Your Love My Prison Episode 12

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Hi Friends I’m back in very happy with all of your response thank you all so much for lovely response and I’m glad that you all like my surprise so let’s start….


RECAPE: Sanskaar’s guilt and his past….!!!


Your Love My Prison

Episode – 12

Sence – 1


Avinash(Smrilkling) : Sir your work is done I have mixed that tablet in Sanskaar’s drink and also I igniate her against Swara saying that Swara and me were in relation ship and we often sleep together and you know what due to that drug which I have her he loses his sences so quickly that I’m sure he will do something wrong with Swara and than swara will automatically left her

Man(Seriouse Tone) : Good your work is completed your money has tranferred to your account so you can leave this asap

Avi : ok sir

Saying so he left from there leaving that man smrilkling evilly

Man(To himself) : Now no one can stop me Swara will come to me and than I’ll get from her what I want want from so many years hahaha Sanskaar will surely leave her after knowing Swara’s character……!!!


Sence – 2

IN Sanskaar’s Office

*********Sanskaar’s POV*********

Wait a minute that Avinash it’s all because of him he first made me forcefully drink with her than said all that bullshit talks about Swara and make me against her
There must be something which I don’t know and that Avinash also said that he and Swara has slept many times with each other while I clearly Remeber when last night I forced her she was a virgin that means that Avinash Bastared was lying
But why he lied to me why he wants to create MISSUNDERSTANDINGS between me and Swara I have to find out sooner before it’s too late

*********POV ENDS*********


Sence – 3

IN SwaSan Room

********* POV*********

After last night I was feeling horrible I clearly remembered that I was in washroom than how I came in room when I opened my eyes I saw my biggest nightmare in front of me that Sanskaar Maheswari my RAPIST
I started to shout on seeing him and I also notice some hint of guilt and sadness in his eyes but I know it’s all fake he again wants to trap me in his talks but no I will trade this time than after sometime he left
I was sitting in my bed and testing my head in the hard board of bed just than door opens again and I becomes affrais what if he again come no no I tightly hold bedsheet around me
But when I see a maid entering in my room with breakfast tray I become relax and said to her

I(Rudly) : I don’t want to eat plz take that BF from here

Maid : I’m sorry Mam I can’t take that back downstairs as Sanskaar sir has strictly told me to make you eat BF as after that you have to take your medicine also and if you didn’t eat BF than I have to call him as he also said that if you don’t eat BF than call him

I become afraid on the thought of seeing him again and immediately said

I(Afraid) : no no need to call him I’ll eat but first I have to get freshnup

I started to stand from bed but I was so much sober that I can’t even walk due to last night it’s all that Sanskaar’s fault he did this with me
Tears started to flow from my eyes the maid helped me in walking till washroom
I got freshnup and come out maid again helped me in walking till bed and than I say quietly and started to eat the BF
But I wasn’t able to eat as last night incidents were coming in mind again and again and tears were following from my eyes the pieces of bread were again and again stucking in my throat but I eat it as I know if I didn’t eat than he will come again and I have no strength to see him again
After eating maid have me medicine and left and I started to thinking about my past life

I was so happy with my friend Sonia in Mumbai we always prank on each other she always used to roam around with me but my one mistake changed out hole life
She lost her life due to me and I can’t do anything I’m such a horrible friend
I was so much involve on my thoughts that I didn’t notice when that Sanskaar come in

*********POV ENDS*********

*********Sanskaar’s POV *********

After calling to my men I ordered them to capture that Avinash in 24 hours and I thought to check on Swara so I go towards our room
I was feeling so much her house and and worried how will she react in seeing me again I just hope she don’t shout like morning
I slowly opened the door and saw her sitting in the middle of bed by hugging her knees and she was lost in some other world tears were following on her pink cheeks making it more pink and her Nose was red due to continousl crying seeing her in this condition make my heart winches in pain but I can’t do anything

I called her name but she didn’t response so I go near her and place my hand on her shoulder

*********POV ENDS*********

*********Swara’s POV*********

I was rememring Sonia just than I felt a touch on my shoulder and see Sanskaar sitting next me I become shocked and immediately moves backward from him I was shievering due to his prsence I think he again wants to do that which he did last night

I(Scared crying & Pleading): plz don’t do … thaTttt again….it…hurts….I…I….Will do what….you….want….me to do but not this plz

I was pleading and what I saw make me doubled shocked he was crying tears were also on her face and he was looking pale

I(Scared & Fumbles): why…Why aRe you crying???

Sanskaar(Crying) : I’m sorry Swara I’m really sorry I don’t know what happened to me last night I don’t want to do that but I don’t know how it happened I was just in not my sences in sorry Swara I’m sorry I know my sorry can’t return ur dignity but I will what ever you want me to do to gain your forgiveness plz forgive me plz

On listening to him I was shocked as the Don itself is apologizing to me and what he said he was not in sences I instantly get up from my place and goes towards him and slapped him tightly
He was looking shocked on my reaction

I(Angrily shouting ) : what you think of yourself haa first you kidnapped me than forcefully married with me than you said if I didn’t listein to you you will kill my Parents than you started to behave nicely I thought you are a good person but at the end you shows me your true nature thAt is lust and what you said you was not in your sences do you think I will call for your this stupid trick no way Mr Maheswari never ever now your any trick will not work on me as I have recognized your true nature O hate you I HATE U do you get that and if you really want to do something for me that LET ME GO Free me from your this Prison Tell will you do this for me Bolooo

*********POV ENDS*********

*********Sanskaar’s POV*********

What she said LET ME GO no I can’t do that I becomes angry on thought of her leaving me and holds her tightly from shoulders my eyes were red due to anger

I(Furiouse) : I will never leave you do you get that never

Swara(Angry & Confused) : why Why you will not leave me oh I get that you again want to enjoy me at your bed

I become so much angry that I slapped her I was shaking badly with anger and she becomes affraid on seeing me like that

I(Angrily shouting) : I will never let you go because I LOVE YOU DAMMIT and wit her you like it or not My Love Is Your Prison do you get that…..!!!! And yah next time don’t talk about that

I can clearly see the shock on her face when I said I love her Saying so I left her there and straightly goes to my office…

*********POV ENDS*********


PERCAPE: Avi is caught by Sanskaar…..!!!


So here was the episode I know it was boring but I hope you all will like it…!!!

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  1. Superb dear…gv dat avi a big punishmnt….stupid jerk…..
    Hope swara frgvs sanskar soon…

  2. Deeksha

    Awesome dear….. Continue soon….

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  4. Dharshini


  5. Sanji


  6. superb..!!Loved sanskar’s confession…!!! but he should not have slapped her…!!

  7. Hemanshi

    Awesome……….loved the way you covered it in povs

  8. It was grt epi keep it up

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