Love vs Revenge : Chapter 7 {Is she dead?}

Deep immediately gets up,takes his car and follows deep.The kidnappers make arohi unconscious.Deep is following them.He finally gets in front of them and stops the car.Goons come out of the van deep beats them all.Their boss come from behind and hits deep.He falls on the ground.The boss is about to kick him when deep kicks him and his phone fell.Two more come from behind and hits deep in the head.They all sit on the van and flee from there.Deep in a blurred vision looks at them


He again falls and sees a phone right beside him.He remembers the phone falling from goon pocket.

Deep:There should be some information about where are they taking arohi

He checks the phone and finds a message

Deep:Warehouse no.9 Mumbai

Deep:So they are taking arohi to Mumbai. I have to call virat

He calls him

Virat:Hello deep what happened why are you sounding so worried

Deep:Someone has kidnapped arohi.I think it’s Roma you first go and check her in jail and then find about this warehouse no 9

Virat:I am on it you just come her as soon soon as you can

Deep:I am on my way

He takes the phone and the car and drives towards the airport.He reaches there and runs towards reception

Deep:When is the next flight to Mumbai

Receptionist:One flight just left 5 minutes ago the next one is after 2 hours

Deep: Damn it book one ticket of the fastest flight to Mumbai

Receptionist:Ok sir we have booked a ticket

He sits down on a chair and thinks about all the bad things he did to arohi He starts to get emotional

Deep:I have done so many sins how am I still alive I should be the one who is punished not her

He gets a call from virat

Virat:Deep they are making a fool out of us

Deep:What do you mean

Virat:There is no warehouse 9 in Mumbai in fact it is in the mountains of shimla

Deep:Are you sure

Virat:Yes they have done it to waste our times

Deep:And what about Roma

Virat:I went to jail to see there were two prisoners in the name of Roma and tara but when I saw their faces they were two different people both of them are not in jail

Deep:I knew it . Virat come here as soon as possible I am going to save arohi and please bring some backup with you

Virat:I am already on my way


He leaves the airport in a hurry.He takes his car and drives far north.He stops at  a village he asks for directions and a man told him that it would take half an hour.

Deep:I will do anything to save her

He drives the car fast.In the warehouse arohi is tied with chains.A man throws cold water on her.She opens her eyes.Roma and tara come there


Tara:Good morning

Arohi:But you two were in jail

Roma:We escaped from there

Arohi:What do you want



Arohi:Deep will come here to save me and then you two will beg for forgiveness

Tara:No he is not

Roma:We gave him wrong proof that we took you mumbai and at this time he would have landed in Mumbai

Arohi:You two are lying deep will come here to save me

Tara:Deep will come here to see your frozen dead body

Roma:But first give is that microchip

Arohi:That’s what you want

Tara:Now tell us

Arohi:Not even in your dreams

Roma:Ok then take her outside

The goons take arohi outside they tie her up and remove her overcoat

Arohi:Don’t you dare to touch me

A man comes there with buckets of freezing cold water

Roma:It is soo hot here let’s make you feel cold

They start throwing cold water on her.After 10 buckets

Roma:You want to tell something

Arohi:(Shivering badly)Never I won’t  tell you

They again start throwing water on her.She starts to lose her senses because of hypothermia.Deep comes there and hides behind a tree he sees her being tortured



Tara:Ok then when deep will come here you know what I will do to him


Tara:Simple I will say that I am arohi and I killed tara then you will die and I will spend my life with deep

Arohi:I know him very well he can recognize me in a second

Roma:Soo much confidence

She takes a sticks and starts beating her.She falls on her knees. She sees deep  comming she looks at him

Arohi:Don’t Don’t Don’t

Deep looks at her.She signals him not to come

Arohi:Come here

Tara:Who are you talking to

Roma:She is dying so she is seeing hallucinations

Tara:Awww I can wait for deep to come here

A man comes running and gives Roma a phone


Tara:What happened

Roma:They are saying deep never boarded the flight it means he is comming

Tara:We should tie her inside

Roma:You’re right

They take her inside and tie her.Every one comes out and protect the warehouse. Deep whistles a man comes there he kills him and wears his mask.He goes to one of the goon

Deep:Sir there should be one also with the girl

Goon:Yes you’re right you go inside and look after that girl

He runs inside.Arohi looks at him as a goon.He starts to untie her she is shocked.Roma outside sees the dead body of her man and thinks that Deep has arrived She runs inside with her men and sees arohi missing.Deep and arohi are running towards the jungle.

Roma:Split in every direction they can’t go that far there should be in forest

Every goons runs in the forest.Deep and arohi are also running. Arohi falls to the ground

Arohi:I can’t you go from here

Deep:Have you gone mad here I will lift you

He picks her up and runs.But one thing is unknown to him that she is already suffering from hypothermia.Soon they both get middle of the gigantic forest.Deep puts arohi down

Arohi:De….ep I can’t mo….ve my le…gs

Deep comes near her.She falls in his embrace and faints

Deep:Arohi open your eyes

He picks her and runs further he sees an abandoned house and goes inside it.The boss of the goons call them back

Roma:What are you doing

Goon:Let’s wait till the morning I know exactly where they are

Tara:so much confidence

Roma:Are you sure


Roma:Then tonight is their last night

Tara:What do you mean by their

Roma:I mean her

Deep makes her lay on the bed.He checks her nerves and temperature

Deep:Hypothermia I knew it but what can I do she is all wet

He remembers taking a backpack with him.He takes out Warm clothes

Deep:I also want sheets

He searches the house and finds some sheets

Deep:Please don’t kill me if I do this

He looks away and changes her clothes.He puts sheets on her.Virat calls him

Deep:Listen we are in a forest they are chasing us Arohi has fallen sick come here immediately

Virat:Deep I can’t here you

Deep:Hello Virat hello

Virat:Deep hello deep

He cuts the call.

Deep:My car is also on the other side how am I going to get her to a doctor

The goons spot deep car.

Goon:Look his car I am sure in the morning he will come here and then they both will die

He and roma laughs.Virat reaches shimla and goes to a police station He starts to inquire about the location of that warehouse

Virat:I have to save both of them

Deep touches arohi again

Deep:It is spreading in her body she getting cold and cold I somehow have to wake her up

He goes outside to collect some woods.
He takes some wood to the house and tries to make fire with them.While making fire he hurts his hands but after sometime a glowing red fir starts.He takes Arohi near the fire

Deep: open your eyes just a little bit but open them

He rubs her hands.He checks her heartbeat

Deep:No No No this can’t be please open your eyes I can live without you I will die

He tries to make her heart beat again

Deep: open your eyes you are my life without you I am nothing

He sees her breaths fading away.

Deep:I have to do this

He starts to give her mouth to mouth and then also gives her CPR

Deep:Breath come on

Finally arohi opens her eyes a little bit.Deep cries.He covers her up and makes her feel warm


Deep:Shh don’t say anything I won’t let anything happen to you


Deep:For what

Arohi:No…t trust……ing y….ou

Deep:Who will trust a man like me who would love me but you did you did


Deep:I said sleep you’re very weak now so please sleep

He hugs her tightly kisses her forehead and makes her sleep.Arohi sleeps

Deep:I swear if anything happens to you I will not be able to forgive myself

He sleeps

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