Love between souls..KRIYAM..Part 1

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Hi i am Greena.I thought of writing my first ff on KriyamI am a big fan of Kriyam.My story is entirely different from Suhani si ek ladki.In my ff Saiyyam and Krishna are studying in same college with same friends circle.But Saiyyam being so rude everyone & everyone in his friends circle avoid talking to him.Krishna is also afraid of him but she talks to him.

(One thing Krishna and Saiyyam are in different batches.)

Krishna and her friend Akshada is sitting outside library.Saiyyam comes there.

Krishna:- Hi Saiyyam.
Saiyyam:- Oh..hi
Krishna:- Saiyyam this is my friend Akshada
Saiyyam:- Really then what should I do?

he walks away.Krishna feel so embarrassed in front of all people there.

Akshada:- Krishu how is your friend so rude.

Krishna is crying inside her heart.

Krishna:- I don’t know why he is like this.I think he is in pain. whenever i look into his eyes i feel that pain.

Akshada:- ok ok.Now don’t be upset.come let’s go.

some boys passes comments on Krishna.

Boys:- Sweetheart plz make us your friends too.we are not at all rude baby.

Krishna and Akshada goes to class.After class they were going to hostel when they see a crowd in front of library.

Krishna:- what’s going on there.we have to see it.come akshu.

Akshada:- ya come

they see Saiyyam hitting the boys.Krishna get so afraid.But she takes Saiyyam with her.

In medical room

Krishna:- Saiyyam what was all that.Why you hit them.

Saiyyam:- Krishna you also heard na what they were saying. After you went also they were saying that they want to be friends with you.You are beautiful and they want to take you somewhere and….( Saiyyam clutched his fist and hit on the table).

Krishna get afraid.

Krishna:- It’s ok Saiyyam.

Saiyyam:- (looks at Krishna and throw the bandage and hold Krishna to the wall).Hoe can you say this Krishna.

Precap:- Saiyyam gets hyper on Krishna

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  1. Fanficwriter518

    Love it! I like your different approach and the way you are writing the story! Please updaye regularly

  2. This is really good ?

  3. Rockstr

    Nice shot…update soon

  4. This was superb and something different

  5. Aarti32

    I wonder y is Saiyyam always rude n arrogant??

  6. Greena

    Why Saiyyam is rude to everyone will be disclosed soon

  7. Amazing‚̧

  8. Nice episode n different also plz update everyday dear….

  9. Honeypriya

    It’s nice

  10. Upload the next part

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