’t you meet Anshul? The young engineer, I don’t see any harm in meeting him without the prospect of marrying him .” The doctor smiled at her.

“But we talked when he called after the proposal came a few weeks back and he didn’t sound like a match for me.”

“because you compared him to Kunj and that where things turned difficult.” The doctor stated flatly.

“Okay, I would try to talk if he calls again,” she answered thinking what did they talk that first time and why didn’t he call back.

“get your eyebrows done before going to meet him…” The doctor winked clicking the STOP icon on her phone.

life is never about a single person, every person has to go someday, some go early and some stay longer and there are a few who come to make us learn something to embrace the Best for us.”

The psychiatrist scribbled on the health diary of Neha after writing a few pieces of advice.




It was already 11 when he came down to have his brunch. he told his mother about his sudden appearance and how he felt he was granted Neha’s forgiveness.

And now while having his meal his eyes kept wandering everywhere in hope for that one face he wanted to see but looked like she has again locked herself to avoid him.

He filled the little spoon with water and helped Kavya have it.

“Now that you are here Son, I was thinking to visit Savitri’s ashram… every day I pushed this idea because didn’t want to leave Twinkle alone in the house unnecessarily, what do you say?” she asked him.

Mothers actually had a connection to their son’s heart, he knew she wanted to give them some alone time. He smiled inwardly on her mother’s thoughts.

“i won’t stop you if you want to go bebe.” he said taking one more paratha from the casserole.

“stay downstairs Son while I am not home cause Twinkle has injured her toe and she has difficulty in walking,” she told him and waited for him to finish his meal though she knew it was going to take time since the father and daughter were talking so much and with the talks, food was sidelined.


“Her mother in law had decided to go and visit Neha’s family today only.” she felt trapped in her own room because of his presence downstairs. Even her daughter was enjoying his company and was in no mood to cry today for any reason.

Finally lifting the curtains of hesitations she made her way to the stairs.

He had been laying on the long sofa chair and on his chest was laying her daughter hearing peacefully whatever he was mumbling, watching something on the phone.

Without making any noise she went inside the kitchen and poured herself some cool water, the scene in drawing hall has captured her soul and she wanted it forever.

“if you are free can you bring us something… maybe the lemon tea for me and some water for Kavya,” he called her from the hall and she choked on water.

It took her a moment to process he actually initiated something.

“don’t high up your spirits, he just wants to be nice to you.” her brain warned her.

But she said an “okay” before prepping for the tea and some snacks.

He wanted to be comfortable with her, now that he had talked with Neha and everything was sorted between them.


“you should initiate talks with her cause she is going through a tough situation… she won’t need your attention unless you make her live the same.” words of Neha from last night were fresh in his ears.





Hey everyone, how all of you are doing? I have seen people wanting a quick exit of Neha but Guys she is a person and life is not about deleting a person if you don’t have enough space in your heart.

People stay and how we make peace with them to start living is the thing I truly admire Also, did you guys notice she is suffering equal but she still helped Kunj.

I hope you guys liked this chapter, tell me your views and next update would be soon.

With Love Morusya.

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