Our love – A swasan story Part 1

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It is from the first day of swasan’s fake marriage and the reason Swara was apologizing to Sanskaar will be revealed soon.
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Our lovely couple were sleeping peacefully and Sanskaar’s sleep broke due to knock on the door and of course it was the wicked Ragini.
Sanskaar opened the door and

Ragini: Sanskaar ji today is Swara’s first day in this house as the daughter in law so I hope that my jethani woke up early and here are some dresses…… (couldn’t complete)
Sanskaar being extremely annoyed with Ragini’s behaviour locked the door on her face not listening her more. As Sanskaar turns towards Swara he finds her sleeping peacefully but some kind of restlessness and she suddenly woke up and ran to washroom, again she was puking. Sanskaar being worried for her called the doctor.
As soon as she came out Sanskaar gave her water and cupped her face and in a concerned way asked her the reason for her being unwell.

Sanskaar: Swara you had something from outside yesterday before our wedding and something stale that you are vomiting and your tummy being upset.
Swara with a pale face replied, I don’t know Sanskaar and yeah I had a few puchkas from the roadside near the temple where we married.
(yeah in my story swasan are truly married and the reason for Swara apologizing to Sanskaar is something before their marriage)

Sanskaar looked at her in disbelief and said: in the mean while when I went to talk to the priest for the wedding you ate the puchkas…unbelievable, I mean how could you Swara I would have taken you to a restaurant for puchkas but road side one.
Before Swara could reply the doctor came for checking Swara. On seeing the doctor Swara opened her mouth wide and looked at the doctor and Sanskaar in disbelief. On knowing about the food poisoning doctor gave Swara an injection and asked her to rest for a day and she would be fine.
Sanskaar came downstairs for leaving the doctor and till then everyone had gathered in the hall for daily morning aarti.

On seeing Sanskaar with the doctor Annapurna asked the reason for the doctor to be here in the morning.
Sanskaar: maa Swara is not well so I called the doctor.
Annapurna: but what happened to her??
Sanskaar: ma she had puchkas yesterday so got food poisoning. So doctor gave her injection and said that she would be fine in sometime.
On hearing about the puchkas Ragini remembered when they were SWARAGINI and use to have competition that who would have more puchkas and always Swara used to win as she just love puchkas.

Again Ragini decided to jump in between and said,
But Sanskaar ji as doctor said she would be fine so I think that she should come downstairs for aarti as she is the daughter in law of this house.

Sanskaar while trying to control his anger said: Mom your are Swara’s mother in law right? ( to which Sujata nodded) thenwara should do rather than her devarani should so…now onwards Swara’s devarani ji please don’t try to become my wife’s mother in law as she already got two so better remember before speaking that you are talking about your bhabhi and I don’t think that the daughter in law of Maheshwari’s call their elders by name and badmouth about them hmm..
Saying this Sanskaar left towards his room.

here is the next part and please tell how mich you all liked it in the comment box below

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  1. Kakali

    Awesome..!! Loved it Gauri, Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Gauri0503

      thank you so much kakali

  2. awesome update next part soon

  3. Simi


    1. Gauri0503

      thank you simi

  4. Gauri0503

    guys sorry for the mistake in the story
    correction is here
    Sanskaar: mom you are Swara’s mother in law right then you will tell what swara should do rather than her devarani so…

  5. Nagamanasa

    Awesome strt Gauri…post next one soon

    1. Gauri0503

      thank you nagamanasa ans i will post it today

  6. Manasvi

    It’s awesome..
    Loving it..

  7. Its really interesting.Update soon dear

  8. Phoniex

    lovely gauri

  9. Rosey

    I love it…but it’s short…please post next one a little longer yar…it’s one of my fav ff please post sooner and longer please….

    1. Gauri0503

      thank you rosey and i’m glad that u like it

  10. Tamil


  11. Mumpi

    wow sanskaar ne toh mooh band karwa diya. superb.

  12. Sus

    Awesome awesome dear, i really love this dialong sanky said
    you started amazingly dear
    waiting waiting

  13. Nice dear I loved it plz make long part

  14. Wonderful….plz make it long one plz

    1. Gauri0503

      sure i will make it a longer one and thank u

  15. Hahaha sanky uss chudail nagini ki muhh band kar diya..dat was hilarious..and chappy was amazng

  16. Wow loved it

  17. Gayathri.visu

    Excellent…. Update next part soon.

    1. Gauri0503

      thank u visu

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  19. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Update soon

  20. Independent

    loved it dear

  21. Seebu_s

    nice dear

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