Love Has No Eyes (Shot 10)

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Thank u soooooooooo much!!!!!!!! For ur wonderful comments. Here is ur next shot…

At Ragini’s house,
Ragini and Laksh were sitting on the bed and talking about themselves and knowing them each other.
Laksh: U know what princess, I am the happiest person in this world.
Ragini: Why?
Laksh: I am so happy because my first crush and first love were on a same girl. (Ragini blushed hearing this. Laksh noticed it and continued). I saw u as ‘anarkali girl’ for just three times in which two times just saw u from distance and only one time came near to u. I those 3 times I just saw only ur innocent face with a very big smile. Even on my birthday, I saw u giggling with those children in that home. (Just then Ragini realized something and asked)

Ragini: Why u went to that home? I mean will u visit that home regularly?
Laksh: Haan Ragini. I will visit that home whenever I had free time. I will go there in the morning and enjoy my day completely with them. After all it is the place where I was brought up. (Ragini was shocked and felt sorry for him. Laksh told about his parent’s death and his life in that home and everything). Ragini in my small age itself I lost everything. I got the care and love from the other children who were also lost their parents. But I was longing for a parental care and so whenever I saw any mother showing her child so much care my eyes will be full of tears and curse the god for making me longing for a pure love. (while saying his eyes were full of tears and he went near the window and saw the moon. Ragini’s eyes were also filled with tears and she looked at him).

Laksh: But after a long time I got some love and care that too from ur letter Ragini. Ur every word and gift shows me how much u loves me and cares for me. At that time I know only ur name and doesn’t know nothing more than that. But my heart says ‘Laksh, she was the one who could give u the love and care which u were longing for. So don’t miss her’. After hearing my heart I thought of ‘anarkali girl’ but my heart says ‘Laksh, if u had committed to her before seeing this letter, u should have moved on with her. But u didn’t so just forget about ur crush. And u has found a girl who shows u such a love in her letters like which u wanted. So go to her and find urself in her’. So only I came to u Ragini.

Before he could complete Ragini hugged him from his back and said.
Ragini: Laksh. I am so lucky because u r my prince charm. I was praying to the god to send my prince charm who first loves my heart and respect feelings before my beauty. I am so happy that even though u has a crush with my external appearance, u has selected only my love and feelings as ur love. This is what I wanted Laksh. (She turned him and looked straight into his eyes and said) I love so much now. I won’t leave u in any situations Laksh. I promise u that I will give all my love and care to u Laksh. I really really love u Laksh.

Laksh who was longing for these words felt his heart so light and happy. He hugged her and said ‘Ragini I will give all happiness which u deserve. I promise’ and Ragini said ‘I know Laksh’ and Laksh said ‘for this reason only I felt so happy that my crush and love were same’. Then they broke the hug and had an intense eye lock.
Laksh: Ragini?

Ragini: hmm
Laksh: R u having any crush like me?
Ragini thought to tease him and said ‘yes’. Laksh was taken aback and became jealous and asked who it was. But Ragini turned to make him irritate and looked at the clock it was 2:30 am and Ragini shouted ‘Omg he will be coming. Laksh u go home and it’s already late.’ Laksh was shell shocked and held her hand in anger and looked into her eyes but she looked away and he said ‘how dare he was to come inside ur room that too at this time?’ Ragini said ‘it was very late night Laksh and he will be waiting for me and I need to see him’. He left her hand in shock and tears were filled in his eyes but she looked away as though she didn’t notice his tears and she said ‘Laksh, u want to see him naa, ok. I will show u after all u r my love right?’ saying this she went to take the remote and switched on the TV.

The serial starts and Ragini sat on her bed and seeing ‘Abhi’ she said to Laksh ‘see him Laksh. How cute he was naa Laksh?’ teasingly. Laksh was completely shocked and happy that she was mentioning ‘Abhi’ as her crush who was none other than himself. He glared at Ragini for teasing him like this. Ragini who was controlling her laugh, burst out in laughter and she said ‘what a jealousy?’ and continued her laugh. Laksh then started to chase her and Ragini ran out of her room to the terrace and they continued playing like this until they got tired. Finally they sat on a bench and Ragini kept her on his shoulder and Laksh put his hand around her shoulder and they both were heavily breathing. Then they looked at each other and laughed at each other. And they slept there in that same position.

At morning 6’o clock,
The sun was raising and its rays fall on Raglak. Laksh opened his eyes first and was mesmerized in her cuteness in sleeping. He smiled looking at her and Ragini too opened her eyes and she saw Laksh lovingly who was looking so handsome and dashing. They share a beautiful eye lock.
Laksh: good morning my princess
Ragini: good morning my prince

They smiled looking at each other and they remembered their confession and both of them blushed.
Ragini: U needs to go Laksh.
Laksh: No, I promised my princess that I won’t leave her. Ragini fake to be in angry and said
Ragini: Ur princess is ordering u to go. If princess’s father comes here then prince’s bone will be broken.
Laksh: If so happens, then my princess will be taking care of me like a child. That is what I want.
Ragini glared at him and asked

Ragini: So u want be admitted in hospital? Ok I will call my papa. She was about to go but Laksh held her hand and pulled her. She falls in his arms and they shared an eye lock. Ragini felt shy and was about to stand up but Laksh didn’t allow her and she was sitting on his lap.
Ragini: Laksh. Leave me. I am not ur wife.
Laksh: So if I do this after marriage means u will allow me, right?
Ragini blushed harder and said
Ragini: After marriage I won’t sit on ur lap; I will sit on ur head and control u. Saying this she smiled at him.

Laksh: I don’t care if u sits on my head or in my lap. Because u r always inside my heart sitting like a majestic queen. Ragini blushed more and her face become pink and Laksh liked it. So he moved his face forward to kiss her. This time her face became red and pushed Laksh and ran from there. Laksh just felt sad because his morning kiss was missed. Then he looked down and saw a pipeline and decided to leave. Just then soft lips kissed him on his cheek. He was shocked and turned to see Ragini running away and she turned toward him and bids bye to him. Laksh was so happy and he gave a flying kiss to her and went down through the pipelines. She was peeping down and prayed for a safe landing. He reached the car and turned towards Ragini and bid bye to her and she too bid bye to him.

After a while in Ragini’s room,
Ragini came out after bathing looked herself in the mirror and found that her face was slightly pink in color and remembered Laksh trying to kiss her and blushed more. Then she hit her forehead with her hand thinking about her craziness on him. Then she dried her head with towel and suddenly Swara come inside and her face was full of happiness and excitement. Ragini smiled seeing her face and asked
Ragini: Shona, what happened? If Sanskar had came? She asked her teasingly. Then Swara looked at her teasingly and said
Swara: Not only Sanskar but also ‘Abhi’. Saying this she winked at her and Ragini was confused and asked
Ragini: Which Abhi?

Swara: So u didn’t get u stupid di? Ok I will tell u. U will watch one serial at night naa in that u will be admiring a dashing handsome person called ‘Abhi’ had come to our house. Ragini was completely shocked and asked her if she knows everything.
Swara: Haan di! I know that u r watching that serial for 3 to 4 months and would always admire him. I found this only after a week u started watching.
Ragini: Then what else did u know? Swara quite shockingly
Swara: What else have u done di? Ragini was happy that she doesn’t know anything about her love with Laksh but she felt that she was trapped to Swara and thought how to compromise Swara.

Just then Sharmistha came and said ‘u both grandma have no time to talk? Ragini come down ur father is calling u’ saying this she went from there.
What will happen next?

Ok guys. Please tell me shall I stop this after Raglak’s marriage or should I continue, the option is urs. Please post the comments. Thank u.

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