Love struggle… Will we unite? – part 2 (b) (TWO SHOTS)

hello friends..iam back with last episode 😊. It is enjoy reading it and please do comment 😊.

hello friends..iam back with last episode 😊. It will be read and enjoy and please comment on it..

Anand gets shocked and sneaks into the room shocking Laura but he acts as if he dint hear anything..

Laura:you? Why did you come here?

Anand:to get answers from you..what control did you loose because of me?and why will your parents kill for that?

Laura stumbles..

Laura in mind:he shouldn’t know that i love him..

Laura:no.. nothing. I..i blabbered ou..out of control. I..i was upset th.. thinking of escape from the hall..i gave a wrong reason.

Anand in mind: shit..i thought to make her confess but still she is adamant. Why is scared of her parents this much?i will make her confess and will guarantee her protection..

Anand:fine. Now you are so to make your mood come with me to a disco party where my movie set people are there too. So that you will feel better..

Laura:no..i don’t want to come. Please leave from here..

Suddenly grandma and grandpa enters and..

Grandma: what’s wrong with you child? If you go out only you can feel go and enjoy with Anand and come.

Grandpa:yes.. don’t tie yourself inside the house. Just go out for sometime and come..

Laura:but iam not interested..

Grandma: you will get interested when you go with him. So just go now without giving any excuse..

Without any options Laura agrees and she goes with Anand and she stumbles before entering the disco party..

Laura:why..why is this place looking like this? please take me soon from here ok?

Anand:ok..i will take you soon. This place is where you have to dance and enjoy.

Laura:what? So i should dance?

Anand:yes.. don’t feel bad. You will enjoy once you go inside..

Anand takes Laura inside and introduces her with his movie mates and later they meet kejriwal too..

Kejriwal:who is this Anand?

Anand:she is my friend in mumbai. Her grandparents are living here so she came here to stay for few days and it was a coincidence that we met here also sir.

Kejriwal:ohh.. that’s sweet. Beta.. Anand is so enjoy with him nicely here.

Laura becomes sad..

Laura in mind: he is so good..that’s why my heart have fallen for him. Even i want to spend time with him but i shouldn’t because when i get closer then i can’t control myself and it will be very difficult to part away as my parents wont allow for this relation..

Laura:ok sir..

Kejriwal smiles and talks with Anand for some more time while Laura feels dizzy and gets shocked..

Laura in mind: what happened to me suddenly? Why am i feeling dizzy?i should drink some water..

Laura sees somewhere a liquid kept on glass bottle and thinks it as water..

Laura in mind:thank god..water is there. I will go and drink some water.

Laura goes and drinks that glass full of liquid..

After some time anand finds Laura not there near him and gets shocked..

Anand in mind:where is Laura? She was standing with me only then where did she go?

He looks here and there and suddenly he sees Laura standing on the stage and and gets shocked..

Anand in mind:ohh godd..what is she doing on stage? Why is she standing weird?

Anand immediately runs and holds Laura..

Anand:hey..what happened? You was with me only right then why did you come here?

Laura sees him in intoxicated manner and pushes him angrily.. idiot..rascal. you know how i love you? I love you Anand..but why dint you propose me yet?

Anand gets shocked on her behaviour and he sees her holding wine bottle..
Anand: i think she has drunk that’s why she is behaving like this. But why did she drink?

Laura:iam asking you only..why dint you propose me for marriage? Come we will run away and marry because my parents will kill me if they know that i love you.

Anand gets shocked on her behaviour..

Anand:no..we will wait for sometime. Your parents will accept us..

Laura hugs him and cries.. parents won’t accept any love marriage that too you are different religion so they will surely chase you away from me.. so please don’t leave me. I want only you.. please marry me nowatself and we will live somewhere happily.

Anand in mind:so she loves me truly. Now i found the reason of why she was’s because of her strict parents i think. Now i have to control her as she had drunk..

Anand hugs her tightly and..

Anand: we are in dancing we will dance nicely and then we will get married ok baby?

Laura gets convinced and smiles..

Laura: okay..

They both hold each other and dance romantically..

Aaha Adada Penne

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Unnai Maranthida Mudiyathey

Omana Penne Uyir Tharuvathu Sarithaaney

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Sad that still Laura didn’t tell anand why she kept herself away from him.the drunk Laura confessing her love to anand was lovely.laura revealing why she is scared to be in a relationship was nice.laura requesting anand to marry her as she can live without him was emotional.

  2. Jasminerahul

    Laura anand disco dance was Nice.finally Laura admitting her love for anand was emotional. Anand telling her to fight for love as no love story is successful was nice.nice dialogues. Anand staring at Laura at the terrace n she smiling was romantic.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Anand Laura puppy scene was cute. Anand complimenting her beauty n kissing her cheek was romantic.flower proposal was romantic. Ring scene…anand giving many kisses to Laura was very romantic. Anand teasing Laura was funny.they feeding each other..the dialogues n the dance were romantic. Which girl saw them with a shock?

  4. upload twin trouble last part please

    1. Kifu

      Will surely upload within this week

    2. Revu

      I read all parts today only, you did complete justice to the plot, I really got the feel of Vinnai thandi Varuvaya movie here, Laura and Anand’s true love was depicted with soulful writing, I literally enjoyed the feeling very much here. Beautiful one. If possible can you please write a story based on the movie Enna solla pogirai movie. You can choose any pair from any of your favourite serial.

  5. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that neha iyer is the girl who saw anand Laura together.she recording their scene n showing it to tej was really irritating.anand making Laura meet his family was sweet.cake scene n glittering ball scene were nice.anand Laura scene when anand said that he has to go for 3 months shoot was emotional.

  6. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that Laura n david are ayaan’s children from his first wife with whom he had love marriage n she cheated him.that’s why he doesn’t like his children having love marriage.sad that Laura decided to sacrifice her love.surprised to see ShivIn here.surprised to see yudkbh sunaina as it true that Laura got married married in US?I feel its not true. Surprised to see shivika as the lead pair of anand’s movie.seeing them dance,anand remembering his romantic moments with Laura was romantic.

  7. Jasminerahul

    Surprising that the movie’s story is anand Laura’s love story.anand meeting Laura was very nice.its a superb twist that Laura is not married n it’s her look alike naira who got married.hishaan naira’s love story was interesting. Something similar was shown in my rajarani story.surprising that hishaan naira’s love story made ayaan change his views n accepted anand Laura.glad that anand Laura got was nice.surprised to see anand Laura with their daughter Mary.superb pics.loved this story very much.missed ashi in the last part.

    1. Kifu

      Thank you so much 😊. Thank you for long comment 😊. And iam sorry that i couldn’t end Ashi chapter😢.

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