Your love taught me meaning of life-epi 1

Hi guys I m here . Thanks to everyone who has given a lot of support to me which will help me to write my ff as per ur wishes.
And ya kunj is a cool but flirty guy who always flirt with the girls but never fell in love . Actually he dont know what is true love.He made many frnds unlike twi.He is an arts student and twu is medical student .Theh both are in same college but never talked to each other also they were in same class upto 10 but they never talked as twi was a boring girl. He has many gfs and maje new gfs every dat so he forget them very soon. Their families are friends with each other and every year they go on a trip together except twi as she always studies and never go out of home.kunj os lover of drawing and aspires to become an artist.He loves to draw paintings of sceneric beauty and he is excellent in that.

EPI -1
Twis room She slept on her study table only.For the whole night she was studying. Her alarm rings she gets up and starts getting ready ( but her college is at 8 o ‘ clock then why so early think. …) its only 5 o clock and she us ready in jeans and a very simple top with her hair tied into a single plate (not a pony tail but plates we do in skool that ) she is looking very simple and as if not interested in any type of fashion. She took her kit and went to kitchen drank glass of juice and went ti a place.Place is a vry beautiful scenery type where sunrise is going to be there and bird are chirping a small lake is there with cool and calm breeze blowing.Twi sat near the lake and guess what again she took out her books and start studying. Then only she feels smthng in her hair she opens the rubber band and unfolds her single plate to shove off the thing. It was a bug which she shove off but she was not having comb so she tied ger hair temporarily into a loose bun ( jooda ) and again started studying ( boring girl huh. .) Just then a handsome boy with perfect abs entered there with a canvass and drawing papers and other things for the use in drawing and all drawing material but twi was engrossed in studying it si she did not noticed that kunj was also there and kunj also didnt noticed that twi was there.He was few cms away from twi. He keot his things there and started drawing but twi didnt notice d him. An hiur passed it was now time for them to go back Twi put her books in her kit and was holding a book full of notes in her hand and deepky engrossed in studying it si she did not noticed that kunj was also there.Kunj also packed his materials and his back facing twi.He sudenly rremember that his paint brush was left so he turned to pik it up and BOOM BOOM. He collided with twi.Book in twis hand escaped and notes in it started flying over them.Tqis was abt to fall but our hero saved her from falling by holding ger in his arms. All the notes were flying over them and they were engrossed in each others eyes.kunj ( is a cool and a flirt ) he tucks her hair behind her ears and both have a coye and long eyelock.And then they realised that they were all drenched in paints as when they collided paints in kunjs hand fall over them.And then…………


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    Thanks to all of u and ya i m very sorry for typing errors i ve read that there are so many errors inm my ff so a bada wala sorry for that and ya i will try my best to eradicate these stupid errors nxt time and guys pls feel free for ideas and suggestions whether positive or negative.Till then BYE TC ALL.

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