Love? – Episode 2 – The Pain ‘you can never be our dad!!’

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rikara turned to see aadhira and viren. both were very angry.

viren: aadhira, give munni to anika chachi.

aadhira: ok.

she picks munni up and goes quickly.

viren: how dare you call our mum a sl*t?!

om: VIREN?!

viren: viren what? mr oberoi, how many times do i have to remind you, stay away from our mum!!

om: are you my dad? no! you are a kid so stay like one!!

viren: yeah right! you see i can’t stay like a kid when my mum gets insulted.

aadhira comes and stands next to her brother.

aadhira: mr oberoi! as i recall you called our mama names. am i not correct?

om: aadhira, shut up!

aadhira: what rights do you have to say shut up to me? none!

om: i am your father!

aadhira and viren: father?!!?!?!?

they laugh sarcastically.

aadhira: ok so if you are our father, meri first word?

om was silent.

aadhira: silent? i expected this because you were never there. meri first word was mama!

viren: and if you are really our papa, when i took my first exam, what was my result?

om was again silent.

viren: you don’t know?! 99%!!

aadhira: how are we made with you? mama, why did you marry someone who insults you, hits you and scares you?

gauri: aadhira, chup.

aadhira: no mama. this man insulted you once more. i am tired of staying quiet.

viren: exactly! everytime when you think mum has done something wrong, you hit her till she is bleeding. have you not thought that mum has kids to look after? munni? munni is only 3 and she doesn’t go to school yet so mum has to look after her a lot and when me and aadhira are back from school, she has us to look after.

aadhira: and mr oberoi, remember one thing.

both: you will never be our dad!!

the words rang in om’s head and with anger he went out of the room.

precap: meet miss cheapde.

so now you know the kids’ relationship with their father. 

and who is miss cheapde? find out in next chappy.

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