Love Has No Eyes (Shot 22)

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Hey guys. Thank u for ur comments and an advance sorry for all for using some abusive words. So here is the next shot of Raglak ~ wedding…

Nikhil was shocked to see Swara standing at the entrance. He then looked at his side and removed the veil. He was shocked to see Ragini. He became hell angry that she had cheated him. But someone was more anger than Nikhil and it was our Laksh. He saw blood coming from her lower lip. His anger grew more when he saw an impression of hand on Ragini’s left cheek. His anger grew much more when he saw Ragini standing with tears of pain staring at him. A single drop of tear falls down from her eyes and that’s the limit. Laksh couldn’t take it more.

He took the gun from police forcefully and shoots Nikhil’s right hand. He yelled in pain and Ragini stood there in shock and police and Swasan were trying to stop him but Laksh was not stoppable by anyone except his love, Ragini. Laksh then shoot his right leg and with that he had fallen down and police took the gun from his hand. But before anyone could react, Laksh ran to Nikhil and started to beat him black and blue. Finally everyone controlled Laksh and he was watching Nikhil with devil’s eyes like he would kill him just by giving a fire look to Nikhil. All the while Ragini was looking at Laksh lovingly. Nikhil was lying on the ground unable to move and so some police took him and was about to move,
Laksh in dangerous tone: I don’t want to see his face again in my life. If so I would kill the one who had made him come out.

Police gulped in fear looking at his beast form nodded in yes and they were about to move,
Ragini: Just a minute sir. Saying this she went inside and took the papers which she got sign from Nikhil. She went near Shruthi’s parents (Nikhil’s first wife’s parents) who had forcefully brought by Nikhil to attend his wedding with Ragini. Nikki was also standing with her grandparents looking at the drama with some fear.
Ragini to Shruthi’s parents: Maa, papa. These were property papers of Nikhil. His every property was changed to Nikki’s name and u both was declared as her guardians. When she becomes major, she will take over his business. Now he could not use a penny without ur both permission. I and Laksh came to know that he was bailed using his influence and money. So only I got signature in these papers. From now u both will take care of Nikki. I am sure u both will.
Nikhil was shocked to hear and so he shouted at Ragini: U the blo*dy idiot stupid whore. How dare u to do like this. U b*t*h. I won’t leave u.

Laksh’s patience was broken now and he went near Nikhil and punched him tightly on his mouth and nose and it started to bleed. This time nobody came to stop him. Ragini’s eyes were full of tears. Even the police thought that he deserved that. But they can’t let Laksh to kill Nikhil. So they came in between and took Nikhil from there. Shruthi’s parents thanked her and blessed her for a very happy married life.

And now, Ragini took few steps towards Laksh and Laksh saw Ragini. His red anger devil eyes slowly smoothened and love took place in his eyes with tears. They both had a very painful eye lock with tears in both of their eyes. Laksh then saw the blood from Ragini’s lip and took his right hand and cupped her face with thumb finger on the blood wiping it. Ragini hissed in pain which cause a drop of tear fall down from his eyes. His hand then softly touched the place where that psycho Nikhil had slapped Ragini. Even though it pained, she doesn’t show it out. But Laksh could easily find it. Just then Ragini looked at Laksh’s head. It had a bandage (due to accident). She touched it softly whereas Laksh enjoyed her touch. But Ragini’s eyes were tearing looking at her Laksh in that way. Soon their eyes met and they both just said how much it pained to live without the other just a day. Their words couldn’t be heard by anyone but only by their heart. Finally they both hugged each other. Laksh tightens his grip on her waist pulling her more towards him. Ragini thrown her hands around his neck and tightened their more on his neck by burying her face in his neck.

They both hugged each other as though there is no tomorrow. Their eyes were closed feeling each other’s touch and hearts were beating no shouting its pain when they were alone. Nobody wanted to disturb or separate that love birds. But our Laksh’s love story villain ‘Swara’ came and pokes her nose in between them. She goes near Raglak and shouted on their ears ‘RAGLAK Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’. With that they both jerked and came to reality. Laksh glared at her for disturbing his romance. Ragini bends down her head and blushed hard. Sanskar was enjoying the irritation of his assistant cum brother. Laksh twisted Swara’s ear and said,
Laksh: Hey jungli billi, villain of my love story, devil sister of my lovely would be wife. Why r u always poking ur nose while we romance. (Turned to Ragini) U r right Ragini, Sanskar should not leave her full night and he should make her laugh for the whole night as a punishment {did u guys remember when Ragini accidently says this in her Mehendi function?}

Ragini widened her eyes in shock and everyone saw him with ‘o’ mouth and Sanskar couldn’t even understand what he had said and Swara was blushing hardly. Just then reality struck Laksh that he had secretly attended Mehendi function. He bite is tongue and rubbed his hair like a small boy. Everybody started to laugh looking at his antics especially Ragini. This made Laksh laugh sheepishly. Then Ragini came before Sanskar and ask for her bracelet. Sanskar looked at Laksh and he took it from his pocket and handed over it to her. They both looked at each other with passionate love and a small smile.
Then Raglak and Swasan bend down on elders’ legs and got their blessings. Sharmistha, Shekhar, Swasan and Raglak had a beautiful family hug. Just then pandit said that within 2 hours the auspicious time will fed away. So Sharmistha asked Swasan and Raglak to get ready.
Within half an hour, Laksh came down in peach colour sherwani with red pants and a red turban and Sanskar in white sherwani with red pants and a red turban. They both sat down on the mandap with pandit starting rituals and guests and elders looking at the grooms and grooms busy in waiting for their brides.
Just then a cold breeze blows on Laksh’s face. He smells it deeply with closed eyes and opened his eyes and was awe struck and dumb to see his lady love coming in a beautiful peach colour lehenga with a light make up and her head down.

Next to her Swara came in red lehenga with a perfect make up with a big smile on her face. They both came and sat beside their groom.
Laksh was stealing glances to see Ragini whose head was down but a small smile on her face with bright red cheeks due to blushing. Laksh couldn’t control himself from looking at her. Everyone was teasing him but he doesn’t paid attention to them. He was just mesmerized in the beauty of his love Miss. Ragini Gaddodia soon to be Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. This thought made Goosebumps over his body. Ragini was feeling very lucky and her mind was filled in the thoughts that she was going to marry her love and going to start a new life with him. This thought made her to blush more. The both couples were asked to take pehras. Raglak took every promise from deep inside their heart and walked by hand in hand. Ragini felt like flying in the air. But due to Laksh’s strong grip she was standing on the ground.

Pandit asked the grooms to adore their brides with mangalsutra. Ragini became emotional looking at mangalsutra. For the first time after coming to mandap she looked at Laksh with teary eyes. Laksh first rubbed those tears and signed him to give her a smile. Ragini automatically smiled and Laksh gave his best smile and winked at her. He moved close to her and tied mangalsutra on her neck and whispered ‘I promise u that I will be always with u and I will be ur best companion and supporter’. Ragini looked at him with her best smile on her face and no tears as Laksh hated it. Finally they were asked to put sindoor on their bride’s forehead. Laksh took a pinch of sindoor and slowly put it on her hairline and moved towards her ear and whispered ‘I am now completely urs’. Ragini felt Goosebumps on her and looked at Laksh with lots of love on her eyes. These were all watched by pair of eyes sitting in a car with much anger on the face. {Who’s that?}
Finally pandit declared that they were HUSBAND and WIFE.

Both Swasan and Raglak took blessings from elders and Shruthi’s parents blessed them whole heartedly and went from there with Nikki. (With this Nikhil, Nikki, Shruthi’s parents’ role is over). They spent the whole day by teasing each other and pulling each others’ legs. Sharmistha became emotional looking her daughters happily married. Shekhar came and placed a hand on her shoulder and she turned looked at him with teary eyes. He pulled her in a hug and she placed her head in his chest and felt shed a small drop of tears. Shekhar too cried but still he covered it and made his wife laugh. This was watched by Raglak and Swasan. Laksh intertwined his fingers with Ragini’s fingers and gave a assure look that ‘I am always with u’. Ragini felt happy and placed her head on his shoulder.

Finally its bidaai time, Ragini tried to be strong but she couldn’t after seeing Swara crying and so she cried hugging her parents. Laksh became teary eyed and could feel his princess’s pain. So he came forward and placed his arms on her shoulders and slightly tightened his grip and broke her hug with her parents. Ragini thought that if she cries more then it will affect Laksh more. So she just covered up and gave a small smile to Laksh. Laksh who can easily read Ragini’s mind just nodded to make her feel strong. At last Raglak and Swasan were sent off by Swaragini’s parents.

With this I end my shot. Who is the person felt angry on Raglak’s marriage? Ok now I just typed my ideas on the marriage day. Please comment if u liked it or not. Next shot will be wedding night shot. I will try my best to give a good romance. Till then bye and take care.

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