Our love story (SwaSan FS) prologue & character sketch by Ziya

Our Love Story

Prologue & Character Sketch

Malhotra  Mansion

1 AM

It was raining heavily when a car stopped infront of the mansion . A man holding a girl by hand came out of the car and pressed the calling bell.

Yamini Ankush Raman Ishitha and Rudra came out of their room hearing the bell.

Yamini : who’s it (she said to herself and opened the door)

Ankush :sanskar you here

Yamini : you were in Kolkata and how…. (suddenly she saw someone hiding behind his back) who’s it Sanskar

(The girl came front revealed to be Swara . Swara and Sanskar were holding each others hands and swara gripped it tightly seeing everyone looking at her)

Ishitha : who’s she Sanskar ?

Sanskar : Mom Dad Bhabhi She’s Swara my wife . Im married!!

Yamini steps back shockingly . All were shocked but Raman was standing while putting his both hands in his waist and laughing silently . While Rudra was controlling his laugh .

Character Sketch

Sanskar Malhotra : A 25 year business man . He is a cool person but when he got anger nobody can control him . In love with Swara . 2nd son of Yamini and Ankush . Loves his family .

Swara Agarwal : A 20 year college going girl . Loves Sanskar . She is a very innocent type . Always scared of everyone.

Yamini and Ankush : Raman Sanskar Rudra and Priyanka’s father. Ishita’s FIL and MIL . Ruhi’s Grandparents 

Raman and Ishitha : Sanskar Rudra and Priyanka’s brother and sister – in – law

Rudra and Priyanka : Siblings of Raman and Sanskar .

Guys how’s the update .I don’t know why but I’ll  not get sleep if i didn’t write the story which came in my mind ?? . This idea was playing in my mind for the last 5 days and finally i wrote . Hope you like this . This is a simple love story containing 5 parts. Pls comment and vote if you like my work



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