Love over lies PraRish SS Part 7

Love over lies Part 7

Pratha stood in front of Rishab’s family members.

Pratha:You all accepted me despite of knowing my identity.Now it’s my turn to prove a good daughter in law.I promise that I will bring naagmani from the Naagmani protector.

Seema:You are so good Pratha.We are lucky to have a daughter in law like you.

Pratha:Because you are all are good parents in law.

They smiled.




After some time…

Dadi,Seema and Lalit were in the room.

Dadi:Naagmani in and Pratha out.The end of Pratha.

Seema became dull.

Seema:But is there any need to kill Pratha?I mean…let her and Rishab live peacefully.

Lalit:Don’t say nonsense Seema.After we get naagmani,Pratha will know our true colours.So it’s better that she gets killed.

Dadi:Seema Bahu…if you are wishing for your son’s happy life,don’t dream of seeing him with Pratha.Rishab can be with anyone,but not with Pratha.Understand?

Seema became upset.

Seema:My one son Virat did not get a happy life.I wished atleast Rishab to get a happy life.

Lalit:Virat deserves a horrible fate after he tried to expose me and Dadi.Though we accepted him as our son,he tried to betray us.We don’t intend to hurt Rishab as he is on our side.

Seema thought:Rishab on your side as he is unaware of the truth.But if he comes to know the truth,he won’t spare any of you.

Lalit:Rishab does’nt love Pratha.So Pratha’s disappearance will not affect him.

Seema:As a mother,I can understand that he has started feeling for Pratha.

Dadi and Lalit became dull.

Dadi:Then that is dangerous.Warn your son Seema.

Seema got worried.



Pratha met the Naagmani Protector. Rishab accompanied Pratha.

She was none other than Mahek.

Seeing Pratha itself Mahek smiled.


Pratha was surprised.

Pratha:How did you recognize me?

Mahek:Being the Naagmani protector,I can recognize you very well Pratha.Because other than you,it’s only you who has the right Naagmani from here.Others can touch the Naagmani only if you hand it over to them.

Pratha:Please give me the Naagmani.I need it for my family.I need to save my family from the danger with this naagmani.

Mahek:It’s not that easy Pratha.You can definitely get this Naagmani from me.I will hand it over to you.But only after you complete 6 months of austerity…continuous meditation.

Pratha was shocked:6 months?But how can I survive without eating for 6 months?

Mahek:If you are deeply involved in meditation dedicating yourself to God,you will be able to survive without food too.Because you are not an ordinary human being,but a blessed Naagin.

Pratha:Ok.I will do the austere spiritual meditation putting my heart and soul into it.

Mahek smiled.

Rishab:No,I will not let it happen.I will not allow you to torture body without eating food.

Pratha:Rishabji,calm down.It’s not torturing the body,but purifying the body.I am a blessed Naagin.I am strong.I can manage it.Trust me.

Rishab:But Pratha….

Pratha:Right now,we need the naagmani and it’s essential.You know that.So please co-operate with me.

Rishab nodded emotionally.

He caressed her face and said:Take care!

Pratha:Yes.You also take care of yourself.We will see after 6 months.A few months of wait and after that we will be together forever and lead a happy life.

Rishab smiled.He bid good-bye and went.



Pratha started her Tapas with Mahek near by.

Virat knelt down before Thapki.Virat:Thapki,believe it or not, it was love at first sight for me.When you were talking to me,I was impressed by the rhythm in your talk.It sounded musical to me.When you looked at me,I was just seeing your sparkling eyes.Each encounter of ours made me fall in love with you more and more.I love you Thapki.

He held a ring in his hand asked her:Will you be mine?

Thapki became emotional and happy.

Thapki:You are my drea…drea…dream Pri…Pri…Prince.Be…Be…cause you are the only one who accep…accepted me with my defect.

Virat:That is not your defect Thapki.That’s something which differentiates you from others.

She smiled.

Thapki:I you Vi..Vi..Virat.

Virat became so happy that he put the ring on her finger.

They looked at each other romantically.


6 months passed by.

Mahek smiled:You completed your Tapas successfully and Shivji has blessed you.

Pratha became very happy.

Mahek handed over the Naagmani to Pratha.Now the naagmani is in Pratha’s hand.

Pratha became very happy.

Pratha:Thank you so much.

Mahek smiled.



Pratha went back to the Gujral house.All were very happy to see her back.

Rishab and Pratha embraced each other emotionally.

Rishab:I missed you Pratha.I swear..I will never let you stay away from me like this.

Pratha:I will not go away from you ever Rishab.

Rishab fed her a sweet with his hand and said:Welcome back wifey.

She smiled.

Dadi:Pratha,did you get the naagmani?

Pratha:Would I have returned home without Naagmani?

Seema:Pratha keeps her promise always.

Urvashi:You are right Seema.

They all smiled.

Pratha took the naagmani and seeing it all were amazed.

A bright ray of light came out of the Naagmani and it reached Dadi’s body.Dadi got up from the wheel chair immediately happily.She jumped with joy.

Dadi:How I can walk and jump.My body is not paralyzed anymore.

All were surprised to see it.

Rishab:I can’t believe that the Naagmani was so powerful.

The ray of light passed through Lalit’s body.

There was excitement on his face.

Lalit:Suddenly I feel energetic.I think my heart problem has also gone.

They all smiled happily.

Seema said in her mind:What a great performance by Maa and Lalit!Maa pretended to be a paralyzed person and Lalit pretended to be a heart patient just to convince Rishab to use Pratha for their benefit.

Dadi took the naagmani in her hands with excitement.

Dadi:Finally the naagmani is with me.I can’t believe it.

They all smiled.

Urvashi:Pratha,you did so much for this family.But once you give the naagmani to others you tend to lose your strength.

Pratha and Rishab became dull.

Urvashi:But don’t worry.I have a special drink for you.It’s a spiritual drink which can help you to retain your powers.

Pratha and Rishab were surprised.

Urvashi brought the drink and gave it to Pratha.

Pratha:Thank you very much Guru mata..

Urvashi smiled.

Pratha started drinking it.Seema was scared while Urvashi,Dadi and Lalit smirked.

Pratha turned into her naagin form.She started feeling uneasiness and her skin colour also started changing.

Urvashi,dadi and Lalit smirked.

Pratha felt like fainting.Rishab held her hand tight before she fainted.

Rishab was really worried for Pratha.

Rishab:Pratha…what happened?

Suddenly Urvashi,Dadi and Lalit started laughing.

Urvashi:It’s the effect of poison.The drink I gave her was poisonous.

Seema became upset.


Dadi said sarcastically:Pratha…sorry beta.You will die in a few minutes.

Rishab and Pratha were shocked.

Suddenly what happened shocked all of them.


  1. Ishana_stories

    Oh god so finally rishab’s family’s true colours are revealed. I’m a little glad to know that seema doesnt like what they are doing, but it would have been great if she had the courage to tell rishab everything and then maybe her, rishab and pratha couldve made some plan to trap lalit and dadi (maybe with virat’s help). Felt bad to see that pratha did a 6month tapasya for the family who wanted to kill her. i hope she survives and nothing happens to her. i wonder what rishab will feel when he gets to know that he was the reason for pratha’s state. in all this drama, however i am happy to see thapki and virat confessed their love to eachother.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.

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    My husband is not well, he is suffering viral fever , once his health gets fine I will read and comment at your articles

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      Thanks for responding.Take care of your husband.Don’t worry.He will be alright soon.

  3. Revu

    Awesome episode , finally Pratha came to know the truth. Seems Seema had some sort of concern and care for her daughter in law Pratha. Hope she will be positive throughout this story.Mehak was the naagmani protector was really surprising and I liked the pics which you put there. Pratha is so pure that she did tapasya for protecting the family was so emotional . Rishabh is always with his wife that’s what I liked here.Virat and Thapki expressing their love was so beautiful and cute, last scene was shocking.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u so much.i have updated 2 more parts of we are together n one part of mental asylum.

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