My Love……Will come BACK! (DevAkshi fs) Intro and Humsafars Promo

Hi all, Bharti here
Hope u remember me. I know most of u are angry on me for not posting Humsafars I’m actually thinking of ending it but I’m still posting a promo if ur still interested…and do read the intro of my new ff ?????


Scene 1

Dev : I love u a lot Sonakshi

Sona steps behind

Sona : Sorry I don’t love u

Saying this tears roll down her eyes and she runs from there

Scene 2

Sona : I’m ready to marry u!(happy)

Dev smiled at her

Scene 3

Dev : Yes I lied to u, I’m already married and I only proposed u so I can get the deal understand!!
Sona : (tears) Means u used me. Aap ne humara istamal kiya. On this place itself I told u that I’ll marry u right? But now on this place itself I’m telling u I won’t marry u!
Dev : We’ll see that, I’ll make sure I’ll marry u

Scene 4

Sona : Haan Zaki hum tumse shadi karenge agar tum khush ho
Zaki : Really!!!! Thank u so much

Saying this Zaki hugged her Dev saw all this and fumed while Sona who saw Dev smirked at him


This was the promo now the intro of my ff


Dev Dixit : A successful business tycoon stays a happy life with his wife Sonakshi Dixit
Sonakshi Dev Dixit : A Delhi’s no. 1 nutritionist and loves her caring hubby Dev, also 2 months pregnant

Plot : Dev, a business tycoon who loves his wife the most loses her in a car accident, he was all dull and gloomy after her death, but look at fate she never died she was luckily saved and so was her child in her womb all god’s grace but what will happen when she comes to know that Dev is getting married again and how will she tell Dev about their born child Suhana Dev Dixit

Stay tuned to know more..

  1. Rj12

    Loved the intro and promo
    It increased my suspicions ? So I suggest u post humsafars ff

  2. V.V.harshita

    Hey it was really awsome plzs continue posting

  3. Awesome… waiting for the episode

  4. Loved the intro

  5. Niki645

    Loved both of them !!!!

  6. Luv the introduction

  7. Priya12

    Loved the intro as well as promo ….post soon…

  8. Rakshita

    Interesting promo. Sorry I don’t know about your previous ff so can’t comment on that. But promo is good!!❣

  9. Rakshita

    Interesting promo. Sorry I don’t know about your previous ff so can’t comment on that. But promo is good!!❣❣

  10. I’m really excited for both!! Post them soon!!!

  11. Both are amazing… Intro as well as promo… Really excited to read them..So post soon
    Love ❤❤❤

  12. Simplesweety1

    Wow! Update Soon! This Seems To Be Interesting! 🙂

  13. gayatri navaratne

    intro is really very interesting I don’t know about ur humsafar’s ff so not commenting but krpkab ff is intresting pls post next episode soon

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