My Love……Will come BACK! (DevAkshi fs) Part 1

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I know I’m quite late but sorry my tests have started so I was busy studying but since I got time I’m writing so enjoy!

**********PART 1**********

It was a blissful morning our couple DevAkshi sleeping in each others embrace, one of Dev’s hand was on Sona’s cut baby bump as she’s 5 month pregnant and the other hand was hugging her. The sun rays hit Dev’s eyes and he got up and was happy to find his lady love at his sight he pecked her lips and got up and got fresh soon even Sona came down

Sona: Dev…
Dev : (interrupts) Ur not going to hospital
Sona : (pouts) Y??
Dev : C’mon Sona ur in ur 5th month now toh don’t go
Sona : Please there’s an important patient please…ma tell him na
Ishwari : Arey beta isse jaana hai toh janne de na
Dev : Ma u also na…ugh!! Fine go

She gets happy and hugs Dev

Sona : Thank u hubby! Ok I’m going

She said and took the car and left from there, Dev noticed Ishwari little quite after her leave

Dev : Ma u fine?
Ishwari : Haan but ajeeb si ghabarat ho rahi hai
Dev : Ma don’t worry be happy
Ishwari : What don’t worry be happy…I’ll toh understand but is dil ko koun samjay
Dev : Ma chill na

Just then Dev got a call

Dev : Yes
OS :………….
Dev : What!?

Saying this tears roll down his eyes and the phone falls from his hand seeing this Ishwari gets shocked

Ishwari : Dev beta what happened
Dev : Ma chal

He takes her to XYZ road

Man : Dev sir we found Sona ma’am’s car over here

Dev was shocked to see Sona’s car in a bad state

Dev : S-Sonakshi kahan hai
Man : I don’t know sir when we reached here we only found the car

Dev was broken from inside and so was Ishwari


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    Omg..ending was scaryy…post nxt epi asap

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    Ending was quite scary
    But please write soon and a bigger one please ?

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