Love Story Of Demi-Djinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 16

In Junaid Mahal

The episode starts with Aman coming downstairs to take part in Saima’s Manjha ceremony, with a gloomy face, eyes filled with tears and completely lost in thoughts of Roshni. He is still reminiscing the way his eyes filled up a few minutes ago, and is unable to control his emotions. Saima notices him and calls him towards her, as he is about to go towards her, Rubina comes there. Aman & Anjum feel relieved to see her, while Baby gets confused and asks, “Ammi, who is this WOMAN???” Anjum bangs her head and says, “Baby, don’t you know TABEEZI????” Baby continues, “Oh yeah, Tabeezi!!! But Ammi, who is TABEEZI???” Anjum hits her hand on her forehead and whispers into Baby’s ears, “Baby, Tabeezi is the one who READS IL-ME-DJINN and gives us solutions to fight with djinns!!!” Baby panics and starts shouting, “Oh, my gawd!! Oh, my gawd!!! Where is the djinn??? Where is the djinn???” All the guests turn towards her in amazement, while Anjum glowers angrily towards her. Baby sticks out her tongue and says, “Oh I was just singing the song, JINN JINN AAKHON MEIN HAI PYAAR…… (all those eyes which have love) and distracts the guests.

Rubina comes near Anjum, Parveen and Baby. Parveen gets vexed and looks away. Anjum says, “Alḥamdulillāh, that you came to help Aman after all that he said to you!!!”, Rubina replies, “Khair Ammi, Aman is my SON too!!!” Parveen interrupts in the middle and says, “Don’t you dare call my Aman, Saima, Sara to be your children, Rubina!!! You snatched my husband from me, but don’t you try to come close to any of my children!!! It was only for them that I agreed to share with you MY HUSBAND, but don’t expect the same to happen in case of my children, it is our helplessness that we have to take help from you otherwise I would have never agreed to allow you to come into my HOUSE!!!” Parveen finishes by giving a dirty look on Rubina who is broken into tears. Anjum tries to handle the situation by composing Parveen saying, “Parveen this is not the time for you to show your RIVALRY towards Tabeezi!!! We have to think about Aman as he is becoming more and more restless which is dangerous for all of us as his DEMI-DJINN form can come out at any moment during Saima’s wedding and only Tabeezi can help us!!!” Parveen simmers down, however keeps giving disgusted looks to Rubina.

Aman comes there and greets Rubina saying “As-salāmu ʿalaykum, Choti Ammi!!!” All are shocked. Rubina in tears of joy responds, “Wa ʿalaykumu s-salām, Aman!!!” Anjum and Baby smile while Parveen’s eyes widen in pain, tears roll down from them down her cheek, she wipes them and asks in a shaky voice, “Aman you are giving this woman my PLACE in your LIFE JUST LIKE YOUR ABBU!!!” Aman responds saying, “Ammi you are my AMMI and will remain so till my DEATH!!! But that cannot restrict me from accepting Tabeezi as a member of our family……” he stops himself holds his fists tights, catches his breath and says, “….as JUNAID KHAN’S second wife, RUBINA JUNAID KHAN and as my CHOTI AMMI” All are shocked on Aman’s declaration. While he continues, “If Tabeezi can forgive whatever ill I said to her and come for my help while considering me as her son, then I too can forgive her for whatever happened in the past and accept her as a part of our family!!!” Parveen is in for a shock. She runs inside to her room in tears. Aman feels disappointed for hurting his Ammi, and tries to go and console her but Anjum stops him saying, “Aman, we don’t have much time, you have to reach Roshni somehow, let Parveen stay alone for some time which will make her feel better!!!” Aman nods in sorrow and proceeds to the library with Anjum, Baby and Rubina.

In Parveen’s Room

Parveen is crying bitterly on her bed with her knees pulled upwards towards her face, reminiscing on whatever Aman had just told her. She thinks, “What is happening to my Aman, he is addressing that woman “Ammi???” when he knows well, it was all because of her, that I lost JUNAID.” She then becomes anxious, and wipes her tears saying, “No, no already I lost MY JUNAID and……” she stops herself goes to her cupboard and takes out a photo, rubs her fingers on it saying, “MY KABIR!!!!” tears fall onto the photo as she pronounces Kabir’s NAME.

In Djinaad’s PALACE

Kabir feels a jerk inside him, when Parveen pronounces his name, he closes his eyes and touches his heart, tears roll down his face. However, Sifrati djinn inside him takes control over him. Kabir then opens glowing blue eyes and roars. The whole palace gets shaken, while both Rakh djinn and Roshni in her prison cell tremble in fear at the sudden uproar of voice. Again, he shouts “PARVEEN!!!!”

In Junaid Mahal

Parveen in her room trembles on hearing the voice, she recognises the voice and calls out “Jaddunā???” (Grandfather), Kabir’s photo frame from her hand falls down and the glass pieces scatter everywhere, Parveen runs forward with the glass pieces piercing her feet and oozing blood out of them, however Parveen does not care about her wounds and limps forward to close all the windows. As she closes all of them, she looks up into sky in tears and asks, “Hay Allah!!! Both my sons became his TARGET because I’m from his LINEAGE, I’ve already lost KABIR, but AMAN, tawakkaltu al-allah (I put my trust on Allah!!), send someone to save Aman from his clutches!!!”

In the library

Aman explains everything to Rubina that had happened including his sudden transformation into human from his demi-djinn form, his eyes filling with tears and on regaining consciousness how he had found turmeric smudged over his chest. Rubina comes closer and sees the turmeric on his chest. She takes a pinch of it and examines it and understands that it had reacted with FIRE, her face falls down. Everyone get concerned and ask her the matter. Rubina says, “As I had earlier warned Sifrati djinn has used Roshni angelic powers which has risked her life as djinn’s blue fire reacting on her heart brought blisters when turmeric over there, her deep-heart emotions of relief were felt by Aman as she has connected her heart to his. Aman reminisces how he had felt a deep heartache earlier which was the result of Djinn consuming Roshni’s powers. He starts turning into a demi-djinn. Rubina notices it, quickly pulls a powerful tabeez (amulet) around her neck, and on pronouncing “ALLAHU AKBAR” ties it around Aman’s wrists. Aman’s eyes still gowing blue, slowly starts coming into control in his demi-djinn form. Rubina says, “Control your emotions Aman, Roshni has connected her HEART to yours, which is why you can feel her emotions and this tabeez will help you to send emotional messages as in messages bound WITH LOVE, SORROW, PAIN, HATRED to Roshni!!!” Aman on hearing that turns into complete human, he closes his eyes catches his heart with one hand and whispers on the tabeez, “ROSHNI, KHAN BABA WILL SAVE YOU!!!” Roshni sleeping inside her dungeon feels it as if Aman is next to her and whispering in her ears. She opens her eyes…..


To be continued.

  1. It’s a nice episode but when will Roshni and Aman meet. I’m just waiting for that

  2. Aleyamma

    Oh, my apologies, Roshan Han!!! I know it’s actually very annoying to keep waiting for somethig for long!!!
    Believe me, I had no intention of stretching, because I myself hate the stretching businees of the usual indian serials. It was due to the long break which I took that the meeting of ROSHAN became over prolonged.
    There is a little more left on the past of Parveen, Kabir and Roshni and after that I assure you within a max of two more episodes, there will be A MEETING OF ROSHAN with a BOOM.
    Apologies once again for the wait!!!

  3. Awesome. Don’t apologize, your stuff is so good …

    1. Aleyamma

      That’s really sweet MD!!! Thanks a lot!!!!

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