I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-7

I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-6

days are passing..ragini tries to convince sanskar for her oparation but.he was not at all ready to agree…
Sanskar came from office nd back hugs ragini who stood near window ,lost somewhere..
Sanskar:what are u thinking dear..
Ragini:vo..swara got deliver..she blessed with baby boy..
Ragini:vo..laksh called nd asked us to come to see baby..when will we go
Sanskar:no need to go anywhere
Ragini:kyun sanskar..she is my sister..i wanna see her nd her baby..
Sanskar(brks d hug):i will get fresh nd come..we will hav dinner
Ragini:sanskar..im asking u something..
Sanskar:i said no…no more questions..
saying he goes to washroom..ragini stood annoyed…

Sanskar came out from washroom nd sees ragini who sat sadly..
Sanskar:dont be sad dear..
Ragini:dont talk to me sanskar
Sanskar:dear listen to me once
Ragini:what sanskar..y u always say no to me..y dont u understand my feelings..what had happend happend..they are our family…
Sanskar:but they accused u for no resaon
Ragini:not all sanskar..only pari bhabi..
Sanskar:but they didnt try to stop pari bhabi nahh..they should hav stopped her..
Ragini:sanskar u are misunderstanding them…they love us so much..
Sanskar:leave it ragini
Ragini:plzz sanskar..we will go.i wanna see baby
Ragini:then i wont talk to u
Sanskar:fine..dont talk
Ragini looks at him with sad pout…
Sanskar:come hav dinner..
Ragini:i said i dont wanna talk to u..
Sanskar:who askd u to talk..i askd to come for dinner..
Ragini(glares at him):u go nd eat
Sanskar smiles..he lifts her in his arms nd takes her to dining..
Ragini struggles to free herself…
Sanskar:stop it..u knw..i wont leave u..
Ragini turns her face annoyingly..
He makes her sit in his lap nd feeds her dinner forcebly..
After having dinner he took her to their room..
sanskar:dont look at me like this dear
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar screams loud holding his heart..
Ragini:kya hua sanskar
sanskar:u are shooting me with ur eyes..it was piercing my heart..
Ragini looked at him knitting her eyebrows..sanskar pulled her on him..she pushed him nd goes to washroom..
Sanskar smiles..

30min passed ragini doesnt come out..sanskar gets worried..
Sankar:ragini..y r u taking this much time..
no response
Sanskar:ragini are u ok
no response
Sanskar:ragini open d door
no response
sanskar(tensed):ragini what are u doing..plzzz say something
Ragini:u said dont talk.. so i kept quite(she said with crying voice)
Sanskar(worried):are u crying..
Ragini:its nothing matter to u
sanskar:plzz dear dont cry..
Ragini:no..i wont..let me cry
Sanskar:first open d door..
Sanskar:plzz dear..we will talk..come out
Ragini:i wont come untill u agree to go..
Sanskar:fine..we will go tomorrow to see swara..now come…
Ragini who was crying,wipes her fake tears..she smiles evilly nd says to herself shabhas ragini ur plan got worked..
Sanskar:are u listening..
Ragini:really u will take me naa
Sanksar:haa dear..come
ragini:pakka promise
Sanskar:pakka promise..plzz come out
Ragini smiles..
As soon as she opens the door..sanskar hugged her..
Sanskar:are u mad what type of crazyness is this..
Sanskar(brk sd hug):how many times i told u .dont cry for everything..
Ragini:i didnt cry..i jst acted(she said biting lower lip)
Ragini smiles mischiviously..
Sanskar understand she did drama to make him agree..he glares at her nd goes to bed nd sleeps ignoring her..Ragini too goes nd sleeps beside him..
Ragini:dont be angry(she said pouting)
Sanskar closed his eyes..ragini smiles..she romantically runs her finger through his face..
sanskar(opened his eyes):stop doing that
Ragini giggles as she knw howmuch it effects to him..she teasingly rubs her thumb on his lips..sanskar removes her thumb nd turned otherside..
Ragini back hugs him nd pulls blanket over themselves..
Ragsan came to mumbai to see swara nd baby…they comes to hospital where swara had admitted..all r happy seeing ragsan..ragini smiles seeing them but sanskar jst stood stern..pari looks at them with guilt…
Sanskar:badi maa plzz…
Ap gets sad..ragini feels bad..
Ragsan entered inside of room where swara was..swalak r very happy seeing ragsan..
Ragini hugs swara who was resting on bed…sanlak also hugs eo..
Swara gives baby to ragini..
Ragini took d baby in her arms happily..the baby holds ragini finger…ragini felt happy…
Laksh:thanks bhai
Sanskar smiles faintly.
Laksh:bhai ,y dont u both stay hete with us..
Sanskar:sorry laksk..plz dont talk that topic..
Laksh feels sad..
Sanskar looks at ragini who was playing with baby happily ,he looked at her painfully..
They spent sometime…
Sanskar:ragini chalo
Ragini face fell..she wants to spent some more time with baby…
Laksh:bhai..stay some more time naa
Sanskar:no laksh..we have to go..come ragini..
Ragini kissed baby forehead nd gave to swara nd bid bye to her..
Sanskar:bye laksh..take care of baby..
Laksh nodded..
Ragsan comes out of room where family there..
Ragini:badi maa we r going
Ap looks at sanskar painfully..
Dp:sanskar ,stay here with us naa..all are missing u both..
Sanskar:sorry badipapa.
Sanskar:sry bhai..i dont wanna talk..
All stood helpless..
They took elders blessings nd leaves…
Ragini got fresh..she stood infront of dress combing her hair..she was lost..
Sanskar:kya dear
Ragini:did u see..swalak nd our family very happy about baby na…u knw howmuch happy swara was..she is lucky..her eyes got moist..
Sanskar can sense what she must thinking about…nd knw what will happen next..he closed eyes nd takes deep breath…
Sanskar neard her nd hugs her from back pressing her waist seductively..
Ragini gasped sanskar name..he remove hair from back nd pulled her blouse knot nd kisses her back..he takes pin of her pallu..
Ragini(turns at sanskar):sa…sanskar what are u doing..
Sanskar placed his lips om her before she complted her words…he kissed her soft yet passionately…ragini closed her eyes holding sanskar coaller tight..
Sanskar brks d kiss,he lifts her in his arms ,ragini keeps on looking at him…he makes her lie on bed nd comes over her..he makes love with her,making her forget all pain,with his love…

Sanskar kissed her forehead..
Sanskar:u knw na how much i love u
Ragini nodded
Sanskar:i love u so much ragini..i dont want loose u…every moment which i have spent with u ,very precious to me..i want live with u till my last breath…plzz dont think thst operation..i want u in my whole life.i want u madly..
Ragini looks into his intense eyes ,which express immense love for her nd the fear to loose her…
She hugged him tight..more tight..

im sry,if anyone feel there is unwanted romance..

cover pic credit to:anisha sis(thank u sis)

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