love u till my last my last breathe (episode 5) by mehak

Hello! Everyone.Thank u so much for beautiful comments and love….so sorry for late update.upcoming scenes in ishqbaaz is going to be very funny guys anika kicks shivaay. so here’s my next episode of my ff “Love u till my last breathe”.hope u all enjoy.
Recap-Mr.rathore comes in OM and tell that anika is my daughter.after DNA test it proves that anika is daughter of mr.rathore.anika ask her dad why he leaves her.
Mr.rathore-nothing like that my child .i tell u what happened on that day.on that day u,your small sister and we r going to temple for pooja but becoz of some work i can’t with u and becoz of that work i decided to come later.and u both arrive for temple.aftersome time i get news that car get blast and i think u both dead.after that we leave india.
Anika feels weak and she sat on her knee and starts crying.shivaay comes near her to console her. shivaay told her not to cry.but anika doesn’t listen him and goes to her dad and hugs him tightly.
Mr.rathore-sorry beta.

Anika -don’t say sorry dad its not your fault it’s fault of our luck.
Mr.rathore(angry)-no it’s not fault of our luck it’s fault of of these oberois.
Anika-what do u mean dad?
Mr.rathore-tej and shakti singh oberoi’s are responsible for that.they plan the bomb blast.
Anika-how can u say that dad?Tej uncle and shakti uncle can’t do this.
Mr.rathore-no anika u are very innocent.on that time we r big business rival of,they can do that.they think that i also travel in that car but nothing happened like but my bad luck that u and chutki travel on that car.
Shivaay-enough i can’t hear a single word against my family.
Mr.rathore-we r not intersted to talk u ?i just come here to take my daughter back.i can’t leave her here.

Anika-but dad?
Mr.rathore-no but what anika.let’s go from here.
He holds her hand and starts going from there.anika looks at shivaay and shivaay looks at anika very painfully becoz they think its last day to see each other.
After mr.rathore and anika goes from there.shivaay goes to her room.he starts crying.he remembers all cute moment he spend with anika.omru also come there.
Omru consoles him.
Shivaay-anika mujhe chodhkar nhi ja sakti.nhi ja sakti.(she can’t leave me she can’t)
Om-don’t say like that.u have trust on anika bhabhi(shivaay says yes).she done all ok.
Rudra-yes bhaiya bhabhi is super women.she never leave us alone.
Shivaay-omru i have blind trust on anika.because of her dad if leaves me so.
Omru also gets worrried but they don’t show to shivaay.

Shivaay-i think u both should go to your room and take rest.
Om gets that shivaay wants to spend sometime alone.they both goes from there.
Anika and his father enters in mansion.she sees one lady is waiting very worriedly for somebody.
Mr.rathore-anika she is your mother.
she goes near and hugs her mom so tightly and starts crying.after many she gets her tell anika to go her room and take rest .her mother take her to her room.but her mother sees anika is no happy.
kanika(anika’ mother)-are u not happy dear?
anika-no mom.i m very happy.

Tears starts rolling from her eyes.after watching anika tears.
kanika-u can’t lie to me. tell me what happened.
anika gets emotionol keeps her head on her mother lap.her mother starts console her.
anika(crying)-i m very happy mom that i get my family get but i m also sad becoz i also get seprated from my another family(oberoi family).they always support me.and shivaay i acn’t live without her mom.god gives me family back but my father hates those people which i love the most.why he do this with me.why?
After hearing anika words her mom ask her-do u love shivaay?
Anika-yes mom i love him till my last breathe.

kanika-he loves u?
anika-don’t know mom.he don’t show his felling to anyone easily.
kanika-anika i can’t do anything becoz your father hates oberois very much.i think u should leave them.after saying that she leaves from there
after hearing her mom words she gets shocked.
after 2-3 hours her father comes to her room.

Anika-yes dad
Mr.rathore-anika i want to talk u something very important thing.i want that u give divorce to shivaay.i know in which situation your marriage happens so u give divorce to him ok .tomorrow we will go to oberoi mansion u will give divorce to him ok.
after saying this he leaves from there.
anika-why god u always done to me when i have naam,khoon and khandan.i have shivaay my strength but now when i have that but i don’t have shivaay.what i do one side i have shivaay,my devars,dadi,my family and another side i have my mom and dad.what i choose what plz help me god.

precap-they both go to OM and Mr.rathore ask shivaay to give,guess suys what is anika choice his dad or his love shivaay.keep reading.

bye.hope u all enjoy i will post next one soon..i take my decision that which person anika will choose so u also tell what will be anika choice…..

  1. Rithik

    I think Anika ko choose shivaay karna chahiye because when she is alone he is with her now she get faimly she can’t leave him for her selfish reasone and i am not saying this because we all love shivika i am saying this as a person as a situation right now Anika is and your epispde is darwajatod

    1. Mehakchalag

      thank u rithik…i like your point…keep reading.

  2. Nice one…

    1. Mehakchalag

      thank u vanshika..

  3. Superb……Very big suspense……Waiting…..

    1. Mehakchalag

      thank u ayissha..i will try to post ASAP.

    1. Mehakchalag

      thank u shainaya so much..

  4. Madhu.r

    next update soon plzz

    1. Mehakchalag

      thank u madhu.r for reading….i will try to post ASAP.

  5. AMkideewani

    Superb, I hope Anika chooses Shivaay

    1. Mehakchalag

      thank u crazygirlS.P.keep reading.

  6. sorry dear for not commenting your previous part. actually I didn’t read that part. I read that before I reading this part. That part was an nice episode dear. Today episode was an awesome and emotional episode dear. I’m happy that anika get her family back and the same time I’m sad because, she was forced by her father to leave her life, her support system shivay. when anika ‘s mother asked her do you love shivay and anika answered “I love shivay till my last breathe “that was the sweetest and best moment of this episode. I think anika choose shivay over her father. because she have get her father and mother in recent time. but before that shivay was only person who care her in her bad moments and give his life one time to save her life during the lohari function and support her and when she fears darkness and his arms are the only one place to remove her fear. He was love her but can’t express his feelings towards her. He love her as serf anika and not anika Singh ratore. he can’t live without her and also she can’t live without him. so I think anika choose shivay over her father. I don’t know about anika ‘s decision. so I’m waiting for knowing Anika’s decision. update soon……….

    1. Mehakchalag

      love your comment dear…i like your points..thank u sooo much for this lovely problem for not commenting in previous part. i can understand…….i will try to post soon next part soon.

  7. Sairan

    Fantastic Twist sounds interesting

    1. Mehakchalag

      thank u sairan.keep reading..

  8. Mehakchalag

    so sorry guys for grammatical mistakes after reading my ff again i realize i have many grammatical mistakes so sorry for that…..

  9. Superb dr and what will.her decision do update soon dr……..

    1. Mehakchalag

      thank u dear…

  10. Dhar

    Awesome episode, plzz make her father accept their relationship n post the next update ASAP

    1. Mehakchalag

      thank u dhar.plz wait for sometime..keep reading.

  11. Alekhika20

    Superb part

  12. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… Of course Anika will choose shivaay… Because he is her strength..

  13. Gayathri.visu

    Interesting…. But whatever Mr.rathore doing is definitely wrong. If Shivaay is wrong then Mr. Rathore also wrong. Bcz he also forces Anika to give divorce to Shivaay. She has her own feelings. Why no one considers her feelings??? I know Shivaay is wrong, but she loves him! She can’t live without him! Moreover anika parents found her recently but before that Shivaay is the one who always support her. So only Anika has the right to take decision about her life. I don’t want her father take that decision. Waiting for Anika’s(yours) decision.

  14. Awesome….I think anika will choose shivaay.

  15. Super episode. Eagerly waiting for the next one

  16. Aryaraju

    Good one.. Waiting for the next update ??

  17. Awesome epi Mehek…… I think anika choose shivaay(a wild guess)…… Waiting 4 nxt…

  18. Niriha

    Awesome epi…I feel bad for anika it’s very tough situation to choose her father or her love waiting for next part update soon

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