Love over lies PraRish SS Part 6


Love over lies Part 6

Rishab went to Seema and told her about what Pratha told him about her grand parents.

Seema became dull.

Seema:Maybe Pratha is not aware of the truth.So she she thinks that her grand mother was nice and she sacrificed her life while saving people.

Rishab:Ya mom.I also think so.

Seema thought:Glad that Rishab does’nt have doubt anymore.



A woman came to visit Seema.They both hugged each other.

Seema:Uvashi,you did not come for my son’s wedding.

Urvashi:Sorry Seema.I was busy with pilgrimage.But I want to see your daughter in law.


Rishab and Pratha came.

Seema:This is my daughter in law Pratha.

Urvashi:Your daughter in law is very beautiful Seema.

Rishab,Seema and Pratha smiled.

Seema:This is my friend Urvashi.She is always into pujas and pilgrimages.So God has blessed her with the magical power to heal people.She is known as Guru Mata.

Pratha was surprised.

Pratha thought:Why she does’nt look like someone who is involved in devotional activities?Appearances are deceptive.She may not be looking like Guru Mata.But she is.

Seema:Rishab and Pratha…Dadi wants both of you to visit Urvashi’s Ashram at Megha Mountain to get blessings.

Rishab’s heart was pricked.

He looked at Pratha thought:Pratha will be kept in captive by Guru Mata as her slave.Poor Pratha!Will she lose her life also there?Will she be killed there?

Pratha:Sure.We will go there.

Urvashi,Dadi and Seema smirked.



Virat took Thapki somewhere.

Thapki found it strange.

Thapki:We were go…go…going for a mee..mee..meeting.Then why did you bri…bri…bring me here?

Virat:Because I want to tell you an important matter.You are my friend too.So if I hide it from you,it will be like cheating you.I can’t cheat you anymore.

Thapki was stunned.

Thapki:Secret?What secret Ji…ji…jiju?

Virat got irritated and burst out.

Virat:For heaven sake stop calling me jiju.I am not your jiju.I am your jiju Rishab’s twin brother Virat.

Thapki was shocked:What?

Virat:I am saying the truth Thapki.I was trapped by someone in a drug case and my reputation got ruined.There was no one to stand for me except Rishab.I was not able to live in this society.So Rishab let me use his identity to survive in this world.

Thapki was shocked.But Thapki was relieved too.

Thapki thought:I was guilty about loving my brother in law.Now I am guilt free as I loved my friend,not my brother in law.I have not lost the man I love.

Thapki was feeling happy.

Virat:Sorry for hiding the truth from Thapki.Sorry for betraying you.

Thapki felt guilty.

Thapki thought:I also cheated Virat by hiding my identity from him.Since Virat revealed the truth to me,I should also reveal my identity to him.But if he hates me for that?I have to face his hatred also.But I should not cheat him anymore.

Thapki:I am also sorry Virat.I also hid my identity from you.

Thapki turned into her Naagin form.

Thapki said emotionally:This is my real form.If you hate me fo…fo..for this then…

Virat:Why should I hate you for this?Just like I was born as a human being,you were born as an Ichaadari Naagin.That’s it.

Thapki was relieved.She smiled emotionally.

Virat:Since I do research on shape shifting serpents at first sight itself I realized that you were a Naagin.But i pretended as if I did’nt identify you as I respected your privacy.

Thapki was surprised.

Thapki:Why di…did..did you…search on Naagins?

Virat:Out of curiosity.I myself did not know why I was so interested in knowing more about Naagins.But now I think that God made me do that as a Naagin was destined for me.


Virat:Because God gave me a Naagin as my closest friend.

Thapki smiled.

Suddenly Thapki thought:Does he know that Pratha di too is a Naagin?

Thapki:Do you know anything about Pra…Pra..Pratha di?

Virat:Yes.Not only me,Rishab also knows that Pratha is a Naagin.But he is also pretending as if he does’nt know her identity.Until she herself reveals it,he won’t question her.

Thapki became emotional.

She thought:Rishab jiju loves Pratha di truly.




Seema asked Pratha:Pratha,are you ready to go to the ashram?

Pratha:Yes mummiji.

Rishab’s heart was pierced.

He thought:Oh God!What will happen at the ashram?I am feeling scared.

Pratha noticed Rishab’s dull face.

Pratha:What happened Rishabji?


Seema became dull as she could understand why Rishab was looking upset.

Rishab walked away.

Pratha:What happened to Rishabji?

Seema smiled in an artificial manner.

Seema:Nothing like that Pratha.Basically he is a serious guy.That’s why.

Pratha smiled.



Rishab and Pratha went to Urvashi’s Ashram at the Megha Mountain.

Urvashi welcomed them.

Pratha found the ashram strange as there was no God’s idol there.

Pratha:Why there is no God’s Idol in the ashram?

Urvashi:Because I don’t think God needs any form to appear before us.God is with us always in an invisible form.Then why should we need God’s idols here?We don’t need to see God’s form created by human beings to communicate with God.

Pratha was amazed by her words.

Pratha:You are right Guru Mata.

Urvashi thought in her mind:The real season I don’t keep God’s Idols here is because I am a witch who is into witch crafts and black magic.

Urvashi:Can I speak to Pratha alone?


Rishab went out.

Rishab was feeling restless.

Rishab:What does Guru Mata want to tell Pratha?



Pratha asked Urvashi:What do you want to tell me in Rishabji’s absence?

Urvashi:To tell you the family secret.



Urvashi told her about Lalit’s disease.

Pratha was shocked.

Pratha was very upset:I did’nt know about Papa’s disease.

Urvashi:The biggest secret is only you can save the sinking family of your husband.

Pratha was confused:Me?How?

Urvashi:Only a naagin who has a special zodiac sign can save the family.Because only that Naagin can touch the Naagmani other than the Naagin who is the protector of Naagmani.Only the naagmani can save your family.You are that Naagin who can bring the naagmani to the Gujral family.

Pratha was shocked.

Urvashi:You may be thinking how I realized that you are a Naagin.Right?Because God blessed me with the magical power to identify animals as I am a God’s true devotee.If I am not wrong.please show your Naagin form to me.

Pratha took her Naagin form.

Urvashi smiled:So I was right about you.

Urvashi:Anyways if you want your husband’s family to safe,bring the naagmani.Otherwise the next victims will be Seema and Rishab.The whole family will perish.Everything is in your hands Pratha.

Pratha was in complete shock.

Rishab was becoming restless.

Rishab:Will Guru Mata harm Pratha?No..I won’t allow it.I will have to save Pratha.

He rushed to the ashram.

There he saw Urvashi and Pratha coming out.He was relieved to see Pratha.

Rishab cupped her face in his hands:Pratha,are you alright?

Pratha nodded.

Pratha:Yes Rishabji.Why did you ask so?

Rishab thought:Unfortunately I can’t tell anything to Pratha.

Urvashi:Pratha is completely alright.Everyone will be perfectly alright in an ashram where God’s blessing is there.I am happy that you both came here.

She touched their heads and said:I bless you both on God’s behalf.

They touched her feet.

Rishab:Ok…we are going back now.

Urvashi:Ok.Keep visiting here.

Pratha:Yes Guru Mata.

Rishab thought:I don’t feel like bringing Pratha here again.

After they left Urvashi smirked.

Urvashi:Your husband’s family has no problems Pratha.It was our trick to convince Rishab to use you for naagmani.So that we can share Naagmani.But I will not let those foolish Gujrals to take Naagmani.I will take the naagmani for myself and rule this world like a Queen.For that I need your help to get the naagmani Pratha.After your job is done,I will kill you.

Urvashi laughed in an evil manner.



Thapki told Pratha about Virat.

Pratha:I knew it Thapki.Rishab had told me.

Thapki was surprised.

Thapki:You also have a ha…happy news di.Rishab jiju already knows tha…tha..that you are a Naagin.

Pratha was shocked:What?

Thapki:Yes di.He has no prob…pro…problem with your identity.

Pratha could not believe it.



Pratha was standing under the shower.

Pratha was lost in thoughts.

Seeing the bathroom door open,Rishab peeped in and saw Pratha  under shower.

Rishab:Pratha…why are you standing here like this?

Pratha:Tell me Rishabji,you know that I am a naagin?

Rishab was stunned.

He thought:How did Pratha know this?

Pratha:Virat told like that to Thapki.

Rishab:Yes,I knew it.

Pratha:Then why did’nt you question me?

Rishab:Why should I question you regarding your identity Pratha?I love you and I care only about that.Whether you are a human being or a serpent does’nt matter to me.

Pratha became very emotional.

Pratha:Your love is so pure Rishabji.I love you more now.

She embraced him emotionally under the shower.Rishab became emotional.

Rishab said in his mind:I also love you more and more Pratha.I will let anyone to harm you.For that I will stand against my own family.

Pratha:Rishabji…does your family also know about my identity?

Rishab nodded.

Rishab:It’s mom who saw you first in the naagin form.That’s how I also came to know that you were a Naagin.

Pratha became emotional.

Pratha:They also knew it.Still they accepted me.I am blessed to get such a nice family.I will do anything for this lovely family.I will bring naagmani here to save this family from misfortune.

Rishab was shocked:What?

Pratha:Guru Mata told me about the problems our family is facing.She told me that only I can touch the naagmani and bring it here to save our family.I will do that and then we all will live happily together Rishabji.

Rishab smiled emotionally.

Rishab:Thank you very much Pratha.

They embraced each other again.

He thought:That means Pratha does’nt have to be Guru Mata’s slave to save our family.Thank God!Pratha will be safe.

Rishab:Animals may have more resistance power.But we human beings will have to change wet clothes,otherwise we will fall sick.

Pratha and Rishab giggled.

They changed their wet clothes.

Rishab:I have never seen your naagin form.Can I see your Naagin look?

Pratha:Are you sure?


She nodded.

She took the form of a Naagin.

Rishab was amazed by her Naagin look.

Rishab:I never knew that serpents can look so gorgeous.

Pratha blushed.

  1. Ishana_stories

    Awesome update!!! Loved how Virat revealed everything to thapki so smoothly. Glad to see that thapki is finally happy. Rishab getting restless about pratha being alone with guruma was so good, because now he is really in love with her. I hope he gets to know the truth soon and doesnt let anything wrong happen. PraRish bathroom scene was so emotional, the way pratha thinks everyone really accepts her when in reality, they are just trying to use her.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you much.

  2. are y on wattpad?

    love to read your stories there also

    1. Jasminerahul

      Yes.I am there on wattpad too.Thanks.

  3. Revu

    Awesome episode, I am so happy that you bought Urvashi as Gurumata here , her acting skills as villain are top notch. Pratha and Rishabh bonding was shown really well, sad that Pratha thinks every one of her sasural are really good, don’t know how she is gonna face when she will face the truth ? Thapki and Virat scene was the best part , happy that despite of naagins Virat and Rishabh love Thapki and Pratha which is really good. The way when Pratha show her Naagin form , Rishabh praising her beauty was so cute one. Seema is plotting something big against Pratha ? I am curious to know it.

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